Renault Confirms $8,000 Electric Car To Be Sold In China Soon


A Typical Low-Cost, China-Only Electric Car - The Roewe E50

A Typical Low-Cost, China-Only Electric Car – The Roewe E50

Renault has officially confirmed, via a spokesman for the automaker, that it’s working on a budget-friendly electric car for release in China.

Renault Logo

Renault Logo

How budget-friendly, you ask? How does $8,000 USD sound?

The goal is to develop one of the world’s cheapest electric cars that’s still highway capable. The car won’t be sold outside of China and no specific production date has been set as of yet, but Renault seems dead set on getting this very affordable EV out there.

The spokesman stated:

“Renault is using its extensive EV know-how to develop an inexpensive electric model aimed at the rapidly expanding Chinese sector.”

“We are at a turning point where EVs are becoming a viable option to more and more drivers. If we get it right, this could improve the quality of daily life for billions of people.”

If Renault gets it right, then theoretically the sky is just about the limit in terms of sales in China were growth in the EV segment has been nothing short of amazing (from hardly any sales in 2011 to over 300,000 logged this year through November).

Renault-Nissan CEO Carls Ghosn added:

“Studies show EVs will account for two-thirds of all cars on the road by 2030 in the most densely populated, high income cities. The rapidly declining cost of batteries, improving driving range and an expanding charging infrastructure are all factors.”

Source: Autocar

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It’ll be an NEV, like the Twizy.

Yes a tiny heavy quad bike that will reignite the milkfloat image of BEVs 🙁

But sure something like a Twizy would fetch for far less than $8000 in China.

Read the article. “cheapest electric car that’s still highway capable.”

8000 $ after incentices I think, how much are the incentives also 8000 $?
But sounds great, the low cost EVs are growing rapidly in China like the cheap electric scooters, there are millions on the road in China.

China needs to go all evs like about 5 years ago, also ng, nuclear and alternatives, anything but coal, for power generation.
Soon their air will be killing people not just taking years off their lives as it currently is.

BTW: “Their air” is everyones air on this planet!

What is the difference between killing and taking years of your life? I don’t think Chinese Smog will effect you in a very specific way, so that the bus runs you over 10 years too early. Therefore taking 10 years from you.

It either kills you(at least has played a part in your killing), or not. There is no taking life away, but not killing.

Perhaps most people are not aware of the sort of incident I am talking about”

$8000 sounds impressive to western ears, but cheap gascars in China are $2500-3000. Make a car small and light enough and $2000 of batteries can deliver usable range.

Clearly safety is not a factor. S***box w wheels batteries and a steering wheel.


Is safety a factor on a motorcycle?

I think you have a good point, DDW. A small car with decent crumple zones but only 1 or 2 airbags could be built very inexpensively in China. 15 kWh pack for the base model, 25 for the “luxe” version, mild pack management system to keep the price low and you end up with a car that seats 2 adults and 2 kids fairly comfortably and it won’t be a complete death trap. 60 to 100 miles of AER in the warmer months (depending on whether you get the base or the upgraded pack) and you have a decent commuter car.

Just the cost of the 15kWh battery pack already places it above that budget!

“EVs will account for two-thirds of all cars on the road by 2030”.

The first CEO of a legacy OEM to publicly imply that we will past the S-curve in EV-sales by 2030.


Do You even know how to read?

It’s very specific statement about (largeish) market in prosperous Chinese cities.

How did You ended up reading it that blanket statement is beyound me.

* OK if You “just” extrapolated then NO. China is NOT like rest of the world, nor majority of the world. Most of those cars in China wont sell in EU/USA (nor Africa, nor India, nor…). China push for EVs well beyond what even Norway do. China for example holds car numbers plates lotteries. No, plates, no driving. EVs are excepted. Etc. Hence China is the only country that make owning ICE impossible and EV doable. (Others just sweeten the deal on EVs)

“2/3rds of all cars on the road by 2030” is absurd. We wouldn’t hit that even if we banned all ICE car production starting tomorrow..

That said, Ghosn was talking about global cities, not just Chinese ones. It’s this study:

It will be a very small car like iMiev although with a somewhat higher range. May be $8,000 is a price after subsidy. Otherwise, it will be only a low speed EV with a lead battery.

Low Speed EVs are a big seller with sales clocking 688,000 units in 2015. It was just 23,000 units 20009.—forecasts-to-2020-with-the-market-set-to-grow-at-a-staggering-762—research-and-markets-300319890.html


Batteries not included.

Maybe a long extension cord.

Not a LSEV. The article says highway capable. Besides, $8k is way too much for a mass-produced LSEV (even in the US).

60 mph in a small car takes 10 kW. This isn’t a cost breakthrough, just a small, bare-bones EV.

I envision a lower range version of something like this (23 kWh/125 kph for $11k):

95 inch wheelbase, 148 inches long, 60 inches tall, 63 inches wide, 2600 lbs, 77 hp, but only 110 mile range on a 23 kwh battery. $11,000.

The problem is, that way undercuts list prices on America’s short-range EVs but not the actual street prices right now.

Chinese Twizzy with different exterior.

Here is the $ 5,000. 24 HP Clone Car offering, coming out in the next few months in China, that Renault is going to have to compete with, on their $8K EV.

Zotye Auto is a contender among Chinese electric cars. The Zhima E30 will be among the cheapest EV cars on the Chinese market. It is essentially a city car, but with an 80 km/h top speed/150km range. It is a highway capable car as well. The limited range however, will keep most E30’s running around the city, where the young adult target market for this car can mess around with the Tesla-sized touch screen. Credit Forbes.

This article has pics of a E30 in the wild. The prices quoted are much higher than $5000.

An EV in the U.S. for $20,000 would be $10,000 in California with tax credits. That makes an alternative for late model used cars.

Reminds me of a comment on EVcast, some years back, about the ZENN, which was a tiny NEV (Neighborhood Electric Venicle): “It’s… not a car.”

I have no doubt that something like the Twizy, but even less safe, can be successfully made and sold in China. But anyone who would actually drive such a thing at highway speeds, would quite literally be taking their life in their hands.

Does China have any safety requirements for cars? Maybe they do, I dunno. But certainly nothing approaching the safety standards of first-world countries!

It would still be safer than a motorbike and there are plenty of them on the roads in China.

Portapotty, four wheels, and a 10 kWh pack is unsafe at any speed.


You can buy a Kandi in China now for $6,317.

Or rent it for $3.25/hr or $130/mo (which includes insurance/maintenance/electricity.

Don’t ask questions about safety with these cheap cars, but great that they are going to be Electric.

I don’t think I’d buy any car that is $8000 when *new*.

No Elio for you, then?

LOL no I don’t think so. Besides, at their current rate of progress… I’m pretty sure there will be no Elio for anyone anytime soon. 😛

If they can make it for China why not the whole world?

Details like crash tests and buyers demanding a higher quality level, better ride etc?

Or maybe simply that they need years to ramp up to a level where EVs start to truly matter commercially. Right now they matter mainly because it seems they will matter a lot in the future. And China is by far the most important market for decades ahead. Currently Chinese companies offering worse but much cheaper EVs are beating Nissan, which tried to sell the 30 kWh LEAF (Venucia e30) and found it’s much too expensive.

Or a combo.

Or something else. 😀

But rest assured there are logical reasons! It’s not a conspiracy designed to about you personally.

They should bring it to the US! At five hundred bucks after incentives, it’d exactly match the cost of a Tesla toy car, but surely best its 6 mph top speed and unknown but severely limited range!

Best comment 🙂

You’re assuming it will have at least 16kwh…

Indian pries