Renault EV Sales Down In January By 11%

FEB 25 2018 BY MARK KANE 11

Renault wasn’t able to improve its electric car sales in January, which shows just how difficult it is to achieve consistent growth in Europe.

2018 Renault ZOE R110

Sales decreased by 11% year-over-year to 2,496.

  • Renault ZOE – 1,988 (down 25%)
  • Renault Kangoo Z.E. – 508 (up 201%)

While the Kangoo Z.E. enjoys high growth due to the recent introduction of the bigger 33 kWh battery, ZOE struggles.

Maybe that’s because competition is fierce with the new Nissan LEAF or perhaps even due to consumers reading hints of the new ZOE R110 in the French press. The new 80 kW motor sounds tempting enough to wait.

Taking into consideration only Europe, where Renault delivered 2,422 cars (almost all of its EVs), share of EVs to overall sales amounted to over 2.4%.

This year Renault will expand the lineup with Master Z.E., but we don’t expect it to be high volume.

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Renault EV lineup – from left: Twizy, ZOE, Kangoo Z.E. and Master Z.E.

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11 Comments on "Renault EV Sales Down In January By 11%"

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Wit Renault recently stating it was having trouble keeping up with demand for Zoe with a building order book it now seems to have a supply issue.

The drop also seems to be contained within the French market

Well maybe if they stopped renting the battery they would sell more cars.

Battery rental, what a rip off!

They have stopped renting the battery (or, they give the option to buy or rent). So your prediction was proved wrong.

not true, battery are still for rent in france and buying the car with the battery is still impossible. France being the biggest market I would assume that this is one of the main problem. Now that you can buy a equivalent leaf 40 kwh I think renault is facing a difficult year.

It’s still a rip off. Yes, you can buy the battery, but then you have to pay 1000 € extra than renting would cost. Renault punishes those who don’t want their rental model.
As long as Renault continues with this bad customer policy it’s no option for me.
Meanwhile the VW e-Golf is the better offer and the better choice to me. Last not least because VW offers their discount also for BEVs and Renault only for their dirty ICE cars. Yes, the “dirty diesel and many more scandals” VW is better than Renault, when it comes to buying a BEV.

This has nothing to do with lack of demand for the Zoë. There is a waiting list for over four month. The decline in deliveries is purely a production problem.

Remember that Europe is a “Build to Order” sales market. There is no direct relation between sales and deliveries.
The sales contract for these cars delivered in January were signed in September / October.

I agree.
with demand all is well and it could be even greater if it were not for the Osborne effect. but an even bigger problem is the supply of a sufficient number of batteries that are lacking

most likely, the problem with the supply of parts (batteries), and maybe the Osborne effect with respect to waiting for the batteries 41 kW or Tesla model 3 and Nissan Leaf 2018

Build a decent car any maybe the’d sell more..

I don’t think the Master Z.E. will have an effect on sales. It is very badly equipped (small battery, no fast charging and many other weird things) for a very high price AND forced battery rental (in France).

If next to that you look at the Streetscooter Work and -Work XL, you realize that the Master has no chance.