Record-Setting 9,000-Plus Plug-In Electric Cars Sold In UK In March


APR 7 2018 BY MARK KANE 10

The British car market declined by 15.7% in March and even plug-in car sales growth slowed down several percent – but still it’s growth.

9,293 new plug-in car registrations last month happened to be the best monthly result ever (up 8.8% year-over-year) at 1.96% market share.

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However, all-electric models failed to expand, and all the growth comes from plug-in hybrids.

  • 2,904 BEVs (down 7.5 percent year-over-year)
  • 6,389 PHEVs (up 18.2 percent year-over-year)

Sadly, we don’t yet know how well the new Nissan LEAF sold in UK.

Like in many other countries, diesel registrations in the UK declined in March by 37.2%.

“Registrations of plug-in and hybrid vehicles continued to rise, albeit modestly, up 5.7%, with demand for plug-in hybrids driving growth, up 18.2% for the month. Registrations of petrol cars were essentially stable, up 0.5%. The decline in demand for diesel cars continues to be of concern and the latest tax changes announced by the government do nothing to encourage consumers to exchange their older diesel vehicles for new lower emission models.”

Plug-in Electric Car Registrations in UK – March 2018

Plug-in Electric Car Registrations in UK – March 2018

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Waiting for M3 plus no Bolt over here or the European equivalent. I expect Leaf sales will get going especially when the 60 battery is released next year.

But by then, next year, things will change for the UK, irreversibly. ..

Leaf 60Kwh and Kona 64Kwh coming out this year. I am waiting and I think so are a lot of other people.

Also a lot of people are confused about what to buy thanks to fragmented tax and air quality policie making.

Nissan Leaf sales in the UK in 2018:



There was a lot of new car tax laws that came into effect on the 1st April 2018 mostly concerning diesel cars that aren’t €uro Cat 6 which will make owning/running one more expensive.

For the Brit viewers on IEV’s there’s a TV program on Channel 4 Monday evening 8:00pm called ‘Britain’s diesel scandal’ It should be interesting viewing to say the least.
(I hope I’m not breaking rules mentioning this program)

Thanks for the viewing tip. However the new tax is for non Euro 6d cars which is all of them. Currently a diesel has to be 6c just to sell.

What makes March so special with its big spike in sales every year?

New vehicle registration plates (license plates) are issued in March and September, and as the plate shows the age of the vehicle and people, generally, are quite vain, a lot of people get their new car in March or September, so they can show off that they have a brand new car.

9,293 is a big # for a country like UK. Wow its wonderful.
And Diesel vehicles took a 33% decline in sales.

It’s time all automakers dump diesel and go for plugins.
So why not all these plugins be sold in Japan.

Are the Japanese keeping their auto market closed.
No wonder, Trump is putting more import duties.

The Japanese market is not closed to foreign auto brands. U.S. made cars do not sell well in Japan, just like in many other markets, simply because people do not like them.