Redesigned, 2nd Gen 2016 Chevrolet Volt To Debut Next Year

MAR 7 2014 BY JAY COLE 90

Its the news Chevrolet Volt aficionados have been waiting for.

Current 2014 Chevrolet Volt

Current 2014 Chevrolet Volt

According to Edmunds, the 2nd generation Volt will debut next year for a launch as a 2016 model.

As part of a platform upgrade that will affect other cars on GM’s Delta (D2XX/D2UX) lineup (like the new Chevy Cruze and Equinox), the 2016 Volt will be redesigned but adhere to an “evolutionary styling change.”

“It  is different, but not drastically different,” according to a source who didn’t want to be identified in speaking with Edmunds “Just really a bit of a styling change to it.”

Even though Edmunds refers to this change as a 2nd generation of the Volt, they note that, “It  is not known if the redesigned Volt will have a longer driving range.”

Original 2007 Chevrolet Volt Concept

Original 2007 Chevrolet Volt Concept

Previously (8 months ago) Dan Akerson said that with the 2nd generation of the Volt would come with a cost savings of $7,000 to $10,000 – pricing at the time was $39,145.  Meaning that the 2016 pricing should start no higher than $32,145 down to $29,145.

If indeed this styling change heralds the arrival of the 2nd gen Volt, we also know from Mr. Akerson that more range will be included, as the CEO said this on the topic back in August:

“The next generation, we hope to extend that [all-electric range] significantly. For something to be significant to me, I’ve got to get at least a 20-percent improvement in performance. So, if we can get it up to 50-60 miles – or more – we will, but that’s going to be another 3-4 years out. So we’ll watch evolutions.”

Either way, we are excited to see the Volt’s development progress forward.


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Does Edmunds quote a source?

Untold in this article is what then CEO Akerson also said at that time, which was that a 2nd-gen Volt would ride on a proprietary platform. This, in the face of all speculation which placed it on gen 2 Cruze’s underpinnings.

Also suspect here is how GM could sell a Volt with equal, slightly better, or the quoted, “20 percent” range-improved Volt whilst still selling a gen 1 Volt-based ELR
for $80,000. Something “aint” right in Denmark, folks…

Perhaps this “leak” is some kind of probe for public reaction…

I’m not convinced – looks to me to be preliminary information not from the horse’s mouth.

This was talked about a couple years ago. The ELR would have a limited run of three years. A new ELR (with Volt 2.0 internals) will probably appear 2016 as a MY2017.

The picture you show above as the 2nd generation volt is the car we currently drive in great Britain its s called the Ampera. It has the same T battery and 1.4 petrol generator,with slight modification to cope with the extra hill in the UK. Anyway it will be moving onto the new 3 cylinder 1ltr engine in 2016. It will not share its platform with the cruze as some have reported the cruze as with Buick runs on the European platform that undrpins the Vauxhall astra and cascarda convertible The volt or Ampera runs on a very different platform so that it can accommodate the unique battery configuration. We in Europe had the Chevy cruze you drive forabout 2 years before you got it it was a Korean car and still is however we got the sw and 5 door hatchback versions as well. That said the Ampera is much nicer to look at than the volt the volt looks a little cheap but with the European styling you getting as in the picture above it will look nicer we also have some nice black leather seats with white or red leather inserts they life the interior a lot.… Read more »

Just as a random note on the picture.

It isn’t representational of the next gen Volt. It is actually the Z-Spec concept that GM showed off at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas on November 2nd of 2010

It will come out jest in time for it to deal with a 150 mile Nissan Leaf and a 200 mile Tesla with supercharging for the same price. But it least it’s better then Toyota.

I fully expect Toyota to have a better plug-in Prius by that time as well.. But yes, I’m sure the Volt will still be superior.

Toyota is (erroneously) sold on Hydrogen technology for their future so I don’t expect to see them do much with the Plug-in Prius… It was more a regulatory scam vehicle than anything else…

C’mon GM . . . built a Voltec based SUV, mini-van, pick-up, sedan, etc.

