Renault Electric Car Sales Up Nearly 50% In November

DEC 20 2014 BY MARK KANE 1

Renault caught wind in its electric car sails and is improving dramatically compared to the previous year and along the way passing the 50,000-units sold mark.

In November, Renault sold some 1,785 EVs (up 40% year-over-year), however when we exclude lagging Twizy, the growth hits 48% – 1,636, instead of 1,103 last year.

Fluence Z.E. sales were 2, and Kangoo Z.E. seems to be shrinking by 24% to 344 in November. Twizy, with 149, is down 13%, so all the growth comes from ZOE with its battery now available to purchase or lease.

1,256 ZOE (plus 34 registered as delivery versions) is over 100% more than in November 2013.

ZOE is the only electric car in the Renault lineup with an improved sales result after 11 months of 2014, compared to the first 11 months in 2013. 10,000 sales in one year is still possible if December brings a new sales record of 1,420.

Renault BEV Sales Worldwide (January-November). Some data may be slightly inaccurate.

Renault BEV Sales Worldwide (January-November). Some data may be slightly inaccurate.

*PC is passenger version, while LCV is delivery version. In case of ZOE, it’s more a registration category than actually a design change. ZOE sales in 2012 include demo cars, as official sales began later.

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Is there any news about Zoe being available with battery in other countries (besides Norway and UK)?

Renault should also let costumers buy the battery in the case of Twizy. And Twizy should get some proper doors!