Renault Celebrates 100,000th Electric Motor Produced In Cléon


Renault produced its 100,000th electric motor at its Cléon plant in France.

The French manufacturer has not always been using its own powertrains, as several years ago company started with powertrains supplied by Continental.

Renault ZOE R110

“Last month, our team at the Cléon production plant reached a significant milestone: they produced the 100,000th electric engine! Bravo! 👏”

Now, Renault not only produces several types of electric motors for its own cars, but also for smart electric cars.

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The latest electric powertrain developed by Renault is the R110 – 80 kW unit for ZOE, with integrated 3-phase 22 kW charging capability.

The new motor and ZOE equipped with R110 motors was shown in March in Geneva.

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What about making bateries? Two years waiting for rented batery replacement. Now 60% SOH and Overlease and Renault say there is no batery for my Fluence ze.
I pay the bill every month but Renault and Overlease dont follow contract conditions at all.

Antonio, that’s really sad. But you have a contract with renault about batteries? you pay monthly and they will replace it when it goes bad, right?

Yes, i’ve got a contract with Renault (Overlease RCI Banq is the Renault finance group), 92€/month for six years since 2013.
And NO, THEY DONT WANT TO REPLACE MY BATTERY!! althoug they must by contract. The limit was 75%SOH to replace. My battery was 74%SOH 2 years ago. Six times gone to the ZE renault house for several weeks every time and they only say that there is no batteries!!
I only need 1 minute to see the SOH with my ODB and Fluence spy and they spend two weeks to tell me the same, and never in paper because they say the battery is from Overlease and i dont have the right to recive the State Of Health in paper.
In you can see a lot of Fluence ze with the same isue and Renault/Overlease always say the same, still there is no batteries and we dont know when will be.
So, please dont buy Renault ZE, as they dont follow the law and contract conditions in battery rent.
Sad, very sad while they are making new batteries with 33kwh in Korea for samsumg sm3 ze, that Overlease rent in Korea, but they dont want to supply to rent in Europe (Spain).