If the platform includes the Equinox, then it wouldn’t be hard to see a plugin Equinox be offered in the similar time frame especially since Outlander PHEV is expected to arrive at the same time…

“According to industry sources”…. and,

“…according to a source who asked not to be identified”…

This from the article on their website. Not exactly dead-trustworthy stuff. We who are big fans of the Volt are thirsty travelers in the desert, so ANY Volt news is good news for sure.

Here – though, is no guarantee of something good, or even AS GOOD as what exists today. The end of Edmund’s piece says now might be a great time to buy a price-reduced Volt. I tend to agree. If Akerson’s quotes about lower MSRP are spot-on, we may see a very deconted 2nd version – perhaps even a hybrid. At best, no new all-aluminum range-extender, most likely the same-ole, same-ole EcoTec 1.4 with cast-iron block. Also – why if this is truly big news – couldn’t this source at least be identified as someone employed by GM? Also – no word on 5 seats or the same T-pack with seating for 4?

It does fit with the all the timelines though.

Also of interest to give us every reason to expect the 2016 MY Volt will have the full generation update treatment is that DoE documentation/disclosures in regards to the partially gov’t funded LG Chem plant in Michigan that makes the Volt’s cells, runs all the way up until June of 2015…then it goes into ‘trade secret-not for public disclosure’ mode.

Oh to dream – to dream the un-dreamable dream! 🙂

Rumor mill is definitely on this one thought. Been Googling and some GM fansites are now quoting “Chevy sources” – but also copying your and Edmund’s words exactly…

GMAuthority is also saying sources are saying GM is readying a 200 mile EV for $29,000. Where have we heard THAT before? LOL.

But – great observation about the DoE disclosures though. And, GM has to balance out their gas-hog SUVs and Gigantic trucks with efficient cars for C.A.F.E., esp. assuming the upcoming stricter mandates will survive political changes in Washington.

GM killed the Silverado Hybrid for 2014, which is the vehicle I was looking at. They probably quoted dismal sales, but it was only available to fleet customers, in the crew cab, and only could go 1 mile on electric. It really needed to go at least 25 miles. If you put a removable battery pack in half the bed, it basically could get you around a farm, or to town and back. And you could get -most- of your errands done on electric. I am guessing in 90% of the truck 90% of the time truck beds are mostly empty.

Interesting LG Chem info Jay.
This is great news that there will even BE a 2nd gen Volt….James and I were beginning to wonder.

Would be primarily Mary Barra’s decision, I’d think. But I don’t think she’d do anything to harm the volt, after all, Waggoner already made one big mistake.

And the main reason a Prius exists is Toyota
THOUGHT GM was going to be electrifying vehicles but it was just more of the old GM’s dog and pony show that they had been doing with electrics since the late 1940’s.

Bob Lutz commented on Japanese / English misinterpretation, as with a bolt supplier. GM said they would accept 3 mistakes per 10,000 bolts.

The Japanese company fulfilled the order with a letter attached. “We don’t understand American Business Practices, but here are the 10,000 good Bolts you want, and in this separate bag are 3 defective ones.”

I hadn’t heard that story before, thanks for sharing it. It was good for a chuckle.

That is hilarious actually…and a little sad at the same time upon second thought regarding our (US) expectations and tolerances. Great post…thanks!

While that is a good point. It will be more interesting, from a consumer perspective, what will happen to the price of the batteries after Tesla builds it’s battery plant.

GM was really hoping for a “new” battery for 2016 models, that was better. I have seen several promising techs, but I don’t know if any of them have panned out or scaled.

The are supposedly working on a 1.0l engine, to fit in the volt, so probably a smaller engine, which may leave more room for battery and at least reduce the weight.

And boom goes the dynamite.

