Renault EVs – France Versus Rest Of The World

JUL 27 2014 BY MARK KANE 18

Renault ZOE sales – first half of 2014

Renault ZOE sales – first half of 2014

Renault is the only carmaker with four electric models on the market. In theory, this should provide solid diversification of sales.

When we look where Renault is selling its electric cars, it turns out that most of them are sold in France, with other countries each individually having only a tiny share of Renault EV sales.

The ZOE flagship found 56% sales in it home market, or 2,078 registrations from about 3,700 total in the first half of this year.

This makes the ZOE highly dependent on just one country, but even more dependent is the Kangoo Z.E., also produced and mostly sold in France.

Almost 1,350 Kangoo Z.E. were registered in France in the first six month of 2014, while worldwide sales just exceed 2,000. Roughly two thirds of electric Kangoos are sold in home market, as it turns out.

This kind of problem isn’t the case for Fluence Z.E., at least not anymore as less than 100 were delivered this year as this is the end of the road for the electric Fluence, previously highly dependent on Israel and Better Place.

Renault Kangoo ZE sales – first half of 2014

Renault Kangoo ZE sales – first half of 2014

Renault Twizy

Renault Twizy

And finally we have Twizy, which always had most diversified market of all the EVs in Renault lineup.

This time France has just 20% share in Twizy sales.  Germany is the largest market with 26%. YTD sales amount to 1,133 and from its introduction over 13,000 Twizys were sold.

Since introduction, Renault delivered to Germany 3,488 Twizy, while at the same time in France 3,067. Italy is third with 2,121.

Spain (where Twizy is produced) is fourth overall with 1,187.  However, this year Spain fell behind Switzerland (100 in Switzerland and 60 in Spain), which indicates that the south of Europe is not recovering after the economical collapse few years ago and can’t afford too many Twizys. Believe it or not, sales of Twizy in Nordic countries are almost equal to Spain and Portugal!

Renault Twizy sales – first half of 2014

Renault Twizy sales – first half of 2014

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Twizyyyy is fuglyyyyyy

But I bet other Renaults would sell here in California. There are no Renault dealers here, but they could sell via other dealers.

Nah, it’s really cool. I’ve seen it roam around the tight streets of Roma as the king of the roads.
It doesn’t suit all markets but in it’s right element it is brilliant 🙂

Very intersting article. Tesla was dependent on US when they did start as well. So where is the difference ? Boring stuff. Why do you try to let Renault look bad ?
And Norway just started selling in June, so what do you want to tell us ?

ZOE is 2nd month (may and June) the most sold 100% BEV in Europe.

Tesla BTW is sellong extremly poor in Germany. Why dont you write an article about these very disappointing sales ?

Renault is an established legacy car company with an established dealership network.

Tesla is a startup company that is just started to grow is distribution network. It does not even have stores in half the states in its home country,the United States. Unlike Renault it only sells one model right now.

Articles have been written about disappointing Tesla sales in Germany. Again, stores,service centers, and supercharger network not fully built out yet.

Tesla is still selling poor in Germany, but you have to understand that especially in Germany media still use every chance to make people believe that BEVs are a completely insane idea.
An example which was realeased a few days ago:

The article tells about recall campaigns of car manufactures after GM had to recall millions of cars. They “inform” about the record holding companies and show Tesla next to the headline and mention that it is burning at every occasion.

I am sure once more and more people understand Tesla sales will explode in Germany. I am looking forward to the Model X launch. It think it has an excellent potential in Germany.

Renault hasn’t increased the number of Zoe dealers since the launch.

Renaults target market is Europe. This is a NOT US and NOT Japan. You can change your pies from “Rest of the World” to “Rest of Europe”. That would make lot of sense.

Renault’s Top 15 National Markets.
It sells outside of Europe.

Country Sales Market share
1 FRANCE 313,682 27.3%
2 BRAZIL 110,146 7.0%
3 RUSSIA 96,421 7.8%
4 GERMANY 88,634 5.4%
5 ITALY 69,2 8.5%
6 SPAIN 62,561 12.2%
7 GREAT BRITAIN 54,67 3,80%
8 ARGENTINA 52,474 14.4%
9 TURKEY 50,15 17.6%
10 BELGIUM LUXEMBURG 46,606 13.3%
11 ALGERIA 44,136 25,40%
12 SOUTH KOREA 36,977 4,70%
13 INDIA 24,129 1.6%
14 MOROCCO 23,901 37.0%
15 NETHERLANDS 22,531 9.9%


but THIS artikel is about EVs. And ZOE is not been sold in Marocco and Russia etc.
And the two main world markets for EVs: USA and Japan are also missing.

This is a site about EVs 🙂

Many of the international sales come from Renaults cheap sub-brands like Dacia.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater

Presumably electricity is cheaper in France thanks to their wise choice in developing safe and economical nuclear power. Now, as they migrate their transportation infrastructure to electric, they’ll have even less dependence on expensive imported energy.

France is a nice place for vacations. Swimming and fishing near La Hague could be your thing…

Four years ago when Renault introduced their EV program it was troumpeted loudly by CEO Carlos Ghosn and supported by hundred of millions by the French governement. I was then thinking that Renault is really trying to something big for climate change. But what do we see now. Renault’s marketing efforts for EVs are mariginal and electric cars make less than 1 % of the company’s production. It seems to me that they only do the very minimum to please the goverements. In reallity they only maximize the profits and dont give a damn for big scale emission reduction, which Evs would bring.

It should be profit maximizing to build as many BEVs as you can.

The burden is more on governments to create such conditions.

Renault is doing much more than your average car company with EVs, I respect the guys a lot for their effort.

I’m not that surprised by these numbers. The French just love to buy French cars. So when they buy an EV, they end up with a Renault, as the Citroen and Peugeot offerings are not all that competitive. So most EVs sold in France are Renault. By quite a margin.
In all other markets where they are active (mostly Europe) there is quite some competition from other manufacturers, and the market is more evenly divided so they don’t contribute to the Renault numbers in a big way.

The reasons why the Zoe mainly sells in France are Renault’s own strategic error:
– The Zoe has problems with the standardized charging infrastructure, it won’t charge at many of them due, and if the current rating pilot signal is below 16 amps, it won’t charge either. So you cannot charge the Zoe through a domestic socket, and to be completely sure, you need to buy the Renault charging infrastructure that makes use of a different kind of charging cable than all the others.
Renault gives some stupid excuses about domestic sockets being not safe etc, which is simply wrong, but Renault has put no galvanic isolation in the on-board charger of the Zoe, so it is their own fault.
Also you cannot completely buy the Renault cars, you allways have to lease the batteries. It is stupid they do not leave you the choice, like Nissan does.
So, the Zoe will never sell well outside France, due to these “strategic” choices.

No, no and no. Zoe uses standard Type 3 charging plug and can be charged with a household plug EVSE as well.

Yes you can charge from a domestic socket. You can buy an extra cable to do that. I have it. It works great (but slow of course)
Also, the ZOE works on the standard Type 2 Mennekes plug, which is a European standard which you will find on a lot of charging points.