Renault Electric Car Sales Up 27% In October (Nearly 1,850 ZOE Sold)

NOV 24 2015 BY MARK KANE 8

Renault ZOE powered almost entirely by renewable energy in Scotland

Renault ZOE

Renault electric car sales grew last month by 27% (year-over-year – including the inclusion of the Twizy).

In total, Renault delivered about 2,200 cars and nearly 290 Twizy (all numbers preliminary).

Growth is fueled by Renault ZOE, which at nearly 1,850 sales not only represents about 84% of Renault’s all-electric car sales, but is moving up fast at up over 39% from over the 1,300 moved a year ago.

Average monthly sales of ZOE this year are over 1,360, which is a decent number, especially considering that sales are almost entirely limited to Europe.

So far this year, the French manufacturer already sold a record ≈16,800 electric cars (all-time record for Renault) and ≈2,000 Twizy.

Renault BEV car sales (without Twizy) - October 2015

Renault BEV car sales (without Twizy) – October 2015

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Why don’t they put new r240 motor on Kangoo Z.E.?

They will, after they solved the 43kW charging problem. Expect fall 2016.

I don’t think there is a 43kW problem – the new components just can’t handle that much. But even 22kW charging would be great for the Kangoo, right now it just charges with 3,7kW…

The r240 can handle 43kW charging, it is just disabled. At least this is, what was written down on the brochure when I bought mine. And since recuperation is also at those levels I think the controller and batteries can handle it quite well.

I personally have an 22kW outlet in my parking lot installed and I don’t need anything else. Almost 200km/h is what I get.

But you are right the r240 or even the r210 with 22kW charging would be great for the Kangoo.

So, one month’s sales, of one model, from one manufacturer, exceed all hydrogen cars?

Anyone surprised by that, raise your paw.

Go 6 years back and you can say the same to all battery electric cars.

Perhaps, but while technology of hydrogen car might be cheaper thanks to technological progress, the cost of fuel will be limited by energy required electrolysis. It is just much more energy inefficient compared to batteries (not to mention higher cost infrastructure as opposed to reuse of existing electrical grid). More energy means higher cost.

First mover advantage of batteries and cheaper “fuel” are (IMO) simply insurmountable advantage for normal cars used by people to move from A to B. Perhaps trucks, long range driving or ships.

Ghosn is a EV king.