Renault Holds 27% Market Share Of BEV Sales In Europe. ZOE Up 40%

JUL 29 2016 BY MARK KANE 12

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

The Renault Group (Renault and Dacia) increased its overall car sales in the first half of the year in Europe by 14% to 968,603, and worldwide sales by 13.4% to 1.57 million.  But we don’t really care about “regular” ICE vehicle sales at all.

Even more significant progress has been made in the electric vehicles sales division – particularly with the Renault ZOE, as sales have surged higher by 40% year-over-year.

In total some 11,873 ZOEs were sold in the first half of 2016, which sees the all-electric Renault about ~1,000 units higher than the next all-electric competitor (Nissan LEAF), and ~700 sales ahead of the Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV.

Market share of Renault BEVs in Europe stands at an impressive 27%, and we could estimate that BEVs represents some 1.5-2% of all passenger cars sold by Renault Group in Europe.

“In the Electric Vehicle market, Renault’s market share reached 27%. ZOE’s sales increased by 40%.”

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Now imagine if there wasn’t a mandatory battery lease that makes the running costs more expensive than a Clio diesel.

At least the Zoe R400 with 40 kWh battery is near and should double the sales.

I was already impress by the Zoé in Europe, but I just calculate some more impressive Zoé sells.
In France the Renault Clio sells for the first semester of 2016 is about 26,000. And the Zoé in France is about 6,500. That’s mean the Zoé sells is about 25% of the Clio sells.
I think if the Zoé will arrive with a 50kWh battery in 2018, Maybe Renault will sell a 100% more of Zoé. Or the Zoé could surpass the sells of the Clio.
But the fact at this moment is the Zoé with poor range and is more expensive than your best seller car, has 25% sells of your best ICE car.

France have very good incentives.

10 000 euro for old diesel car.

That’s bringing the price of Zoe down like crazy. Take lease, and it will be really cheap when compared to gas & maintenance bills of previous car.

No, it’s 3700 euros for your old diesel car. That is on top of the 6700 euros incentives for people who don’t have an old diesel car to trade in.

Sadly, you are wrong. Renault sold 62,206 Clios in 2016 in France and 6528 Zoes.
Clio is still far superior…

I was expecting about 50,000 sells of Clio for the first semester. And 62,000 could be right. That’s why I was very impress with the 25% I have written.
this is the link I have read the stats :

To be fair, I was expecting a 10%, not a 25% between the Zoé and the Clio.

That honking charger in the Zoe ROCKS. We don’t need no stinking DC fast charger.

big handicap,the zoe only has rent battery,
i would never rent the battery.
zoe could be the number 1 with selling the battery

The latest news-flash about the Renault battery lease scam is some news from April of this year. Basically, Renault recognizes that there a problem with battery leasing especially with the Twizzy since the Twizzy is a summertime recreational vehicle and people were being forced to pay for the battery even when it was not in use.(most of the year)

To date, the only places where you can buy a Zoe with battery is Norway and the U.K., even though Renault has stated on a few occasions that they would allow battery sales instead of leases, but the reality is they have never really delivered on the promise.

If you go into Walmart and buy a pocket knife, you stick it in your pocket and walk out of the store and it’s yours forever. You don’t rent or lease the pocket knife from Walmart forever and ever. You don’t lease the gas tank in your ICE. Why should you have to lease the gas tank in an electric car, namely the battery.

Because people are yet not sure that the batteries keep working as they should, so Renault offers you the insurance. And in countries like France it doesn’t matter very much. Most people lease and at 139 euros per month, including the battery, that is incredibly attractive.

The battery rent only starts being less attractive for people buying the car second hand. In France you can now find a Zoé for less then 10.000 euros, but you still have to pay the battery rental of 79 euros at 12.000 km a year.

However, you could say for a second hand it is even more important to know that if your battery fails or gets below 70%, it well be exchanged for free.

139 euros per month? Incredible!

Best 2 year lease I can find in the UK is £119 car + £80 battery = £199 per month (approx 240 euros per month). 7,500 miles (12.000 km)