Renault Celebrates Delivery of First Zoe Electric Vehicle



Delivery of the first Renault Zoe, a vehicle the automaker describes as broadly affordable, has finally taken place.

Though delayed on a few occasions, Arnaud Montebourg, France’s Minister of Industrial Recovery, was handed the keys to his own personal Renault Zoe just a couple of days ago.

Carlos Tavares, chief operating officer of the Renault group, personally forked over the keys to Montebourg and then issued this statement:

This handsome rump will draw attention, too.

 “The first Zoe delivery is a vital step in Renault’s electric vehicle offensive, aimed at making zero-emission mobility affordable for the greatest number. The commitment of the government and Mr. Montebourg, as confirmed today, is a decisive advantage for making France a robust cornerstone of electric vehicle development and serves to reinforce Renault’s position as a French champion on the international stage.”

The general public—only in the UK and France—will have a chance to purchase the Zoe starting in Spring of 2013.

Dressed in black, the Renault Zoe looks mean.

Why mention the Renault Zoe when there’s no chance it’ll be available in the US?  Well, on paper, the Zoe seems to be the perfect electric vehicle and here’s why: The four-door Zoe measures in at 161 inches long. Its compact dimensions, hatchback body style and low price (approximately equivalent to $20,000 US dollars after incentives) should convince naysayers that electric vehicles are ready for primetime.

If that’s not ample proof that the Zoe is a standout, then consider that it’s powered by an 80-horsepower electric motor that cranks out 164 pound-feet of torque.  Zoe zips  to 60 miles per hour in eight seconds, tops out at 84 mph and boasts a range of up to 99 miles on a single charge. It’s quick-charge capable, too.

Drooling yet?  What’s it going to take to convince Nissan (Renault’s partner in crime) that a version of the Zoe should be the automaker’s next electric vehicle offered stateside?  Shall we try?

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I have reservation #172 in the UK and I can’t wait for delivery (though it probably won’t be until at least March)!

Don’t forget the 43 kW “Chamelieon” on-board charger that can use Europe’s inexpensive and plentiful 3-phase 32 A and 64 A outlets. This significantly increases EV useability.