Renault Electric Vehicle Sales Report May 2014

JUN 22 2014 BY MARK KANE 6

The increase of Renault electric cars sales in France gave us hope that maybe in the whole Europe sales of Renault EVs will have gone up a little bit in May.  But, like in April, Renault EV sales shrunk compared to 2013.

After five months, Renault sales fell by approximately one third year-over-year.

It’s really hard to say what the future will bring, but it seems that without introducing ZOE in Norway, the level of Renault EV sales will max out at 10,000 per year

Despite summer beginning, sales of the Renault Twizy see a constant decline.

Renault EV Sales - May 2014

Renault EV Sales – May 2014

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One big part of decline is that they have great competition as of this year, so no need to be too pessimistic

The Renault part of Nissan-Renault offered a number of electric car options:

1. Fluence.

It was designed to work with the Better Place battery swap idea that eventually tanked.

2. Zoe

Not a bad looking car, but you had to buy the car and then rent the battery on a monthly basis. Not a bad looking car, but the car also had recharge issues. (You could not charge the car off regular household current.) Another fizzle……

3. Twizzy

It literally looks like a bug and it has no doors. Useless for most of the year in most parts of Europe. Sold well as a novelty item in the beginning but sales are sliding as competition increases and its limitations become obvious.

That, in part, is why the French (Renault-Nissan) are not doing so well. Advice to Nissan=Francais:

Get rid of the battery swapping.
Get rid of the battery leasing.
Get rid of the Twizzy and make a real car.

The French have made some great cars over the years. I’m sue they will get it together with electric cars.

The zoe has the granny cable now, so you can charge it from the normal socet.
The battery leasing is the big NoGo for me tho..
Maybe one could buy it in norway (with battery included) and import it..

It does that the cable but the Chameleon chargers still suffers from the same issues at low intensity which makes it not practical.

I would add another advice to the list:



Plusieurs remarques, mais tout d’abord je rappelle que début 2013 la Zoé était en phase de lancement, d’abord en France puis dans le reste de l’Europe, ce qui fausse les comparaisons. Idem pour le Kangoo qui a bénéficié d’une forte commande publique dont les livraisons arrivent a terme.
*C’est le meilleur mois de la zoé en Europe depuis 8 mois.
* C’est le cinquième mois de hausse consécutive pour la Zoe.
* Renault reste leader en Europe sur le marché VE.
*Le Kangoo est leader des VUL électrique.
*Le Twizy est leader des quadricycles (électrique et thermique)
* La Zoé a été la voiture électrique la plus vendue en Europe au mois de Mai:
(Model S 685. eUp 673. i3 652. Leaf 622)
et ce malgré son absence du marché Norvégien ou ses principales concurrentes ont toutes dépassées les 300 ventes.

Donc il serait bon de relativiser la mauvaise impression laisser par votre article, en ne comparant pas uniquement avec le mois de l’année précédant.

Several remarks, but first I recall that in early 2013 the Zoe was being launched, first in France and then in the rest of Europe, which distorts comparisons. Ditto for the Kangoo has enjoyed strong public procurement with deliveries arrive futures.
* This is the best month of zoe in Europe for 8 months.
* This is the fifth consecutive monthly increase for Zoe.
* Renault remains the leader in Europe on VE market.
* The electric Kangoo LCV leader.
* The Twizy quadricycle leader (electrical and thermal)
* The Zoe was the most sold in Europe in May electric car:
(Model S 685. EUP 673. I3 652. Leaf 622)
despite his absence from the Norwegian market and its main competitors have all exceeded 300 sales.

It would be good to relativize the bad impression left by your article, do not just comparing with the month of the preceding year.