Renault EZ-Go Electric Autonomous Concept Is Funky, Fresh


2018 – EZ-GO

Actually, it’s “an electric, autonomous, shared, ‘robo-vehicle’ concept.”

Renault is previewing the future of the personal and shared mobility in Geneva with the EZ-GO concept, an electric and autonomous robo-vehicle study. It’s not only a car, the French manufacturer explains, but also a service “that allows people to hail a ride either from a fixed or mobile location.”

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2018 – EZ-GO

The EZ-GO, an ideological successor of the Symbioz concept, is the first of a series of new studies from the brand focused on mobility services, which will be revealed this year. It can be operated by private or public companies, and is envisioned to be available through a mobile application or permanent stations.

We can’t say it’s a beautiful vehicle, but the design follows the vehicle’s function entirely. For example, the large glass areas are designed to maximize the field of vision of the autonomous system’s sensors and radars, while the panoramic glass roof provides natural light inside the cabin.

2018 – EZ-GO

The concept has Level 4 autonomous technologies, which basically means it can manage its distance from the vehicle in front, stay in lane, change lanes and turn all by itself at a junction. Also, in case of an accident, the vehicle can move into a safe space either by itself or through its connectivity with a monitoring center.

“We designed Renault EZ-GO to be an iconic symbol for cities,” Laurens van den Acker, Senior Vice President Corporate Design at Renault, comments. “This electric, autonomous concept explores the positive potential impact of shared mobility for all. Visually appealing and integrated in the urban environment, it offers an unprecedented 360-degree ‘open window’ on the city and a convivial space for people to relax and enjoy the ride.”

2018 – EZ-GO

Interestingly, Renault says the concept is only capable of reaching 30 miles per hour (50 kilometers per hour), to actively bolster its users’ safety.

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From an autonomous taxi perspective it does make more sense than the VW I.D Vizzion at least.

Good visibility for the riders and a huge hatch that makes it easier for wheelchairs to get in and out.

“We can’t say it’s a beautiful vehicle, but the design follows the vehicle’s function entirely.”

1) Who the **** cares? You’re not gonna own it.
2) eye of the beholder… I think it looks pretty good.

Why is the bench which passengers sit on so narrow? Looks like it was designed to be intentionally uncomfortable to sit down!

Frankly, I’m bored with wild concept cars which very obviously are incapable of functioning as practical transportation.

Auto manufacturers have only been doing “wild concept cars” for about 7 decades or so … you don’t seem to understand its purpose.

You’ve seem to have misspelled “funky” and “fresh”.

The correct spellings are “ugly “and “weird”.

I don’t get why companies waste their time and $ with this crap. If they have this much $ to spare perhaps they should put it in to something useful…

Very creative and useful.

I always thought that there should be one door in the car instead of five. a great idea to share city cars.

That roof-door lifting on a heavy rain or heavy snow day would be interesting for those sitting inside.

A single door is a problem in a crash as it restricts exiting. Also on safety what happens to unrestrained passengers in a crash?

Looks like they considered wheelchair access in the design. That’s pretty cool.

Musk talked about a 12 passenger Model X shuttle, if we are going to reduce traffic we need something better than buses.

This is the sort of concept vehicles I like to see. Wildly different to make us think about what might be possible. I can easily see this design taking off for autonomous and ride sharing and urban areas.