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Tesla Model 3


Spotted in the wild! #model3

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We’ve seen black, white and blue out in the wild, but never before have we seen red.

Here’s what we believe to be the first public sighting of a red Tesla Model 3.

Out of the four colors seen thus far in the wild, which would you choose?

In keeping with the idea that the first Model 3s to be sold will be prebuilt configurations, we suspect that only a few colors will be offered initially. So, perhaps the black, blue, white and now red Model 3s will be all we see out of the gate.

The final reveal of the Model 3 in full production form will take place sometime in July. Ahead of that, a small viewing party will get an up-close look at the Model 3 on June 2 and 3.

Here’s a look at some of the other Model 3s we’ve recently seen out on the road:

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3


Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 “release candidates” have hit the road for product validation


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We don’t need more booty shots.

We need head shots.

It’s a bit hard, that thing is fast (for some reason…) and they cover them while supercharging in the wild.

Uhhh… In the picture above, it’s being unloaded from an enclosed trailer. Pretty sure it’s speed is anywhere between 0 and 1mph, hehe. πŸ˜‰


We need a production miracle so I can get my hands on one before my Volt craps out on me. (65k and not a single problem yet!) but I know cars don’t last forever…

Yer Volt will not crap out on you now, even if it was originally planning to πŸ˜‰
Are you kidding, 65k miles? It’s a baby!

Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― sven

If you get your Model 3 by Festivus, it will be a Festivus miracle!

Festivus for the resy of us!

If you didn’t drive those 65k miles in halve a year, we really don’t need a production miracle. There are enough Volts that made it past 200k and at least one that made it to 300k.

RS, I thought Erick Belmer was still at 281,700 and counting and that he has the highest milage Volt. Then I found an article from March of last year where his Volt hit 300k way back then. So I go back to Voltstats and realize Mr. Belmer’s Sparkie is at 381,700 miles…
Holy ****!
GM owes that guy some public relations credit!
No range loss reported as of last year. GM built the Volt tough!

Wow, no range loss reported after 300,000 miles on a Volt?!! That’s awesome. They really over-engineered those things it looks like.

My 2012 only has 38,000 miles on it. I’ve not kept close records over my 9 months of ownership to be able to tell if it’s still operating at 100% or close to it, but seems like it’s a good bet. I live in a mountainous area, and I like to get on the power sometimes, so I don’t expect to get the full EPA 35 mile range.

I love how this article about the Model 3 has been hijacked by talking about the Volt!

Honestly, love what Tesla has been doing to change the game, but until they get rid of that ugly front lip and that sad excuse for a sedan trunk I’m sticking with my Volt.

As if there is any resale for it anyway…

Resale values on the Volt have pretty much stabilized. My 2013 is worth about $13,500 to $14,500 and it is a base model that cost me around $25k net. So 4 years old and I still have more than 50% of the original value. That is not bad for an American sedan.
The only way you can say Volts depreciate quickly is to ignore the fact that the vast majority of Volt buyers got the tax credit in one form or another.

Every car looks better in black. It’s a proven fact that the black ones are the fastest. I guess the other colors are ok. But i’ll be configuring a black one.

Black means you’re too embarrassed to be seen in the car.
Red means “Look At Me”.

Respectfully disagree: black is a classy and timeless color. Red conveys youthfulness and spunk. Not trying to be a macho, but when a woman steps out of a red car, it’s “whoa!” Same woman steps out of a black car, it’s “meh…”

Im aware that psychology is socially variable, so feel free to disagree. πŸ˜‰

PS: How did I get from color to women??

How did I get from color to women??

With all the talk about how “sexy” a car is or isn’t — particularly with Tesla, which was formerly planning on spelling out “S ≑ X Y” with its model names* — that’s not exactly a stretch!

*I don’t think “S 3 X Y” has quite the same impact, but maybe that’s just me.

They’re trying to appeal to the haxor crowd πŸ˜‰

Red means “ticket me”.

Although red cars are always faster than their brethren of a different color, πŸ˜‰ yellow cars are the most ticketed cars according to the insurance institute. Odd that.

That’s because yellow not only show up in the daytime, but yellow really shows up at night. Red fades in the dark color spectrum at night.

Black means you have a membership to the local car wash. πŸ™‚

I have no idea where insideEVs got the idea that “only a few” colors will be offered initially. That’s absurdly silly. Other than smartphones and Model A’s, I can’t see where this idea comes from.

Until that is confirmed, I see no reason to believe the claim.

That car is beautiful in red.

Just a shame about that sedan-esque trunk lid.

