Renault Asks “Would You Like A Zoe Convertible?” Mais Oui!


The Renault Zoe is currently enjoying some brisk sales in Europe, as the 130 mile EV (NEDC standard – think 90 miles if rated in the US) is on sale in the UK from £13,995 and €13,700 ($17,500 USD) in France + battery rental.  In fact, the Zoe makes up 3 of every 4 electric car sales in France today.

The Zoe's Chameleon Charging System Is The Hottest Thing Going

The Zoe’s Chameleon Charging System Is The Hottest Thing Going

Now, on the company’s Facebook page, Renault is asking consumers if they want to see the car made into a convertible by featuring a concept rendering of what the project might look like.

Judging by the reaction to original Zoe on the road now, and the French automaker’s Facebook page comments today, we would say the answer is a resounding “oui” …and we can’t say we disagree.

In regular trim, the Zoe also features a variable Chameleon charger that adapts to the amount of power than can be drawn (from 3 kW to 43 kW) from the outlet.

To tell Renault yourself what you think of Zoe in cabriolet trim, check out their Zero Emission Facebook page here.

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5 responses to "Renault Asks “Would You Like A Zoe Convertible?” Mais Oui!"
  1. Bennyd says:

    I’d love to see it imported to the US/CA!

  2. kdawg says:

    How much does having the top down reduce the range?

    One thing that is nice about the top down, or all the windows open, is you can really *hear* how quiet the EV you are driving is (if that makes sense).

  3. Spec says:

    Oh . . . I SO want that car. Damn it. When will someone make a convertible EV. I know the aerodynamics will suck, I want one.

  4. zilm says:

    Good point is that there are no any EV cabrio at all

    1. Gwido says:

      The smart ED is available in convertible form.