Recent Aerial Fly-Over Tesla Gigafactory Updates Progress – Video

Tesla Gigafactory

NOV 9 2016 BY MARK KANE 67

The sky over the Tesla’s Gigafactory in Nevada is apparently becoming quite crowded these days.

Tesla Gigafactory 1 Fly-Over (11/7/2016)

Tesla Gigafactory 1 Fly-Over (11/7/2016)

After having seen occasional drone video of the battery facility from time-to-time, now some enthusiasts are stepping up and filming the Tesla plant from planes.

The new video from Monday, gives us better background feeling of the place and the progress to date.

No word on the whether or not work on the facility has now been halted after the results of the US election on Tuesday – as rumor has it that all advanced and renewable initiatives are to be shuttered immediately.

Too soon?

Note: footage specific to the Gigafactory gets underway at the ~3:40 mark

Tesla Gigafactory 1 Fly-Over (11/7/2016)

I flew a Cessna 172SP from South Lake Tahoe (KTVL) airport out to the Tesla Gigafactory 1 near Reno, NV.

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Trump is taking it over and is going to use it to build wall panels for his boarder wall….

He could use the batteries to electrify the fence in front of the wall!


But think of all the shade-free electricity that could be generated from panels mounted on top of the wall! 😉

Solar wall?

Now we are talking! It will be uuuuuuge!

“No word on the whether or not work on the facility has now been halted after the results of the US election on Tuesday – as rumor has it that all advanced and renewable initiatives are to be shuttered immediately.”

Are sarcastic opinion-laced comments really necessary in what should be a neutral story?

Just keeping it light/fun MEV, apologies if any offense taken, not our intent.

The article asks:

Too soon?

Very much so. This isn’t the day to be making such jokes. A lot of people are shell-shocked.

People need to be given time to work through their grief, and minorities (especially Muslims and Hispanics) need to be given time to consider just how they’re going to deal with living in a country where a man like him is President.

Tell me about it. My wife is a high school teacher and had many muslim and minority students crying and worried today.

“My wife is a high school teacher and had many muslim and minority students crying and worried today.”

It’s really sad that the Clinton-DNC propaganda machine has damaged the minds of children like that. Their anti-trump brainwashing campaign of lies has been extremely affective, as indicated by some of the comments here. Some Democrats have even been convinced that it’s good to publicly lynch Trump supporters:

There are many many similarly sad examples on YouTube, and that’s why the Democratic party was completely decimated last Tuesday.

So, trump’s own words are part of the Clinton machine?


Have you noticed that they never actually quote Trump’s words in context? If they did, that would make it clear that their accusations are false. Have you noticed they loved him until he ran for president? There is no evidence to conclude that Trump is a sexist racist homophobic evil bigot kkk-loving antisemite Nazi. Yet that false democratic party premise is now causing riots, vandalism, and assaults across the USA.

You parrot the Trumpian echo chamber very well.

But denying reality does not actually change reality.

Open-Mind said:

“It’s really sad that the Clinton-DNC propaganda machine has damaged the minds of children like that.”

I take it that your screen name, “Open-Mind”, was meant to be entirely ironic, then?

The Clinton campaign did not make up all the racist, anti-Muslim, and anti-immigrant hatred and threats which have spewed out of the mouth of Trump, and which he has actively encouraged in his supporters.

And how very Trumpian of you to write as if Truth is entirely irrelevant.

> “and Hispanics”

Anyone who enters the U.S. illegally is subject to deportation.

That’s the law! I know people don’t like it, you’re welcome to move to Russia.

Everyone else has nothing to worry about, as they protected by the law.

Any anything about Muslims is hyperbole, as no one in the US is legally defined by their religion.

I never seen so much lies in an election, than this one, and the chosen candidate by the media still lost.

Congrats on supporting a psychopath for President Alpha.

After he is finished I predict the Republican Party will be destroyed by his antics.

Of course, the Republican Party is already on the way out demographically speaking as their white male dominated base dies off.

Trump will vastly accelerate this demise much like the otherwise mentally stable Pete Wilson did to the California Republican Party with his likewise anti-immigrant bashing.

