Renault Increased Electric Car Sales In September By 41%

OCT 18 2018 BY MARK KANE 6

September was one of the better months for Renault EVs.

Renault sold around 3,900 all-electric cars in September (up year-over-year by 41%). EV share out of total Renault volume for the month stands in Europe at around 4.3% (2.7% YTD in Europe).

The Kangoo Z.E. continues sales gains (x2), while ZOE finally got some traction.

Sales results in September and after the first nine months of this year (excluding Twizy) are:

After nine months, sales exceed 31,000 (up 16%) and over 96% of those were sold in Europe.

Separately, in South Korea, Renault – through Renault Samsung Motors – is also selling all-electric cars, the SM3 Z.E. So far this year, 983 SM3 Z.E. were sold (down 20%).

Renault electric car sales – September 2018

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Thanks for the cumulative sales worldwide. I’m French and I don’t understand why it’s so hard to find these numbers, even in my country. Here there was only an announcement when the 100,000th Zoe was produced (not sold or delivered), plus the annual sell volume but the numbers for the first years are not that easy to find.

Only the Twizy sells lack for this automaker (they picked at 20,000 like 2 years ago but really declined since).

Should be doing 5k per month at least

Renault started early but is kind of disappointing since a couple years. I hope their Kwid EV will sell a lot in China and India,and maybe in Europe if they decide to sell it there.

But they should already have at least one more EV, bigger than the tiny Zoe. They should also already have some PHEVs.

Yes, they “announced” a next compact SUV BEV, and the PHEV versions for new Captur and Megane. For 2022, they said will have 8 BEV models, so in the next years we must see a lot of activity from Renault. The Zoe will be renewed with a deep facelift next year, new frontal look, tecnologies like driving asistant systems, and a fully new interior, new axes…. so it look will be a better quality and competitive car, but I don’t believe that will have improvements in the electric system, because is other platform and its expected live is short. Renault is working on new cars based on e-CMF platform, so any effort in the Zoe, maybe will be wasted. This probably is one of the eight new launches, but it look that future Zoe II will be a bigger segment C car, sharing almost all with future Leaf, both developed under new e-CMF platform. This shall let a row under this car for a segment B model. Second car I expect, sure the BEV version for new Kangoo, that will be released next year, but maybe de electric version is for 2020. Third, the Compact SUV I told before. I… Read more »

Hopefully they are finally ramping up the R110 production. I have finally seen the first dealer cars offered in the Netherlands.

You seem to be excluding Twizy sales from your cumulative chart.