I don’t think the Volt really needs 20% more range, but it shouldn’t go down any, either. I guess what I’d want to see is an 18kWh battery, an inch more rear seat leg room, a little more head room, and, most importantly, five seats. Although, for me it’s academic since I already have a Volt.

You actually missed the only reason I don’t have a Volt in my drive way – the tiny trunk. 10 cubic feet is not enough for a family of four to go on a week’s vacation.

@Brian You actually missed the only reason I don’t have a F150 in my drive way – the lack of a trunk. 15 mpg and no place to put luggage for a family of four without getting rained on during a week’s vacation.

So don’t get a Volt like I didn’t get a F150. The Ford F150 has the highest sales in the US. It doesn’t make it a nonviable vehicle because it doesn’t meet all of my personal needs for an ideal vehicle.

The same reasoning goes for those that have decided that the only reason they don’t have a Corvette in their driveway is that they can’t haul sheetrock over rough terrain.

You just need to put a trailer hitch on the Volt like I did and tow a light weight (70 lb) trailer with a couple of 50 gallon storage containers strapped in. Vacation – no problem.

One big probability here is that this perceived “leak” could be the first indication that 2016 Volt will be the same car with Ampera body panels. If this, indeed is true – Jay scored with the 2011 S.E.M.A. rendering, as I always thought they should put the Ampera hatch on the Volt as a design refresh for 2014 – just when the design was appearing a bit tired since it’s been out so long. I don’t like the Ampera nose, but always thought the tail with a Chevy bowtie on the chrome strip, like the Z-Spec would be fantastic. Read between the lines and you can imagine the refresh will mainly be superficial. With sales already down from 2013 even with the major price reductions, it definitely seems they should try something to boost sales. 2016 seems too early for a major overhaul – all things considered. What do you think? If Volt truly is the Corvair Story Part Deux, GM did give Corvair a fresh new body for it’s second go-’round, even though it too lost tons of money because of Ralph Nader’s undue sensationalism about the car in his book. Gen 2 Corvair also did not sell well… Read more »

+1 on the Ampera rear, Volt front combo. They probably have ~1,000 of those bumpers someplace, already.

I say put out the 07 concept version with a true 50 mile Electric only range; and do it for 30k!

07 concept is a no

Please make the head clearance through the doorway larger. It is quite annoying, bordering on painful, to have to duck that far to get out the darn door.

Also, 1″ to 1.5″ in the front legroom and twice that in the rear seat.

A little more room in the hatch would be nice.

And a console that doesn’t take your attention off the road.

Ok, maybe not your attention, but my attention definitely gets redirected trying to find the right button to push.

And, forgive me for not mentioning more e-miles.

Yah, the center console is a complete cluster. Mixing in all those different buttons, some but not all of which are reproduced in a myriad of touch screen options, all the buttons jumbled together and lit with the same color. Luckily the CAR part of the vehicle rocks.

Which buttons functions don’t appear in the touch screen? Emergency blinker? Door Lock/unlock? Operation Mode?

They might NOT be 1 touch to destination, but you can certainly get to it within few touches on the touch screen. Your Steering wheel has the rest of them covered….

+1 Ken. I’d take same bumper, knobs and more actual buttons, to make cluster function with less finger “target shooting”. Haptic hasn’t been that reliable.

im 6 foot and have no problem getting in/out of the volt

I am 6’4″ and getting in and out of the Volt is not an issue. It never even dawned on me that there was an issue regarding the front seats. The problem is that the back seats have no leg room. And the AER is a couple miles short of optimal. And 3.3 kW charging rates are criminal. And the MSRP should be $30k in a perfect world.
Other than that the Volt is pretty cool.

If the new 2016 Volt plug-in hybrid offered 50 EV miles, along with bringing the price down to $32k, it will do even better.

And it would also raise the bar for expected plug-in hybrid EV range from other manufacturers based on price.