So you don’t know the difference between an immigrant and an illegal?

Psychopath? More lies by democrates, and just marks you as a poor loser.

GetReal said:
“After he is finished I predict the Republican Party will be destroyed by his antics. Of course, the Republican Party is already on the way out demographically speaking as their white male dominated base dies off. Trump will vastly accelerate this demise. . .”

Didn’t you predict that Trump would lose the election? You suck at predictions. You also live in a bubble and validate your beliefs in an internet echo chamber filled with like minded individuals.

LMFAO sven!

Are you suggesting that InsideEvs is an “echo chamber” sven?

I never predicted that Trump would lose, only that he was seriously damaging the Republican brand during his campaign.

Of course that damage will pale in comparison to what his presidency will do.

You don’t seem to be aware that your Democratic party was completely decimated last Tuesday:

And now, Democrat’s repeated politically-motivated rioting and crimes against Trump supporters (justified to some, based on DNC lies) is just making things worse for your side. Your party is over.

The candidate created by the media (through 100s of billions of free advertising) beat the candidate “chosen by the media”.

I feel so good about voting for neither!

You have no idea how rampant and insidious racism still is in this country.

Ahmed Mohamed is a legal immigrant, yet someone forgot to tell him that he would be protected by the law, because they were too busy handcuffing him without any due process:

Supporters of Trump are blind to how truly scary Trump’s words can be, not because Trump might be involved, but how it would enervate the general populace to act on their prejudices.

Ahmed got in trouble because he took apart a RadioShack alarm clock, then reassembled it in a briefcase to look like a bomb . Then he took it to school, and kept showing it off even after he was told to stop. Eventually he got suspended and the police got involved.

Publicity stunt? Yes. Racism? No.

AlphaEdge said:
“Anyone who enters the U.S. illegally is subject to deportation. That’s the law!”

Not if they make it to a sanctuary city like NYC or San Fransisco. Local laws in those cities strictly prohibit the city police and city prison officials from notifying ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) when they apprehend or release an illegal alien, even if they have been charged with or convicted of committing heinous crimes in order to prevent the federal government from deporting them.

“I never seen so much lies in an election…”

Nor has anyone else, ever in American history.

But you seem to be confused as to where the lies were — and still are — coming from. PolitiFact rated no less than 61% of the statements coming from Trump’s mouth when making a speech as entirely “False” or even “Pants on Fire”. Not just “half true” or even “mostly false”. No, outright total and complete fabrications containing no truth whatsoever.

“Trump lies so much that in 2015, Politifact awarded him the Lie of the Year for numerous statements he made, because the team couldn’t pick the most egregious lie.”

As a reminder, Trump is a candidate who first attained prominence because he championed and lead the “Truther” movement, composed of people denying that Barack Obama is an American citizen, and therefore denying the legitimacy of his Presidency.

When it comes to using the Big Lie for political purposes, Trump has succeeded as brilliantly as did Adolph Hitler. Congratulations, I guess.

You realize that Trump’s own wife is an immigrant, right?

If your point is that Trump doesn’t actually believe the xenophobic, anti-immigrant hatred that he spews out, then of course you’re right.

Using Big Lies isn’t about what the demagogue actually believes. It’s about manipulating those who listen to him to support him. At that, I think Trump has succeeded better than anyone since Adolph Hitler. In fact, Trump might possibly be even better at using Big Lies.

@Jay Cole:

I’m all for light-hearted fun. My complaint was more from a journalistic point of view. The joke was nearly believable, especially to people upset about the election results.

I’m not a normal EV fan – I’m no tree-hugger, have no concerns about global warming or coal, not a fan of subsidies, and usually vote “R”, as I did in this election. But as a former Leaf driver and Model 3 reservist, I really want to see EVs do well, and see them as vastly superior to ICEs in many ways.

As for politics, people are way over-reacting – as they often do – and it’s tiring. So I don’t want to be like those people who think the sky is falling. I just want to see the usual quality from you and many other writers here maintained. Keep up the great work!

It wasn’t Jay who wrote this. It was Mark Kane, who I’m not sure is even from the U.S. (from Renewables”, on LinkedIn)? So, perhaps gauging “too soon” was a little tougher.

