Renault Electric Car Sales Up 25% In September

OCT 25 2015 BY MARK KANE 3

Renault, thanks to having one of the most popular pure electric cars in Europe – the ZOE – increased its BEV car sales in September by 25% year-over-year.

Most of the total 2,149 (1,665 for ZOE) car sales worldwide obviously come from Europe (over 97%) where the company makes its home.

With an additional 169 Twizy, total BEV sales hit 2,318 (up 19% because Twizy is down 25% YoY).

1,665 ZOE’s sold stands for nearly 72% of all electric Renaults.

In the first nine months of 2015, the French manufacturer sold nearly 12,000 ZOE, compared to just over 6,000 year ago.

Renault BEV Sales Worldwide – September 2015

Renault BEV Sales Worldwide – September 2015

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Megane Z.E.? Where are you?!


Renault’s ICE cars in the past 20 years have been some of the worst ever reliability-wise, and I don’t mean the drivetrain.

I hope they do ground-up design for a larger EV rather than a conversion; that would mean more and more flexible internal space (particularly important for the Scénic MPV).

This is because finally the Zoé and France do all the things right. In the beginning the Zoé wasn’t delivered with a charging cable for a visit to grandma, which most potential buyers didn’t like. And the incentives were for private people but the text of law were written with the wrong words so that fleets couldn’t get them and leasing didn’t work.

Both problems have been solved since some time now, a Zoé with more range is added AND an extra incentive for scrapping an old diesel when you buy a BEV. It all comes perfectly together for the Zoé, but it could have happened a year earlier if things would have been done right from the beginning.

The next spur in sales will come when Renault breaks the last hurdle and offers the car for sale with batteries included. For the moment they are only for rent, apart from Norway and the UK.