Bloggin, I am not certain, but from what I have been hearing on this site, $32k is about what people are paying for a Volt at the “Volt friendly” dealers.
Not getting below MSRP is happening more at the “We have exactly one Volt on our lot and it would be perfect for you!” type of Chevy dealers.
If the dealer doesn’t have a half dozen or more Volts on the lot, you aren’t going to get as good a deal. There are 8 or 9 Chevy dealers near me. Two of them have more than half the total Volt inventory. Guess which dealers are making the best deals.

Perfect timing.
My Volt lease runs out in May 2016.
Too bad there isn’t more details……
maybe they will go pure series and ditch the expensive 2 mode tranny.

Two mode also improves efficiency in EV mode at higher speed.

Unfortunately mine runs out in November ’15. Maybe I’ll have to buy a beater and drive it until I can get my hands on one.

I wanna hear the specs. The most important things are price, the electric range, and the gas-only MPG. Hopefully they’ve cost-reduced it such that its market share grows. Current electric range is fine as is but it would be nice if they were able to add a few more miles somehow. The MPG could really use a boost though . . . it is significantly below the Prius and should close that gap a bit.

You are concentrating too much on CS mode fuel economy. The Volt fleet gets around 160 MPG on the average so going series won’t have that big of an effect….especially if they bump EV range a bit.

CS mode fuel consumption is a big deal at least if it want to sell big in Europe.
A lot of new cars sold are company cars and an important factor is fuel economy on longer drives.

I modeled the effect of going pure series. It drops the driving cycle MPG only 7% WITHOUT any increase in AER. If GM wants to drop the price on the car then they should go pure series……..but they won’t. I expect minimal effort on GM’s part for gen 2.

Here’s the link to the analysis:

People, People. GM is NOT going to give the competition solid info on the Gen II’s improvements until it is on the Cusp of production. The transparency of the design process for Gen I will never be repeated.

So, sit back and enjoy the surprise.

I can’t wait for the details.

Taser, I agree that it would be unwise for GM to unveil too early, but it is hard not to wonder about what the Gen II will be like. Or for that matter, not to complain a bit about certain relatively easily remedied flaws in the current Volt and hope that they will be corrected on the 2015MY Volt.
Simple fix for one problem would be to offer a 6.6 kW charge rate upgrade for $700 or so.
The price is already being improved as many dealers are going considerably below MSRP.
The back seat legroom will probably have to wait for the Gen II, unfortunately. As will any real improvement in AER. But I do hope for the 2015MY Volt to get to 40 miles of EPA AER, in a perfect world.

Everyone is predicting that in 3-4 years they will have serious range. Why not just predict the thing will fly like the jetsons at that point.

Did they announce there will be dealer buy-in for the redesigned model? It doesn’t really matter what they do with the design and engineering if only half of the dealers sign up and only 10% of those that do sign up actually try to sell it.

Regardless, it is encouraging to hear they are committed the next generation and in a meaningful time-frame.

Exactly Koz, that’s number one.
GM is still in the game.
I was getting worried they would ditch the Volt. (I own one) so this is great news to me.

any way PDNFTT

Who are we not to feed?

I am tired of paying for your cars! Eliminate all federal subsidies and see how many “aficionados” you still have!

@william self: If you’re “tired of paying for your cars,” then you should really be tired of paying for the health care costs of smog/air quality-induced asthma in children, climate-caused drought emergency response funding, or other climate-enhanced extreme weather event emergency response funding, which all adds up to billions of dollars annually. Your comparatively infinitesimal contribution to climate-cleaner transportation technology is actually contributing to a reduction in all of the other comparatively massive payments “you” are making to deal with the consequences of over a century of oil-based transportation emissions, and the blood and treasure lost overseas fighting for that oil.

