Renault Fluence Z.E. to Get Facelift in September?

MAY 19 2013 BY MARK KANE 5

Renault’s Danish division just announced that in September it will launch an update version of the Fluence Z.E.

Fluence Z.E. on the Better Place battery exchange station

Fluence Z.E. at a Better Place battery exchange station

It’s believed the freshened Fluence Z.E. will see only minor changes, mostly to the exterior appearance of the vehicle so that it more closely resembles Renault’s current lineup.

Previously, similar slight alterations were made to the Renault Kangoo Z.E.

According to Israeli source Globes, the updated Fluence Z.E. may get a slight bump in range (figure 200 km in NEDC tests cycle instead of 185 km).

Unfortunately, the Fluence Z.E continues to be lackluster in terms of sales and the issues at battery swap specialists Better Place doesn’t bode well for the future of the electric Fluence.

In Israel, the Fluence Z.E. fleet of several hundred strong has racked up in excess of 6.8 million miles since early 2012.


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I hope it gets a quick charger this time

Mark and other European contributors
Outside of the quick charger, can you share a European perspective of the complaint with this EV? The zero sales reported last month for the Fluence was baffling.

Well, I would say the forced battery leasing of 110$/month, a lack of advertising and an almost identical ice-version of the car (no own image or individual characteristcs like a leaf or twizy) are the main reasons.

The gasoline Fluence was discontinued in most European states last year, because of very low sales.

When they launched this car, they targeted it to fleets ans taxis, in theory things looked good, counting on the Better Place (BP) deal to swap batteries, we had cars without range limitations and low running costs.

The problems started when the expected (BP) battery changing stations didn’t came to reality, and without that, what the clients had in their hands was an expensive electric car with poor range (scaring away company drivers) in a sedan body that didn’t appealed to private buyers.

By the way, the only country where the Fluence ZE sells significantly is Israel, where 1.023 units were sold until April 30th.