Renault Electric Vehicle Sales Report August 2014

SEP 26 2014 BY MARK KANE 5

Preliminary sales data from Renault is indicating that sales of its full-size electric cars amounted to 760 in August or 974 including Twizy. Almost all of those deliveries (99%) are assigned for Europe.

This is not a strong result (lower than last August) for Renault, but August is the slow month in terms of auto sales in Europe.

Year-to-date numbers increased last month to 7,424 full size cars and 9,080 including Twizy. This is ~ 30% less than in 2013 (both for cars and Twizys).

Sales of Kangoo Z.E. reached about 2,550 this year, while ZOE almost 4,800. Twizy is at 1,656. Fluence Z.E. shrunk to 82.

Sadly for Renault, all of its EV models fell in the first eight months.  However, the differences for Kangoo Z.E. and ZOE aren’t that big (~1,000) so with four months to go there is still a chance to improve.

Renault BEV Sales Worldwide (January-August). Some data may be slightly inaccurate.

Renault BEV Sales Worldwide (January-August). Some data may be slightly inaccurate.

Anticipating questions – PC is passenger version, while LCV is delivery version. In case of ZOE, it’s more a registration category than actually a design change. ZOE sales in 2012 include demo cars, as official sales began later.

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Well, in a way it is a good result for global EVs meaning the competition has arrived.

I particularly love Twizy, this thingy should not die, it is the future of mankind’s transportation.

The more competition then the more slices of pie to give out to all the automakers. This can play a negative against all makers who find sales growth slowing. Including Tesla who makes us all think they will be nearly doubling sales next year which I think is very wishful thinking. If investing be very careful.

Once again, nothing to fret about ; BEV sales will pick up, and 2015 numbers will surpass 2013 with ease.
I see more and more BEVs on the road (esp. twizys, but I don’t believe in them) ; the future lies in ZOE and KANGOO for Renault, my only concern is their market positioning which is all in the wrong direction (their next BEV car will be a mini, which I think is totally mistargeting the correct segment)

We are looking at a Zoe to go with our Leaf. EV sales will start to move once the 200mi + battery packs arrive in 2016. Thats when Governments will whip out the carpet from under us by withdrawing subsidies

Steven: And you know this how?