Red And Silver Tesla Model 3 Captured In HD Video

Tesla Model 3 Spy Shot


Not one, but two Tesla Model 3 EVs are captured in this HD out on the Tesla Fremont test track.

Tesla Model 3

Red or silver? Which do you prefer?

This newly released high-definition video comes to us via Model 3 Owners Club from the recent VIP event at Tesla’s Fremont factory.

Though the chain link fence somewhat obscures the view, this video provides us with one of the clearest, most high-def looks at the Model 3s on the test track.

At some points of the video, it feels as though you’re within feet of the Model 3 as it loops the track for testing purposes.

Teslarati adds:

“In the video one can see the red Model 3 testing its coil over suspension as it drives over a pair of speed bumps. The silver Model 3 is also spotted performing what appears to be a turning radius test, before taking on a slow speed test on the banked oval.”

Source: Model 3 Owners Club via Twitter

via Teslarati

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The Red one certainly has a very pronounced lip on the leading edge of the bonnet. I hope they can align that better with the final product. Normally I think these gaps are pretty consistent across all cars I see, but in this video the red car definitely looks poor quality on the bonnet.
I hope they get into production on time, and I hope they sell a tonne of basic $35k models to put all the nay sayers to rest.

The only way around you not seeing seem from hood to bumper is to have the same color rubber seal as the car color. But they always use black, so you see it, instead of the paint that you see on every gap on the car otherwise.

I’ll take silver with covfefe interior in my model 3.

Oh please just let that nonsense die.

Red or silver? Hmm… blue!

Black for me.

This is correct.


All the surveys suggest black to be the least popular… but I agree with you. I think black is by far the most attractive for this car. And I don’t normally like black cars! I personally think it has to do with the panel gapping and pronounced circles from the sensors. But beyond that, somehow the black one looks… beefier. The other colors look kind of wimpy. Likely black hides and highlights some of the lines differently.

Is that a security guard that flashed past? I guess they’re ok with people coming up to the fence, just making sure they don’t try to climb over?

Probably one of the spotters, for when the go-carts come back out.

Great views of the chain-link fence in HD!

Bingo !

For practical reasons, I’d prefer silver because it’s better at reflecting sunlight, so will act less like a solar oven when sitting under the hot summer sun. Silver is also good at hiding dirt, another practical advantage.

But for aesthetics, red stands out as one of only two real colors available in the Model 3; the other color being dark blue. The other “colors” (including silver) are merely bland shades of gray.

I wanted a different color this time around 🙂 I’ve owned 7 cars in my life. One blue, three silver/grey, two white and one red. I’ve never had a black, nor have I ever wanted one… but I guess that is “different” (in my history) and I think it looks the best on this car, so I guess that’s a sign. Still, I was hoping for something a little more unique. If the car is under my budget ($60k Canadian) then I may have room for a vinyl wrap.

Are you saying you want Black this time around?

I’ve owned 35 cars. Silver is the best color for looking clean and lack the best for showing curves IMHA although a black car is like a second job to keep clean

The auto-focus on the chain-link fence kinda ruined for me.