So, thanks for being part of the solution and contributing what probably amounts to a penny of your tax dollars that went to the subsidy that is helping launch a new electrified transition of America’s current gas-guzzling vehicle fleet that will only have an improving emissions profile as we also incentivize and transition America’s electricity grid to renewable sources of energy that make America one massive breath of fresh air for our foreign friends and foes to envy.

not to mention the $235 billion/yr cost of maintaining the 5th Fleet in the gulf to insure delivery of all that mid east oil you cars consume, as well as the related loss of life of american soldiers/sailors! If Self wants to step up and pay the true unsubsidized cost of driving his ICE vehicles, I foresee a lot of bankruptcies, business closures and walking.

William Self also completely forgot that our tax dollars subsidize the oil industry. Look, WIlly, I’m tired of paying FOR YOUR OIL!

Willy there would answer your imported oil comments with his deep-seated desire for the Keystone Pipeline. He, and others like him believe the political BS that fracked oil piped down from Canada is our Holy Grail. Problem is – WIlly there and all the politicians on the oil and gas industry take forget to inform the public of all the groundwater that is turned toxic from all that fracking. They also fail to inform the taxpayer that those temporary construction jobs are just that – temporary. Who profits from all this are oil companies – the very ones WIlly and the rest of us Americans are subsidizing with our tax dollars.

And renters are tired if the people houses getting tax breaks. And single folks are tired for the married folks getting tax breaks. Which are you?

I don’t know… Marriage penalty is pretty big too…

Why is that max ROTH IRA contribution is less than 2x the rate as a couple compared with single individual?

William I’m tired of subsidizing your cancerous oil production and wars. Eliminate all those federal subsidies and see how many “aficionados” you still have for those gas cars!


Are you equally pissed at people getting tax deduction for buying a larger house than you? For having a religion different from you? For having more kids? For having opportunity to deduct home office expense? For having deduction by xxxxxxx reasons?

The knowledge that you didn’t pay a dime for my or anyone else’s EV should rejuvenate you. My tax, my money went where the rules allowed me to spend it. No different than any other deduction, write off, or credit.

Oil prices are not far from their highs, yet gas prices are comparatively less. Your Welcome.

City pollution is marginally improved but would be significantly so if everyone drove EV’s instead of spouting FUD. Your welcome.

The amount from foreign bought oil contributing to our national trade deficit is close to 1/2 of what it was in 2008, in a small but rapidly growing part due to EV’s. Your welcome.

The possibility that any future war we may engage in in the Middle East will be in little or no part be due to oil. Your Welcome.

Perhaps it would be more appropriate to be tired of saying “Thank You” and just go buy an EV of your own before the credits run out.


I am tired of breathing your exhaust. Eliminate the exhaust from your car and then we can eliminate the tax-credit for plug-ins.

I am willing to pay for EV’s. If we can mitigate the oil imports, and use alternative fuels. We can reduce our trade deficit by 400-600B/yr. The result is an economic stimulus of the same amount.

In other words, if we -give everyone- an EV, the long-term net effect is an overwhelming economic stimulus far in excess of the initial cost of the program.

Personlly im in for next generation of volt. The range doesnt matter to me . When you concider effecent of gas generator powers the car range might shock everyone with 100 mp gallon. Combustion engines might be better suited to run generator then use as combustion to power wheels

True, Jerry. Honda’s hybrid, while we don’t like their lack of EV focus, is a marvel. 2.0 Atkinson cycle, operating a small lithium ion, in series, definitely made them first with a 50mpg, mid-size car.

I look at the original Volt prototype, then the thing they actually produced… Thr only thing they have in common, is the name. GM has been watering down the design and foot dragging from the begining.

The original prototype design would have horrible visibility for daily driving and even smaller backseats…

Both are already complains on the existing design. Imagine them to be even worse….

Who else, other than GM, uses Davis Research? I was at a focus group today, where it looked like dismay when 7 PHEV owners said “don’t decontent”. CMax, Prius and Volt were present.

Don’t decontent the cars. Except for maybe the touch sensitive buttons. They can bring back some of the normal buttons/climate control interfaces if they want.