That and the Dual Motor model would most likely be missing a frunk.

In the Model S there is no difference in the frunk space/configuration between RWD and AWD.

The smaller frunk to accommodate the front motor is there for the RWD version as well.

Don’t see them making manufacturing more complicated by making two frunk liners.

The RWD Model S has significantly more room in the frunk than the AWD.

Not anymore. Pre-facelift Model S did, but now they are identical.

Presuming that is true, then “Rob Stark” should have specified he was talking only about the post-facelift Model S. As it stands, his statement is factually incorrect.



Red Tesla is Strong. Orange “Tesla Pill” – TOO STRONG! I’ll take the Tesla with “wheels”, thank you very much!

Are we still waiting to see the charge port(s) on this thing? It looks like there’s one on each side, maybe Tesla and CCS? I guess these vehicles that are out testing don’t really have a need to charge anywhere but back at home base.

They have been photographed charging, in the wild, but they cover them up with a car cover.

Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― sven

Someone needs to go undercover an take some pics.

Interesting. This is the first I’ve read of someone suggesting the Model 3 may have a CCS port. Could that be why they cover the car when charging? I don’t know.

Personally, I would love to see Tesla put a CCS port on the car. If I had a CCS-capable Model 3, I would want to charge at as many public stations as possible just to support the growth of infrastructure.

CCS is bulky and Ugly. Present Tesla connector achieves the same result (AC / DC) with a much sleeker and modern looking connector. Why go backwards?

Because at some point, Tesla will want their customers to more easily take advantage of all of the government, utility, and other automakers dollars going into standardized charging infrastructure. Their existing Supercharger infrastructure is amazing, and they’re planning to expand it, but could they scale it up by a factor of 10? Because that’s how many more cars they’re planning on putting out. Even if they could go that big, they shouldn’t, it’d be a waste of resources to lock that much infrastructure to their connector when a standard has clearly emerged.

It is not going backwards to offer an extra option. The CCS is basically just the Tesla plug + 2 pins.

And CCS would open up so many more charging options being able to go to places the supercharger network don’t cover or to be able to pick the route you prefer and not kust the one assigned by Tesla.

Just buy the adapter.

(βŒβ– _β– ) Trollnonymous

There’s a CCS to Tesla adapter?

I know there’s a J1772 to Tesla but hadn’t heard yet on the CCS to Tesla.

Hope you’re right though.

Ypu really think there will be a 100+ kW adapter?

No, native CCS is the only proper way to go.

Putting two types of chargers on the car sounds like a poor/confusing choice. I can imagine one on each side of the same type, but not a different type on each side.

They’ll just offer an adapter to make it compatible with CCS, is my guess.

Two plug receptacles β‰  “two chargers”

I think most Model 3 owners who want to charge on the road would appreciate having a CCS receptacle, so they don’t have to use an adapter if and when they must fall back on a non-Tesla DC fast charger. It’s not like having the extra receptacle is going to lower the value or usefulness of the car!

In fact, going forward it may well be that CCS will become the EV charging standard. At least, I don’t see any other existing charging format that’s likely to become the true standard. So if Tesla makes a CCS plug port standard equipment on the Model 3, that would appear to be a smart and forward-looking decision.

I like Model S in red, but I think my Model 3 will be silver. Red looks a bit girly on Model 3 to me.

Let’s keep it about cars, not your personal issues.

The American political correctness got way into your head. What kind of language would you like me to use? You know that certain design characteristics are either feminine or masculine (edges vs curves or pink vs black). I hope you can still say (in the US) that a pink VW Beetle is a girly car, or is that not allowed now?

Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― sven

boris said:
“I hope you can still say (in the US) that a pink VW Beetle is a girly car, or is that not allowed now?”

It is sexist and politically incorrect to assign genders to colors. Reading your comment makes me want to hit you with my purse.

Remember to show up at a birthday party for a boy with pink presents and let us know how correct you were

Β―\_(ツ)_/Β― sven

Did I really need to put a /s sarcasm tag at the end of my comment? Β―\_(ツ)_/Β―

Not for me. I thought it was funny sven.

(βŒβ– _β– ) Trollnonymous

So did i!!

sven asked:

“Did I really need to put a /s sarcasm tag at the end of my comment?”

No. And with a comment signed “Doof”, either he really is a doofus πŸ˜‰

…or perhaps he wasn’t being serious either!

This Model 3 build quality (eg panel gaps) look better than production Model S ones. no?

