Renault Debuts All Electric Twin’Z Concept

APR 8 2013 BY JAY COLE 8

Twin'Z Concept To Foreshadow New Model In Renault's Lineup

Twin’Z Concept To Foreshadow New Model In Renault’s Lineup

Renault has debuted a new all-electric concept, the Twin’Z, that the company says will influence a production car next year.  Looking at Renault’s lineup, the current Twingo looks like a early favorite for the refresh treatment.

Twin'Z Takes A Drive

Twin’Z Takes A Drive

Unlike most concepts, Renault has produced more than just a few dozen pictures of the exterior of the car; actual specs are listed.

The Twin’Z is not a very big car by any stretch.  At 143″ in length, it is a foot and a half shy of it’s sister car, the Renault Zoe, and almost 2 feet shorter in length than the Nissan LEAF.

Technically, you would class this car as a supermini, or city car.  It is interesting to note that Renault-Nissan boss Carlos Ghosn just two weeks ago in Japan mentioned for the first time that a new city car was in the works for the Nissan brand with the help of its strategic partner.

“…we have other cars coming. We have light commercial vehicles. We’re going to develop a city car with the collaboration of Renault.”

Could this be part of that plan?

"Can Anyone Point Me In The Direction Of The Tron Laser Disc Arena?"

“Can Anyone Point Me In The Direction Of The Tron Laser Disc Arena?”

The Twin’Z is powered by a fairly small 50 kW (67bhp), 167 lb ft electric motor, but as the car also only weighs 980kg (2,160lbs), that should be more than sufficient.

Power is supplied via 4 separate battery packs mounted beneath the floor, with the total range of the car coming in at 160 km (100 miles), and with a top speed of 131 km/hr (81 mph).

Like many concepts, Renault, with the help of British designer Ross Lovegrove, have spared no expense when it comes to ludicrous auto-show quality features.

The Twin’Z does not just feature suicide doors, but power suicide doors.  The seats?  Visible frames and totally  fire-retardant material…just what you need.

There was no mention of a specialized cupholder to hold the headache medicine you would surely need if a driver was to spend more than 15 minutes inside the Twin’Z, but we will go ahead and assume it is in there somewhere as well.

More available specs on the Renault Twin’S Concept:

  • Length: 3,627mm
  • Width: 1,705mm
  • Height: 1,506mm
  • Wheelbase: 2495mm
  • Weight: 980kg
  • Top speed: 130kph
  • Range: 160km
  • Rear-mounted 50kW (68hp) synchronous electric motor with rotor coil
  • Maximum torque: 226Nm
  • Four lithium-ion battery packs spaced evenly beneath the floor
  • Voltage: 96V
  • Drive: rear-wheel drive
  • Transmission: direct drive with reducer gear and forward/reverse invertor
  • Specific Michelin tyres: 205/40 R18
  • Ross Lovegrove-designed 18-inch aluminium alloy wheels
  • Front suspension: MacPherson-type arrangement
  • Rear suspension: double wishbones
  • Adjustable Ohlins dampers
  • Chassis: tubular frame
  • Carbon fibre bodywork

Check out the (not at all hard on the eyes) gallery of the Twin’Z below: (double click)

Also of interest is Renault’s quite extensive PDF on the project.  Click here to download.

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“rotor coil”.. they are going to use brushes in the motor?
It has a humongous amount of rear seat leg room that you know is not real..

Ugh, the 2013 Fortwo already beats the pants off this. Maybe this will fly in non-US markets, but in the US, the Fortwo (2013, not the older editions) represents a decent minimum in EV performance. 55kW and 78mph. I’m very looking forward to trying one.

no rear seat in the Smart 🙂

“81 km/hr”: I guess the first number was mph already.

Yes, good catch, the number we listed in spec breakdown is right 130kph, or 81 mph…but it incorrectly said km/hr in the article.


The ratio of how far the steering wheel is from round is also the exact ratio of how far away a concept car is from production. ^_^

Painful 2D Graphics / colors are the only distinguishing feature separating it from a basic, and very uninspiring econo-box.

Yes, hard to make a supermini look like a Cadillac