The priorities are: 5th seat/interior room; 50+ mile range, sub-30K price tag, higher MPG on the gasoline engine, exterior styling.

Things they don’t really need to care about: faster recharging, competing with Tesla’s Model-E.

I don’t need a fifth seat, but do want more EV range and faster charging. The 15 A charger is great for overnight charging, but not so great at $2/hr 30 A public charging stations.


I think the highest priority is reducing the price. Everything is just gravy (longer electric range, 5th seat, etc.)

make it aerodynamic this time! Close the wheelwells, tail trunk. Smooth the bottom, etc.

It is already very aerodynamic.
The reason the tail of the car is always so dirty is because there is so little drag, pulling off the dirt that normally would be.

You could try to argue covering the wheels, but they are fairly aerodynamic and they also have aero wheels (labeled sport) available that mostly do cover the wheels.

I’m a big fan of aerodynamics but when you start going too far, the stupid public rejects the styling. So I think they did a pretty good balancing act between aerodynamics and conventional styling.

I think it would be nice if someone designed a car that did both though . . . have a relatively conventional looking version but a set of aerodynamic body panels that improve the aerodynamics for those that want it optimized (enclosed rear wheel panels, more areodynamic tail option, etc.)

Not a super fan of the high door sides, but, alas, anything short of about 80miles on electric and it seems rather pointless.

It needs to steal the leaf’s thunder and one up it with the gas extended range capabilities. Anything less is just following, or trying to follow.

I would love more AER on my next Volt, but why would anyone want an EREV with more than 60 miles of AER? It is an EREV, not a BEV.
80? That makes no sense for the vast majority of drivers.
Get the AER up to 40-50 miles and you have hit the sweet spot, satisfying the needs of the vast majority of drivers.

I agree with all who said it needs better door/space design.

I decided not to buy Opel Ampera (sadly) because frequently I have to transport more people then just myself (6’1) and even my wife being 5’4 complained about getting in and out of the back. So I agree that at least the same combo should be offered in an other shape.

My wish is for a 50/50/5 combo:

50 miles AER;
50 mpg charge sustaining;
5 seats.

All for sub $30,000.

+1 for the 5 seat, it would make for a 20% extra market overnight.

The charge sustaining mpg is ok right now but if EV range can go to 60 or 70 miles it would be better.

If this 2nd Generation Volt can seat five people comfortably I would trade in my Nissan leaf for one. I hope it looks more like a family car than the ELR does. BYD is comming out with a sedan (in 2015) called the “Qin” that looks very interesting. It is a plugin Hybrid with a decent electric range (44 miles per charge) and it seats five people.

Do you trust a Chinese car? They have yet to meet any US safety standards…

By that time Volt II will have to compete with E-Golf (and Audi counterpart) and possibly Focus Energi.

Any chance the next gen Volt will ditch the ICE and go pure electric???

No, its more likely GM would build a separate purpose-built car for a pure EV. Like the rumored 200 mile range car that was discussed a few months ago.

If this news is true about the new Volt debuting in 2015, I wonder if it will be shown at the 2015 Detroit Auto show? The Tesla Model E is supposed to be there as well. Could be a show down!

My 2013 Volt has been perfect for my commute.
Costing less than $275(8300 hard city miles) for first year gas electricity and maintenance. I use just 120v with no range anxiety. Performance is much better than any “professional” review I’ve ever read.
I paid $22,900 after all incentives. $5,000 less than a coworker paid for his Prius the same time I bought my Volt.. he has told me several times he made a mistake.

Nice to see the US staying ahead. The Chevy Spark was rated best electric (over Honda and the Leaf) by Car and Driver and of course both Tesla and the Volt beat the Leaf in US sales for 2013. And Toyota?? I guess they are too busy trying to explain why they continued producing cars with known acceleration defects resulting about 100 deaths.

Concept car looked good. Current car looks like a Malibu.