Renault Electric Car Sales Quietly Surpass 50,000

NOV 22 2014 BY MARK KANE 8

Renault’s Lineup Of Pure Electric Cars – Fluence Z.E., Twizy, Kangoo Z.E. and ZOE

Renault’s Lineup Of Pure Electric Cars – Fluence Z.E., Twizy, Kangoo Z.E. and ZOE

We are still awaiting an official announcement from Renault celebrating 50,000 electric vehicle sales, but even without official recognition, we can confidentially report that the milestone has been achieved.

Despite us  indicating some three weeks ago that Renault was close to the milestone and, with numbers from October now added in, the French automaker remains silent.

So, we’ll do Renault’s work for them by announcing the achievement of this 50,000-unit milestone.

Ben Vo alerted us to this achievement via Twitter:

“@InsideEVs.hello good evening please can you make a scoop about the total sales of renault ze: because at this time more than 50 000

@InsideEVs .because more than 50 000 renault ze electric are sold now: renault zoe : 16388.renault kangoo ze : 15589. renault twizy : 14153

@InsideEVs and 3582 fluence ze sold all at end of october 2014 : 49712 renault ze sold at end oof octobeer 2014

@InsideEVs and now 18 november more than 50 000 thanks”

Well, our numbers, based on Renault’s preliminary data, are slightly different, but anyways the mark of 50,000 units fell at the end of October or in early November. Here are the sales numbers at the end of October 2014:

  • Fluence Z.E.    3,935
  • Kangoo Z.E.    15,782
  • ZOE    16,397
  • Twizy    14,160
  • Total 50,274 (excluding Twizy 36,114)

ZOE is finally the best selling electric car to date in Renault’s lineup.

Hat tip to Ben Vo (aka anableps on Twitter)!!!

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I am anxiously awaiting to see what cooling tech Nissan uses in the gen 2 Leaf. Perhaps it could be from the Zoe or from the eNV200…..or maybe no change at all.

One has to admit that even though the Leaf has essentially no cooling , it definitely keeps the price down and that makes the car available to more people.

The simple uncooled sardine can approach on the Leaf is also good for energy storage systems on a DIY level.

Just stack ‘m in a cabinet w/ some fans and bingo you are there (almost LOL).

Here is a pretty cool ESS that uses 42 of 48 modules from a salvage Leaf pack.

That would give your home system 21 kwh or so of storage.

That’s a lot of Twizzy’s!!! Congrats to Renault. 🙂

Still think they should make a version of it that takes styling cues from an old 1909 AX Cabriolet…

I think a retro version would be very popular for city dwellers, and tour companies. And it would be a great way to celebrate Renault’s long history.

Nissan announced last week global sales of over 147,000 Leafs. That means that by the end of the month two milestones will be reached:
* lglobal sales of 150,000 Leafs just in time for the fourth anniversary
* over 200,000 Renault-Nissan electric vehicles sold worldwide

And by the way, Tesla already sold more than 50,000 Model S cars, and make no fuzz about that milestone

The previous figures ignore e-NV200 sales. Considering that about 650,000 highway legal PEV have been sold worldwide by now, the Alliance accounts for about 30% market share of global PEV sales! Not bad!

Congrats Renault, and thanks for making the ZOE such a great car!

What? Renault haven’t sold a single EV! He’s just selling some chassis without batteries.
It’s like saying that Honda have sold some Fits or FCXes. Nah!

Not entirely true. In Norway they do sell complete cars.

rent a battery is more interesting than buy a battery