Renault Electric Vehicle Sales Continues To Fall In April

MAY 19 2014 BY MARK KANE 19

Renault’s situation with EV sales isn’t changing too much, so observing it month after month we typically don’t even need to change title.  And this is of course not a positive, because sales of Renault’s entire EV lineup appear to be going down.

The suspended Fluence Z.E. still has a few new sales every month, but it’s basically dead. Kangoo Z.E. sales already fell by almost 50% and are now over 1,000 units behind the first four months of 2013. Renault Twizy sales have been down for over a year and practically on all markets in Europe – just over 500 sales in the first four months of 2014 compared to over 12,500 from early 2012 to April 2014. YTD numbers for 2014 should be close to 1,000 to sustain previous year levels.

And then we have the ZOE – in April ZOE recorded just 623 sales in Europe, from which two thirds or 403 were in France. Compared to April 2013, the French carmaker improved ZOE sales outside of France from about 100 to 220 unit, while at the same time ZOE sales shrunk by almost 350 units in France. But this is just in April.

In total, Renault sold over 10,600 ZOEs in 2013-2014, from which almost 6,500 were in France (~ 61%). For this year, sales of ZOE in Europe amounted to 1,830 as of the end of April, from which 965 were in France (~ 53%).

Renault EV Sales

Renault EV Sales

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Mah prediction, she comes to pass, n’est pas?

What does that mean?

Europe doesn’t want EVs. Initial backlog satisfied, there is no sustained demand.

Nonsense. Did you read the article? This post is about Renault.

People don’t want french cars if they have other options… 😉

Numbers from Norway would be great. Let’s see how Renault performes in a market with high demand under comparable circumstances. Leaf, eUP, i3, E-Golf and Zoe all for sale including their batteries. I’m so curious…

Just 14 BMW i3 have been sold in France. Unbelievable. After the initial good start every car drops in sales here.

This isn’t real sales, It’s registrations. There are usually a number of months between signing the deal and delivering the car.

Do not overinterpret just 1 months of sales.

Je l’ai déjà dit le mois dernier, et je le répète puisque ca n’a pas l’air d’être compris. Mais les ventes de Zoe qui font le gros du marché EV en France, ont été dopées au mois de mars et avril 2014 par le lancement de la Zoé (qui implique des immatriculation dans le réseau Renault qui est particulièrement dense en France) et le super bonus (+ 5000€) de la région Alsace qui prenait fin en avril (il fallait que les voitures soient livrées avant le 20 avril pour être validé)
Donc la base de comparaison est artificiellement élevée, ce qui ne sera plus le cas les mois prochains, et permettra de voir la réalité du marché, qui je suis sur est bien meilleur que ce que laisse penser les chiffres brut. Et d’ailleurs 400 Zoe/mois en France ca vaut largement 2500 Leaf aux USA, en rapport a la taille des marchés.


All this panicky month-by-month sales ‘analysis’, Bleh.

Well, you have to fill the pages I guess.

Il a été dit et ne comprend pas, probablement parce que vous avez publié en français.

I already said last month, and I repeat it because it does not seem to be understood. But sales of Zoe who do most of the EV market in France, were boosted in March and April 2014 with the launch of the Zoe (which involves registration in the Renault network is particularly dense in France) and the super bonus (+ € 5,000) of the Alsace region which ended in April (it was that the cars are delivered before April 20 to be validated)
So the comparison base is artificially high, which will not be the case next month and will see the reality of the market, which I’m on is much better than the raw figures suggest. And besides Zoe 400 / month in France was worth ca 2500 Leaf in the U.S., relative to the market size.

Merci beaucoup. 🙂

Instead of focusing on the negative, the author could have mentioned that Zoe sales in France have increased for the 4th month in a row.

Comparing to a year ago when a lot of pent-up demand was fulfilled is not very indicative.

I predict that sales will improve across Europe and Renault will sell more Zoe’s this year than in 2013.

In April Renault sold in France more Zoe than e.g. Fiat Punto, Opel Insignia, BMW X3, Audi A6, Toyota Prius, BMW 5, Dacia Logan, Hyundai i30, etc. were sold. Those models are not comparable, but just to get a feeling for the numbers I think its o.k. to compare with usually popular cars.

So to me the Zoe is a success in France.

Don’t worry too much, ZOE sales numbers will improve, albeit much more slowly than expected.
When seminal changes in French legislation (right to a plug in condo parking lots)are implemented,it may even shoot the roof.
What I don’t understand is Renault’s electric vehicle line policy :
– Not selling the battery when there is a huge demand for it
– Two ill-fated vehicles : Renault Fluence (battery in the trunk of a sedan! + the looks), Renault Twizy (open to rain and cold)
– ZOE is clearly a feminine car when everybody in his right mind knows that MEN are the precursors in everything
– The coming electric Twingo replacement is a disaster in the making : rear engine (hello 60’s!), rear propulsion (super bad road handling in sight!), super-truncated boot (great for the week shopping at Auchan or Carrefour, and note this will be an utra small mini!)…Totally crazy.

I agree about Gluence, it was a total disaster. And they should offer full doors for Twizy. Twingo is ready for electrification, but for these idiots aren’t doing it.
Their cars are also too expensive (without batteries).

Good to know there is progress on legislation allowing condo owners getting EVSEs at home in France. That can only help promote wider EV adoption there.

It’s not implemented yet but it is in the pipe.
It should be implemented in 2015, and should change the landscape here unless, of course, people realize that pulling a powerful enough cable to their parking space costs them thousands.
But there is hope anyway : I have turned the numbers all ways, and it will be cheaper for me to lease an electric car and battery than to buy, feed and maintain a used thermal, the only problem being pulling the electricity to my parking space (and the cost thereof).
Of course I’m not only talking for myself, plenty of other people are doing the same calculation right now.