Renault #1 In Europe In 2014, 68,400 Electric Cars Sold So Far


For 2014, Renault once again captured the title of Europe’s #1 seller of electric cars.

Via Tweet, Renault confirms that it has now sold 68,400 electric cars in Europe.

Renault’s electric car offerings include ZOE, Twizy, Kangoo Z.E. and Fluence Z.E. (out of production).

The biggest seller in that lineup is ZOE, but the electric Twizy quadricycle is more widely available around the globe.

Trailing Renault is Mitsubishi and then Nissan in terms of total plug-in electric vehicle sales in Europe in 2014.

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This doesn’t add up, the EV-Sales blog has the worldwide 2014 total for Renault at 18,338. Even adding Leaf numbers doesn’t get anywhere close to this claimed number.

The only thing that seems close to possible is that the 68,400 is the total number they have sold over the years.

The numbers do not add up even considering cumulative sales. The Zoe has sold about 20k globally, the Kangoo ZE about 17,000, the Twizy over 10k and the Fluence less than 5k.

Are they talking about the 60k all-electric cars sold in Europe in 2014 + electric vans?

+1 to both.

Renault might be #1 in Europe for 2014, if one only counts BEVs. Jose has the Mitsu Outlander close to 20k units, and then the 3 flavors of the MiEV for another 1.5-2k.

Nissan too, with the Leaf and eNV-200, seems to run neck-and-neck with Renault, but only if you count the Twizy which is more an NEV (in European legalese, ‘heavy quadricycle’), than a fully-functional BEV.

Excluding the Twizy, Nissan sold more BEVs in Europe last year than Renault.


Sorry, forgot to emphasize that according to Jose’s not-quite-yet-final tally, the manufacturer ranking in Europe 2014 are:

1. Mitsubishi ~22k EVs (including re-badged MiEVs)
2-3. Nissan and Renault, each with some ~17.5k BEVs

If you exclude >2k Twizy’s, Nissan beat Renault.

68,400 EVs sold in Europe during 2014 sounds way too high. I wish that was true.

Read the Headline: “In Europe So Far” is mentioned there. So far means over all the years. Compare that to Volkswagen or BMW Sales on Europe so Far.


I checked Renault’s official sales figures here:

Zoe: 20,265
Kangoo ZE: 16,794
Twizy: 14,536
Fluence ZE: 3,940

Total: 55,535 global sales

The mystery continues, it doesn’t add up to 68,400 units.

So Far a big mystery, yes ๐Ÿ™‚
Thanks for the link.

The headline from insideevs says “so far” the twitter message just says “market in 2014”.

Eric probably wrote “so far” because it’s nowhere near 2014 sales.

When the article was first published the headline said “sold in 2014”.

68,400 is the total market in Europe incl Twizy sales.

No it’s not.

Sorry. Yes it is ๐Ÿ™‚

68 000 was the total number of BEVs sold in Europe in 2014. Not only Renualts though ๐Ÿ˜›

well Done !

Nissan / Renault should advertise more how they save the planet and the air.
They should have a dig at fuel cells which are inefficient and a energy waster!
(That’s you Toyota and friend Honda.)