Renault Electric Vehicles Sales After First 9 Months of 2011-2013

OCT 22 2013 BY MARK KANE 8

Renault is aiming to be (together with Nissan) the global leader in EVs. To date, Renault sold over 34,000 electric vehicles. Lets look at how this year sales compare to previous years.

Renault Electric Vehicles Sales After 9 Months In 2011-2013

Renault Electric Vehicles Sales After 9 Months In 2011-2013

From preliminary sales data, we can see that after the first nine months of 2013, the total number of deliveries is barely growing compared to 2012.

Fluence Z.E. is still on sale with 72 deliveries in September, but YTD number are half of last year results. Kangoo Z.E. scored small growth, but the sharp fall in Twizy sales is just barely replaced by Zoe with over 6,500 sales.

In 2011 and 2012. Renault sold approximately 20,000 electric vehicles. This year Renault has so far added over 14,000 to that total.

With the new Renault Samsung Motors’s  SM3 Z.E. that will be potentially be produced at a level of 1,000 copies this year, Renault group still could sell 20,000 electric vehicles this year and 40,000 cumulative. This is quite a lot, but still far from the automaker’s original plans.

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Let the Twizy out and count only real cars, makes still over 100% growth.

Twizy saw a tremendous drop. People got their fill and Zoe came along.
Add doors and heater to the Twizy like they should have done from the beginning and price it by reason instead of nitwit greed then it could sell again.
The Zoe is also dramatically overpriced incidentally but what’s the alternative..

(LCV) means Light Commercial Vehicle. I cannot determine what (PC) means. Maybe Private Car.

Passenger Car…there are 2 (maybe 3) types of Kangoo Z.E. The PC versions has rear seats, whereas the others are made for hauling goods.

Zoe LCV?…interesting…

Mark, it would be helpful if you listed the names of the vehicles in the caption under the picture. Not everyone knows or remembers what a Fluence, Kangoo, Zoe, or Twizy look like.

There is no ‘LCV’ version of the ZOE – it must be a typo or other mistake.


There is no pre-made LCV, but it is possible to modify any car to make it a legal LCV, for example removing the back seats permanently and register the car as two passenger vehicle.