Renault And Carasso Motors to Maintain The 900 EVs Sold By Better Place In Israel

NOV 30 2013 BY MARK KANE 2

The situationĀ  for former Better Place customers is becoming clearer in Israel, where Renault Fluence Z.E. owners will now have to pay charging bills to Israel Electric Corp if they still want use home charging points and, more recently, the Lod District Court ruled that Renault and importer Carasso Motors will provide maintenance services to approximately 900 electric cars sold by Better Place before it went bankrupt.

Better Place Founder Shai Agassi Was "Removed" As CEO Of Better Place 8 Months Ago

Maybe Better Place Founder Shai Agassi will buy one Fluence Z.E. in remembrance

Additionally, Carasso Motors will buy from Better Place’s liquidators 359 unsold Renault Fluence Z.E. cars for spare parts and try to sell them if they pass “roadworthy tests“.

“Better Place’s special managers will be paid NIS 5.9 million for the assets purchased.”

5.9 million shackles for 359 cars? How much it would it be in dollars? About $1.68 million or $4,700 per vehicle. A great price, even if this doesn’t include the battery packs.

Carasso Motors CEO Itzik Weitz said:

“In the absence of a solution for Better Place’s customers, the company has agreed to help provide a solution for the distress of the electric cars’ owners, and to ensure the maintenance of Renault Fluence ZE cars. We will keep our policy of providing high-quality services to our customers, whether the cars have gasoline, diesel, or electric engines.”

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Many believe that Carasso “conspired” with Renault to prevent the sale of these cars in Europe. Renault claims the cars are damaged and CANNOT be sold, at least not in Europe. It might be odd to read that they will be sold in Israel, were it not that Israel is often a dumping ground for inferior goods. The cars were sold WITH the battery packs. Carasso’s benevolence is a joke. They are the Renault importer in Israel and Renault has an obligation to provide service and support for it’s cars, in Israel too, so Carasso was always going to be involved, there was no escaping.

Yoni, there is no reason for European buyers to prefer the Fluence ZE over the Leaf or the Zoe.

The Israeli side cannot really complain. A major world car maker designed and mass-produced a new model just for them, and they failed to deliver a market for it. Renault is lucky it didn’t actually produce 100,000 pieces, the size of Agassi’s arrogant “order” from them.

Cars that have been in storage or transit for over a year cannot be sold for a good price anyway. And Israel is the only place (except maybe Denmark) where some swapping stations will still be operating, which was the main purpose for which the Fluence ZE was designed in the first place.

In short, the best course of action is for these remaining ZEs to stay in Israel.

Smart customers can get a good price from Carasso for them, and drive one of the cheapest new cars you can find in Israel. And hopefully, the future experience of these 1000-plus users (and the handful of other EVs that somehow make it to Israel) can slowly repair the terrible damage Better Place had done to the EV cause in Israeli public opinion.