Because they are assembled by hand. Wait for the cars built on the assembly line. The panel gaps and misalignments are coming.

looney — Tesla began building cars on their production assembly line Feb. 20th. Yes, they are still tuning their assembly line, but they are no longer hand building cars.

They hand built cars to crash test, and cars they used for the demo rides. But all the cars built since Feb. 20th have gone down Tesla’s same production assembly line that they will eventually use for production cars (once they make all the needed adjustments).

Nix – last month Musk said Model 3 release candidates were “almost entirely built with production tooling”. NOT on the production line. That line is still being built (ref: photos of all that equipment waiting to be unboxed, installed and tuned). Getting that line up and running is THE critical path task. It would be INSANE to let prototype production interfere one bit with that.

They build cars today on a makeshift line that’s probably “parallel” to the final line but operates at much lower speed (e.g 5-10 tasks per station vs. 1-2). GM did this with the Bolt about a year before building any cars on the final production line. And they built those cars six months before mass production. Tesla is collapsing that 18 month schedule by 50%.

Martin Welzl said:

“This Model 3 build quality (eg panel gaps) look better than production Model S ones. no?”

I wouldn’t take that as any indication. Tesla knows very well any of its Model 3’s seen “out in the wild” at this early stage will be photographed and scrutinized. My guess is that they wouldn’t allow any Model 3’s with visible panel gaps to be seen driving out in public.

But of course that’s only a guess on my part.

That seems like a bad guess given Tesla knew their Model X preproduction units would be photographed too and those had horrible panel gaps.

I’m not normally a fan of blue cars — but the Model 3 looks great in blue (and frankly in all the other colors)

I love the black but I worry about keeping it clean and it getting too hot during the summer.

Red or Blue for me. I like my cars to have color!

It’s too bad Teslas only come in rental car colors. I would have thought that for such a revolutionary car they would come up with some interesting, unique colors, but the color pallet is straight off the Enterprise lot. Like you, I like color too so I would likely go red, maybe blue.

I don’t think that even Elon Musk could invent new colours. πŸ˜€

Agreed, the colors are ordinary. I wonder what this red looks like with 2 white racing stripes down the middle of the car πŸ™‚

Brian said:

“I like my cars to have color!”

Well, I like my cars to have color!

The red one is the only one I’ve seen so far that actually has a bold color. That blue-gray is more gray than blue, so just another shade of gray in my book. Tesla, of all auto makers, certainly should sell their cars in electric blue!

Here’s one car which isn’t afraid to be blue; the EV racecar Electric Blue!

No red. Cops love to ticket red cars.

I think the gray Model S’s are the nicest looking.

Grey or Flat Black would be my choice, but given the current spied options I would probably go red.

Saw a red P85D on the highway yesterday and it looked really nice. Must be something to that multi-coat.

I was expecting to want mine in red, but that is not a great looking red. Kinda orangey compared to the deeper red of the S. Maybe it’s just the camera?

“Maybe it’s just the camera?”

That’s always the problem with looking at colors on a computer monitor. Especially colors in photos taken with a cheap (cell phone) camera… altho this particular photograph looks to me like it was taken with a real camera.

Few people have their computer monitors properly calibrated to show true colors, and even for those who do, the photograph may not have properly adjusted colors.

Same exact Red as Model S.

WHITE, the good guy always has a white horse.

“Sometimes good guys dont wear white”
-standells (60 something)

Blue all day every day.

I’m hoping for Midnight Silver… but given the current options, I think I’d go for Blue.

One car every 10 days, I look forward to the next color.

Wow. Takes my breath away. Sold.

Now all they have to release is pictures of the dozen different shades of silver and grey that seem to be so popular with car makers these days…

There definitely will be some sort of silver/grey choices.

With my current black car giving me a headache keeping it clean, I’m leaning towards red or silver. Of all the car colors I’ve owned: black x 4, red, burgundy x 2, silver, champagne, and brown, I must say silver was the easiest to maintain.

Yes silver silver silver

OMG, how did I forget my blue Volt.

I wipe my car every single day. Taking care of my car is like taking care of my body. Daily maintenance.

Silver is just super generic and ordinary and bland. Would never choose that. Not a color either.

Red is by far the best color. More color people. Stop being bland and boring. You make life boring

I’m a little disappointed in the color. Maybe it is the camera but I was hoping for a shade of red closer to what is shown on the Model 3 page, which looks very sharp:

This looks like the same red just about any car would come in.

Don’t worry. It will look better in person. You just need to put on your rose colored glasses. πŸ˜€

Agreed. That’s not the red i’m looking for, or would pay extra for. I want the red color shown in the reveal.

