Renault Increased Electric Vehicle Sales In May By 30%

JUN 17 2017 BY MARK KANE 6

Renault electric car sales – May 2017

Renault apparently sorted out its handbrake problems in early ZOE 40 Z.E. offerings in April, and returned a strong path of growth in May, delivering 2,454 electric cars.

Renault ZOE

Last month’s result is nearly 30% better than a year ago, and represents roughly 1.05% of overall Renault sales.

Renault electric vehicle sales in May:

  • Renault ZOE2,106 (up 25.6%)
  • Renault Kangoo Z.E.343 (up 57.3%)

Excluding the runabout Twizy, and a very small number of still hanging around Fluence ZEs, Renault has sold nearly 14,500 electric cars this year – compared to over 11,000 at this time in 2016.

After five months, ZOE alone has noted around 13,000 of those sales up – from around 9,500 through May of 2016.

Renault ZOE sales – May 2017

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6 Comments on "Renault Increased Electric Vehicle Sales In May By 30%"

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I have a feeling that by 2020s, the share prices of exons and shells would begin to crash and they would find it difficult to raise new money for their adventures.

If they’re smart enough, they can change their business portofolio to renewables and still make good profits.
Some lobby work is needed too, but that’s part of the business anyway.

I was expecting much more for the month of may. But last year the second half was weak for BEV, because people was waiting for the Zoé 40.
I hoped Renault could reach 40,000 sales for the Zoé 40 in 2017. But with the problem in april, it will be hard to reach 40,000 for this year.

I hope they will catch up (since a technical issue happened and they were forced to reduce their deliveries)

1%…. that is a start. But Renault really needs to add at least another 10 plug-in models and start selling them outside of Fra..Europe.

The new Nissan Leaf 2 that is going to be on sale at the end of the year, should have two different battery kits. First they should offer the 40 kw version as the Zoe. Then they should offer at least 50kw for a premium version.