Renault # 1 In All-Electric Car Sales For Europe In 2015


Renault ZOE sales – December 2015

Renault ZOE sales – December 2015

Renault ZOE, the best-selling full-electric car in Europe in 2015

Renault ZOE, the best-selling full-electric car in Europe in 2015

Renault is now the European leader in all-electric car sales.

In 2015, the French company scored the most BEV sales:

  • as a brand (Renault)
  • in model rank (ZOE)
  • in the light commercial vehicles category (Kangoo Z.E.)

97,687 all-electric cars were registered in 2015 in Europe (47.8% up year-over-year), which is 0.61% of all registrations (compared to 0.45% in 2014).

Renault noted 23,086 electric car registrations in Europe (around 97% of all its BEV sales – see report on Renault sales), which translates to the largest market share at 23.6% excluding Twizy (25.2% including Twizy).

About one out of every five all-electric cars sold in Europe had a Renault badge.

Renault Kangoo Z.E.

Renault Kangoo Z.E.

Renault ZOE found ground behind this success thanks to 18,453 new registrations in 2015 (Europe) – with market share among BEVs at 19.2% (compared to 17.0% in 2014).

2015 is also the first year when the Nissan LEAF was dethroned by another all-electric model.

“It performed particularly well in France, where it recorded a 48.1% market share (versus 41.2% in 2014) and 10 670 units sold, thanks to the “superbonus” incentive set up by the French government in April 2015. More than half of ZOE sales in France benefitted from that incentive.”

Also, Renault Kangoo Z.E. has something to brag about as 4,325 were sold in 2015 – taking 42.6% of its LCV category (all-electric).

Renault doesn’t stop there and notes the highest sales result of any automaker during the period of 2010-2015:

“Renault has sold the most EVs between 2010 -the year the first EV was launched in Europe, and 2015, with a record of 62,228 units sold. Since its launch, 16,331 units of Renault Twizy were sold.”

Renault BEVs sales – December 2015

Renault BEVs sales – December 2015

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“2015 is also the first year when the Nissan LEAF was dethroned by another all-electric model.”

Thanks to cross shareholdings it basically doesn’t matter. The Nissan-Renault alliance is basically one company:

“Renault currently has a 43.4 percent (fully voting) stake in Nissan, and Nissan holds a 15 percent (non-voting) stake in Renault effectively giving Renault control.”

From a customer standpoint, we won’t noticed it if you don’t already know they are in an alliance. They do have separate retailers. They don’t collaborate at sales level. It’s like two separated brand.

Local dealer here has Renault-Dacia-Nissan all in one hand.

Think if the 30 kWh Leaf would has arrived early it would be 1 (like in Jan. – Okt.). First sales January 2016 in Norway, France and UK are very promising for Leaf although their were some problems with TCU around 1000 LEAFs. Renault-Nissan will pass 300.000 EV sales this month!

the sad part of ZOE that it costs 50% more then Clio and that’s without battery price

In what country ? The french zoe is around 17k€ after national bev rebate. Its the same price for the clio if you equip it accordingly. Its true thoug that for This price you still have to lease the battery.

thanks for info, I looked into UK prices, yes My mistake I didnt looked what is offered in base config. How big is french rebate, which shouldn’t be used when comapring prices? My point is often battery prices are named as reason why EVs are expensive, but clearly it’s not the only big reason…

Before you conclude that, compare it to a Clio with the same options. If you buy a TDI Clio with the same trim level, the price will be comparable.

heh well TDI cost more. I would like to compare same other details, but gasoline and manual transmission :). Just to be clear I don’t have intention tu buy now EV, just want to know how true is myth that EV drive is relative cheap and mostly it’s battery that cost a lot, with ZOE sold without battery easier to get data for comparison…