Record August Sales Is Only A Taste Of What’s to Come This Autumn In Norway; Buyers Now Importing EVs to Fulfill Demand


All these going to Norway as new or as used

All these going to Norway – no matter new or used

The US now has its own hot record of 11,000-plus plug-in vehicles delivered in one month, but the real storm is coming from Norway.

Sales of new electric vehicles reached 6% there in August, but this doesn’t even begin to tell the full story.

Can you believe that Norwegians are importing, on their own, more used electric vehicles then most countries in Europe are selling new?

In August alone, imports of used EVs stood at around 250. In fact, many of these vehicles may indeed be new and Norwegians might be importing them because of lower prices elsewhere in Europe.

Dealers in Norway probably jack up prices with demand there so high.

Total new and used electric vehicle registrations, with a small amount of electric vans and plug-in hybrids, was almost 1,000 in Norway in August. 990 to be exact.

Anyways, Norway took France in terms of registrations and now seems to be largest market for electrics in Europe and with the Tesla Model S and BMW i3 coming, Autumn will be electrifying.

To date, Norway has 13,877 electrics and 585 plug-in hybrids reigstered.

The only question is from where does Norway draw these additional used electrics? 250 a month is equivalent to all of the LEAFs and ZOEs registered in Germany last month.

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Cheap hydro electricity, lots of incentives, the highest gas prices in the world . . . it is no surprise Norway is adopting EVs like crazy.

Norway is the drug (oil) dealer that follows the maxim: “Don’t get high on your own supply.”

Suck it OPEC 🙂

I was looking at used Leaf’s in Dallas last Feb. before I leased a new Leaf. I looked at a few on dealers looking to low-ball a deal on a used Leaf. I called on a couple and went to look at a used dealer with 2 Leafs on his lot… When asked they were already sold and being exported to Norway.

If there willing to do this to get electric cars then Nissan better double or triple Leaf production in the next three months. But I find it amazing if they are willing to do this bring a car in from a car dealer in the US. I kind of wounder what is going to go on with Tesla with this.

The Good news about this is we should use Norway as a case study in how much EV’s can drop over all gas use of a counties demand for oil if the EV’s help or not.

They’ve been importing for a while now. My local dealer here in Belgium has sold 9 Leafs, 7 of which went to Norway!