Renault Delivered 50,000th ZOE

APR 27 2016 BY MARK KANE 10

2016 Renault ZOE Swiss Edition (limited edition)

2016 Renault ZOE Swiss Edition (limited edition)

Renault has announced a significant milestone of passing 50,000 ZOEs sold since its introduction in early 2013.

With 18,500 sales in 2015, the ZOE represents around 20% of BEV sales in Europe and 55% in France.  So it is a major driving force in the electrification of the automobile in the region.

For what it is worth, Renault also states that 98% of ZOE customers are satisfied.

“This is the case of Sylvie, our 50,000th customer. Sylvie and her family live in Saint Cloud, outside Paris. Her children encouraged her to choose ZOE, which she intends to use for most of her everyday journeys. Guillaume Berthier, Electric Car Sales and Marketing Director, had the pleasure of presenting her with the keys to her ZOE at the Flins plant near Paris, the only site building ZOE for global distribution.

Since 2013, Renault has been the only carmaker to have a complete all-electric vehicle range with Twizy, ZOE and Kangoo Z.E. Since then, the EV market has grown exponentially, expanding by 48% worldwide in 2015. A total 18,500 ZOE vehicles were sold last year for a market share of 20% in Europe and over 55% in France.

Charging a ZOE is also becoming easier every day, with the continuing rollout of new infrastructure. Today, more than 60,000 charge points are available to the public in Europe, and 200 fast-charge stations can be found every 80 kilometers along France’s motorways (Corri-Door project).”

Renault ZOE sales - through March 2016

Renault ZOE sales – through March 2016

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Congrats Renault! You made a nice little EV! And that chameleon charger was brilliant.

Now you need to up the battery size and keep things progressing!

Great car, i have been driving 37.000 km in a few months. This is a REAL electric car, very pleasant, very silent, with a good grip on the road.
Go on, Renault.

“…and 200 fast-charge stations can be found every 80 kilometers along France’s motorways (Corri-Door project).”

What a nice dream. However I live in France. And I can tell you that most of these chargers are not yet built, most of those that are built are not yet powered and some that are active are already “en panne” (malfunctioning).

The ones that are actually working don’t accept the most common pass used in France, pricing is not indicated on the charger and the charging is not stopped when full and since you pay per quarter of an hour and rates go up, somebody lately paid 29 euros for 15 kW.

So no, the infrastructure is not well organized in France. But the Zoé is a fantastic compact car.

I have driven 47.000 KM in almost 3 years. Cool car, waiting for larger battery. In Europe it was the most sold E-Car in 2015.

We have 2 Zoes now, cracking little cars to drive! We’re leasing the cars but we will be buying a non-flex 30kwh Leaf when these are up unless Renault sort out the monthly battery hire or significantly upgrade the battery.

Go Zoe! I hope Renault-Nissan brings 400 km NEFZ next year and boost their sales. Kangoo should get the R240 engine and all Renault Nissan in top 40-50 kWh!

A shame Nissan didn’t brand the Zoe and bring it to N America.

Battery lease is such a dumb idea. Made the Zoe impractical for me, as I’d pay more per month on the lease than I would have on petrol for an efficient hatchback. Destroys any possibility of buying a used Zoe cheap.

And it is clumsy . . . what happens if you stop paying? Do they have a remote thing to stop the battery from working? Do the repo the whole car? Do elves come and pull your battery out of the car at night?

There was a case (in switzerland if im correct) where the new owner never signed a battery contract, because of some dealer problems. The dealer was not able to let him sign or so. Some importing problems that the dealer got wrong.

After a few months Renault disabled the usage of the battery OTA.

In the battery rental contract there is a passage that states: “if you won’t continue renting the battery (end of contract), you must have the battery removed at a workshop (at your expenses). “