It is the same exact red. Changes in lighting. Red-Multicoat just like Model S.

You people are very easily deceived it seems

I’m expecting the Model 3 to come in exactly the same colors as Model S and Model X. No need to complicate or restrict colors. They come out of the same paint shop, so keep them all the same.

It is about time to cycle a couple more colors in though. The current offerings have been around for a couple years now with only the subtraction of Titanium and Solid White.

Didn’t Musk say something about matte black as a possible option on the Model 3?

Primer red, FTW.

Kdawg asked:

“Didn’t Musk say something about matte black as a possible option on the Model 3?”

It looks like a lot of people don’t know what the word “matte” means. That would mean a car with a dull, non-reflective finish.

Not gonna happen. Few if any people would buy a car with a very dull finish.

No car company offers a matte paint option besides Mercedes.

If Tesla offered matte black it would be one of the most popular choices.

There’s a reason people wrap their cars matte. Because no car company offers it

I like the silver in the first concept-driver. It’s not a shiny silver, and not a flat silver – but more of a semi-gloss (?) silver. I thought it was really classy.

In the many photographs of that car, I thought it looked like an innovative color I hadn’t seen before, it sheens, rather than reflects light off a shiny, slick surface like every other car.

Maybe most of us are tired of silver – just like the only photos of the Volt concept back in 2010 were of the silver car. I know I got tired of the silver Volt – it became kind of the ubiquitous image in your mind when you thought of the car. Once the other colors started being seen – it was a big deal!

When I got my Volt I wanted anything but silver – but now I see silver gen 1 Volts on the street and I admire them.

I dont consider silver a color. Boring to look at it. Nothing exciting

Does anybody feel the same way I do about the Model 3’s nose?

I wasn’t a huge fan of the first concepts – the character lines and platypus nose looked kind of plain to me. Then I saw a fan rendering of one of the cars journalists took a ride in – a gold one, with a Panamera-style, sleeker nose. I put that pic on my desktop I liked it so much. I saw other renderings people tweeted and shared on facebook.

After I heard Musk was responding to the many critiques of the frontal design, I was almost sure he’d choose the smooth one – but instead, he tweaked the existing one, just softening the edges but leaving the platypus nose look in place! I really don’t like it – I don’t “hate” it either, and especially since in my state there will be a license plate right there to change the whole aesthetic.

I’m sure they considered the expense of a major front design overhaul, and also the costs of re-wind tunnel testing, etc. and compromised with what we’ll get.

What do you think?

I think it has good/bad angles in photos, so I will be waiting to see it in person. If there are too many issues (plain interior and a duck face), then I’ll be looking for a used Model S instead. If everything is great but the front is unattractive, then maybe I’ll get it and hope for an aftermarket fix.

I think for the nose shape, that form should follow function. Whatever the wind tunnel says is best is what I thinks looks the sexiest.

So cover the wheels too?

I wouldn’t say I hate the design; my feelings aren’t that strong. Certainly I don’t like the style of the “shark’s nose”, not even the newer slightly softened shape.

When I first saw the design, I assumed Tesla would pretty it up by adding some sort of decoration to the flat nose. But by now it seems pretty clear Tesla has no intention of doing so.

Altho I don’t like it, that certainly wouldn’t stop me from buying the car if I was interested in doing so. I understand the purpose of that shape is to reduce drag, which allows the car to have a longer range without a larger battery pack.

There are people who think appearance is more important than function. I’m not one of them.

However, if I were to somehow wind up owning this car, I’d think seriously about seeing what was available on the aftermarket to add some sort of decoration to that all-too-plain “shark’s nose”. Nothing that would significantly alter the aerodynamics; perhaps just a flat decal would be sufficient to pretty it up.

I really don’t like the front. One of the reasons I’m not getting one right away, and didn’t put down the deposit.

Give it time. We are so used to grills, that we find the lack jarring, I think. Tesla has been weaning us, starting with the original Model S.

Camera lenses don’t show us the world as our eyes see it – wide angle lenses have a lot of barrel distortion, and long focal length lenses flatten things. Scale and proportion are hard to gauge in pictures, as well.

In a 3D world with things in motion, it is harder to fixate on myopic things.

Looks kind of like ELR. But with more plain tail lights, smaller wheels, and too many doors.

It is a long wait maybe years before one can get their hands on one of these.

Wonder why Tesla isn’t considering a 2nd GigaFactory in the east coast just for Model- 3, Atlanta, Carolinas, Detroit there are lot of people who built cars here but out of work now.