Red Tesla Model X Delivery Video

DEC 20 2015 BY MARK KANE 37

Red Tesla Model X Delivery

Red Tesla Model X Delivery

Tesla Model X deliveries are beginning and we’re now starting to see more and more reports/videos.

Here is quick look video of a brand new red Tesla Model X in winter scenery.

The CUV is in Factory Mode, ready for delivery we believe.

Looks like someone is getting an amazing Christmas present, it seems.

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Utah? So have they figured out the constraints on Tesla there yet?

No, we have a service center. Sales aren’t allowed so all purchasing is done online.

Ah, thanks. Yeah I see the service center. Too bad they can’t get the sales opened up.

Oh. Dat pretty.

I agree. I’ve seen a bunch of videos and as much as this is kind of amateur, it really seemed to sell the interior.

If it was mine I wouldn’t want it out on that street with the drivers door wide open though.

The interior, again, made a jump upwards. Especially those seats, but also the trim on the doors. The next step would be including the trim in the back of the seats, but the interior has noticeably improved since the first S.

Did anyone else notice that the top of the falcon doors weren’t flush with the roof, but raised a little bit?

Yes. A worrysome flaw on an otherwise nice looking car. I wonder if much of the Model X ramp. delay was due to endurance testing of new methods of door production and alignment. They’ll be tweaking this for some time–possibly for the entire lifetime of this model.

Thought they looked fine, considering earlier prototypes everyone was needlessly freaking out over. The doors can drop a smidge lower as the rubber gaskets wear in.


If door alignment were to depend only on uncontrolled gasket backpressure, how would the door not bounce on every pothole? Hopefully patch pressure/alignment can be calibrated after production–perhaps at regularly scheduled service.

I noticed it too when it closed, a slight gap like it did not seal completely. Perhaps just newer rubber where the elasticity just needs time and use to seat properly.

I watched it carefully several times and it looks like there it is pulled flush very slowly after the initial closing. My guess is it works fine or they wouldn’t have shipped the car.

However, I would hesitate to buy this vehicle because of the rear door design. First, it precludes an opening sunroof which is something I enjoy and expect. Second, you can’t mount roof racks.

It looks good in that red.

Of the Tesla offerings, the Model S 70D looks like the best EV for the money.

But choice is good and many will prefer the X.

hitch mounts.

They must tighten up because at the opening shot of the video, the door alignment is perfect.

In the opening shot (before the doors open) when the cameraman stands behind the Model X and stands by the rear passenger-side door, it looks like both falcon wing doors are slightly raised or higher than the adjacent roof panels.

You need to look more closely. It sinks in slowly but the first shot is cut short so you can’t see it happening. Zoom in at the end of the second try/shot and you’ll see it being flush just before the video cuts.

sven said:

“Did anyone else notice that the top of the falcon doors weren’t flush with the roof, but raised a little bit?”

I presume you also saw pink elephants in that video?

Seriously, it’s hard to imagine that anyone who does not have an axe to grind against Tesla would claim there is a problem with the door alignment. The fit of the rear doors is every bit as good as the front.

Lensman, it’s time to get your eyes checked; you need a stronger prescription. Maybe then you’ll be able to see the misalignment that other commenters in this thread (including Anon) see.

You’re the biggest Tesla apologist on InsideEVs. Are you a paid Tesla shill? You constantly resort to personal-insults/name-calling, and have the gall to accuse actual EVs owners and actual PV solar system owners on this site of being paid trolls for the oil industry. Yet you do not own or drive an EV, and instead own and drive a gas guzzling ICE minivan. You also don’t own PV solar panels, and instead get your electricity from the notoriously dirty Kansas electrical grid, which is almost exclusively coal powered and the dirtiest in the nation. I own and drive an EREV, and try to drive it on electricity whenever I can even though it’s about 2X more expensive for me than using the Rex and running on gasoline.

You talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk. You’re a poseur troll. You’re pathetic. 🙁

At a quick glance, your fact needs to be corrected. Kansas grid is not the dirtiest in the nation according to Sep 2014 Union of Concerned Scientists.
And FYI before you try any personal attack. I do own a few EVs and has a PV system. 😉

Why would I attack you? But I do think you’re mistaken. The most recent report from the Union of Concerned Scientists is the Sept 2015 Report, which uses 2012 EPA power plant data. (The Sept 2014 report used 2011 EPA power plant data.) The Colorado grid cleaned up slightly and is now tied with Kansas as the dirtiest grid in the U.S..

Calm down. My question is how do you assume you know everything about him? If he is buying renewable energy or not? If he is then your assumptions are not valid at all. While you are accusing him of wrong assumptions, are you not showing the same behavior that you are accusing him of?

What I know about him is the information that he has revealed about himself in his previous comments.

Practically every day Pushmi-Pullyu calls someone (sometimes me) a fool, an idiot, or some other name, and also constantly accuses people of being paid trolls. He is insulting and obnoxious, and is trying to get commentors to cower into submission and refrain from posting an opinion/comment that he does not agree with, be it about Tesla or hydrogen fuel cells.

As an example, the first post that Pushmi-Pullyu (under his former screen name Lensman) directed at me was a crude and inflammatory insult about my wife. I had asked Lensman what was his stock position in Tesla. He responded by saying: “Gee, and when did you stop beating your wife?” At that time, my wife had just recently passed away. Needless to say, I was not amused.

Here is a link to that crude comment by Lensman aka Pushmi-Pullyu and my response to him (you may have to scroll up or down a little bit):

And FYI, Pushmi-Pullyu called a report by the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) “pro-Big-Oil B.S.” in the very same thread that he praised another report by the UCS!

I had posted this UCS link earlier in that thread, and said the UCS has calculated that the Hyundai Tuscan hydrogen FCEV emits 60% less CO2 well-to wheels than an ICE gasoline Hyundai Tuscon.

Here is a link to Pushmi-Pullyu’s comment (you may have to scroll up or down a little bit):

Here is a link to my comment that Pushmi-Pulyu was responding to:

sven said:

“Lensman, it’s time to get your eyes checked; you need a stronger prescription.”

Hmmm, I think if we took a poll, the results would indicate you are the one who needs his eyes checked!

“You’re the biggest Tesla apologist on InsideEVs.”

Oh, please. When you post cabbage like this, it’s hard to take anything you say seriously. Can you really have forgotten so soon all the criticisms I’ve leveled at Tesla’s hype? I’m not even a Tesla cheerleader, let alone the biggest Tesla enthusiast here.

sven, you need to check your anti-Tesla bias at the door.

sven said:

“…the notoriously dirty Kansas electrical grid, which is almost exclusively coal powered and the dirtiest in the nation.”

Factually incorrect. Kansas grid power is about 75% coal powered, but there are two States of the union which are 90% or more coal-powered.

“You talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk.”

How condescending of you. The fact that I don’t drive anymore doesn’t mean I’m not an EV enthusiast, nor does it mean I can’t learn a lot about EVs from others. Clearly, from the many errors in your posts, I know considerably more about them than you!

“You’re a poseur troll. You’re pathetic.”

Gee, just the other day I defended you when someone compared you to the troll “See Through”. Apparently I spoke too soon.

Damn! The first thing that came to my mind was this!

How the hell do you get a picture up, guys?

Hell, I’m just putting links to pictures on the comments. I’ll be damned if this doesn’t work!

F*!!!!*!*!*!*!!*!!*!*!*! – er

Someone, just get a picture of the Duchess of Hamillton! That’s what I’m trying to get at! That a red Model X looks like that!! fml

Hey offib,

You can just drop the link in and magical fairies will convert it to a picture (usually there is a auto-site pass every 15 mins or so).

That being said, if the picture is “huge” – ie) larger than the space available to display them (in this case 775 px wide), it will stay as a text link and not embed…because it would only show a partial of the image

…try it out, it’ll be fun, (=

Ah Ha – Ah Ha. Thanks, Jay! Wish me luck.

…it’s a Christmas miracle, (=

After all this, I don’t think I see the resemblance any more… Do you think I should change my username to FML, Jay?

hehe, your call on that one!

That’s insane car.

What’s with the dust everywhere? (right at the end of the video)

Sorry, the interior looks cool, but the exterior is still ugly, IMO!