Renault Confirms Battery Purchase Program Coming Soon


Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE

Renault ZOE celebrating with colleagues in Palace of Versailles

Renault ZOE celebrating with colleagues in Palace of Versailles

Finally, Renault has decided to take our advice by offering battery purchase alongside its current battery rental program.

7 months ago, we wrote:

“Our prediction is that slowly but surely Renault will abandon the battery rental program in favor of outright selling its EVs.  The automaker’s dwindling EV sales will convince it to make the switch.”

“As nearly all of of our commenters have mentioned, this battery rental idea is what’s holding Renault back.  Look for it to change soon.”

Well, the battery rental program may not be on its way out, but at least Renault has listened to us and will soon add an outright battery purchase options to its EVs.

Oddly, our prediction that battery purchase was coming soon was shot down and we were even boldly called out at the time for being wrong.  However, we knew from our sources that Renault was heading in the battery purchase direction, so it looks like we get the last laugh this time around.

Word of Renault’s change of heart comes from Ken Ramirez, Managing Director at Renault UK who told SpeakEV forum member Qdos that Renault is in the process of advising dealers on how the new battery purchase program will work.  Renault tells Transport Evolved that a formal press release is coming soon.

Here’s what Qdos posted on SpeakEV:

I wrote to Ken Ramirez at Renault UK about his announcement that Zoe battery’s are going to be an optional purchase.

This afternoon his office rang to confirm it, and are just saying “watch this space” as they’re in the process of advising dealerships of the new options and tariffs.

I hope to find out more tomorrow as I couldn’t spare the time on the telephone today – and they said they’d like to know more about my antcipated usage and impressions of both Renault and the car.

Be sure to keep on eye on the SpeakEV forum for the latest info on Renault’s battery purchase program and just as soon as that official press release comes over the newswire we’ll post all the details here.

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Ah, those French can be stubborn… 😉

Free electric cars by oppressive contracts! They make us believe that the politicians and the manufacturers are in favor of the development of electric cars, the reality, they make you sign oppressive contracts on the batteries (Renault Twizy) which don’t make it convenient to purchase for the customer, any savings on non-use of fuel is deleted, and the most striking thing is that you also return the vehicle in the event that if I did not want to hire more batteries! To keep you tied up and get you to spend a life, do not allow the purchase of batteries but just hire a life and other terms that you will find described in the petition!!! Or you make them overpay thus ensuring long life pollution, the use of oil, to the sale of motor vehicles heat. Gentlemen, it is time to send them to dig the earth! I just signed this petition: you join me? Read, sign and all your email, sign in and have it enabled many people as possible! THANK YOU ALL! petition Ils nous font croire que les politiciens et les fabricants sont en faveur du développement des voitures électriques, la réalité, c’est qu’ils vous… Read more »

Does this affect the whole Renault EV range?
Twizy Zoe and Kangoo?

Battery rental is a dead end. First we care much more of a battery we own, and second, with rental we are dependent of the prices fluctuations.

Battery rental may be ok but forced battery rental is not. Customers must have the choice.

Agreed. Optional ability to purchase the battery pack {if priced reasonably} is OK, mandatory rental only and I wouldn’t even consider looking at the car.

About time. Also they need to give their dealers some serious education, at least in the UK. There’s been a number of occasions where Zoe’s have been bricked because the dealer has failed to plug them in. Although to be fair at least one of those anecdotes is from a dealer that didn’t ask for a Zoe.

I recently saw a dedicated Zoe advert on the TV, so maybe Renault are now going to make some effort. I don’t think I’ve seen a single one on the road, but it looks so much like the Clio that it’s hard to tell, I always do try to check when safe to do so.

Ah and what about a new battery with higher density? Might be too soon..

Leasing or Buying ?

Here’s a story from Sweden:

“My dealer told me the (Zoe) battery is €12.000, but of course it won’t be that much by the time it needs replacing.” says a woman from Sweden who bought a Zoe.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, Nissan says a new Leaf battery will cost just $5500 or about 1/3 the price of a EU 12.000 or ($15,000 U.S.equivalent) Zoe battery.

The Fluence ZE battery swap idea blew up in the face of Renult. Then, sales for the cute little Twizzy NEV with no factory windows tailed off, and now it appears people don’t want to pay exorbitant lease rates for batteries in the case of the Zoe.

The Zoe is a cute little car.

Hey Renault, “Let My People Go !!”

The Leaf battery costs nowhere close to $5500, and Nissan has never said so.

Bear in mind that the Zoe outsells the leaf 3:1 in europes biggest ev market – france but sells few in Norway where the battery is sold outright.