Renault Group Sold 200,000 Electric Vehicles

DEC 21 2018 BY MARK KANE 7

Renault 200,000 EVs, including some 175,000 electric cars

Renault Group announced that cumulative sales of all-electric vehicles hit 200,000. The number includes several electric cars, heavy quadricycle (Twizy) and Renault Samsung Motors’ SM3 Z.E. (rebranded and upgraded Renault Fluence Z.E.).

Our data and estimations (as of the end of November) shows that almost two-thirds of the result falls on the ZOE:

Assuming that Renault EV sales in almost entirely limited to Europe it’s not bad. However, if you back several years to 2010, you will see that results are far from the original goals of 200,000 EV annually, including 150,000 ZOE annually by 2015. Today, it’s maybe 50,000 EVs annually, including less than 40,000 ZOE in the past 12-months, after a significant upgrade of battery capacity for ZOE and Kangoo Z.E.

To increase the volume more affordable models will be needed, which hopefully will be possible with a new platform from Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance.

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The question is: will Zoe 2 be significantly more affordable than the current version at 32k (battery included). 23/25k€ (Without subsidies) would be perfect.

Just my guess – but I think it will have a similar price, but will be a better car with more features.

Executives of Renault said that for the Zoe 2, the production costs are 30% less and the R&D costs are 40% less (or the other way around).

I think the improved Zoe 2 could cost less than 30 000 € (taxes included meaning about 25 000 € before taxes) and before incentives. Maybe even a couple thousands less depending on the price of the Volkswagen ID.

The problem is that new Zoe is a deep restyling of current Zoe. For the real Zoe 2, we must wait few years. So, I think Zoe phase 2, will be a better bundle, a bit cheaper, but more refined, with better interior and more tech features.

Zoe phase2 will be launched on the market by 2019 and will offer 50kWh pack and also DC charging feature with combo CCS (till 50kW, 100kW ??). 22kW AC charge should remain, as in France – main market – it is quite available. On engines, I do not expect big changes, as upgrade was done in 2018 with a more powerful E-motor.
Complete new ZOE will be launched mid-2021 based on the new CMF-EV platform shared with Nissan. Here we can expect a 60kWh pack from LG Chem, DC charge with 100kW min. On engines, one said about 150kW power but downgraded version will be deployed also as of today.

200.000 renaults plus all those LEAFs hanging around and we got a winner. Isn’t it?

Congratulations Renault.
Just 4 EVs are not enough, please electrify the entire lineup. EVs are the future going forward. Chinese are going to sell more EVs.
I wish they launch the Renault make in USA again.