I’m curious what our other non-U.S. friends think. How do you like our Exceptionalism now?

I don’t understand people who vote R, like EVs, and want free pollution. The problem to me is not bothering to define the needle of who’s getting what, for free? Then, they go swing the vote. No, the sky isn’t falling and I wouldn’t expect to see 425PPM any better than cyanide in a glass. It doesn’t mean CO2 isn’t accumulating in a dangerous way we can do something about.

If you are in Murrysville, PA, I’m not sure the choice of gas/EV has much impact. Federally, it had a lot.

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘free’ pollution, and people getting stuff for ‘free’.

No, I don’t fit the stereotype. As long as EVs are marketed to a stereotype, they will always remain niche. One of my cars is a hybrid. I bought it because of a huge discount, and it costs less to run.

And yes, I do live in Murrysville, PA – home of the world’s first natural gas well. And I’m not sure what you mean by ‘impact’ with respect to my location; I’m not trying to make any impact with an EV.

I am scared for projects like this…Trump is all in with the coal crowd, they will not go down without killing every alternative insight

Doubtful. “The Donald” appealed to the coal miners for political reasons, but he’s a good enough businessman to see that the coal industry is a zombie — walking dead. It can’t compete with cheap natural gas. Blaming the decline of coal on the push for renewables is just wishful thinking.

The good news is, Trump is a con artist. I don’t know which groups that supported him he’ll screw over, but I know it’ll be some of them.

I hope you’re correct.

It’s only been a few hours and he’s already doing an about-face.

First, he could “fix it alone”. Now he’s asking everyone for help & guidance.

Then it was, “We’ll build a wall, and Mexico will pay for it”. Now it’s, “We’ll build a wall and pay for it ourselves, but I’ll try to get money from Mexico eventually….”

He’s also saying that the “person” he was during the race was just that, and not the “person” he’ll be as President.

So he’s a chameleon con-artist who’s already slithering out of all the promises he made to the people that elected him. Sorry uneducated-white-male, you got what you voted for.

That covers all politicians.
Where’s the surprise?

The surprise will be on the face of the uneducated-white-male voters, that never voted in 30 years, but were inspired to vote this time because of Trump’s promises.

When they slowly realize that a rich billionaire doesn’t care about them or their problems, and this reality sinks in, among all the other problems he can create; that’s when you will see the “surprise” on their faces. Don’t worry, Trump already has “his best people” that he can blame & deflect to, but those voters have made their bed, and now they must lie in it.

Kdawg said:

“The surprise will be on the face of the uneducated-white-male voters, that never voted in 30 years, but were inspired to vote this time because of Trump’s promises.”


I know people that interacted with Hillary regularly. They said she was the most two-faced person she’d ever seen. You could be dying on the floor and if she didn’t know you, she’d step right over you. At the same time, she always asked for arranging young girls to be around when she visited, specifically so she could get pictures taken with them.

Gosh, thanks for that totally unbiased and, I’m sure, completely true post. 🙄

Or, my thought is that he can increase coal production (and help employment for coal industry) by use coal as the aggregate for “The Wall”.

If he eliminates the usage of all powered equipment (allowing for picks and shovels), building the The Wall by hand, can be quite the public works project and stimulate employment for several years, given the distances, terrain, and heights involved in building 1500 miles of The Wall..

The CCC employed over 3MM men, over 9 years during the depression, and ended with the draft for WWII – The timing seems to be just about right, this time around.

Do you really think 40-65 year old Americans are going to use picks and shovels and get paid minimum wage LOL we will need more illegal immigrants to build the wall lol

Fortunately, the construction site, will be right next to the labor source for cheap illegal labor.

Sort of the ultimate irony to have have illegal labor’s building The Wall, but construction work often goes to the lowest sub-contractor

And when the wall is complete, they will continue to tunnel under as they have for the past decade.

Bad form to reply to my self – But some quick checking – The Wall, should cost in the $25-$30B range

The cost of 2 Aircraft carriers, or more germane to this site, eliminate the $7,500 subsidy on 3.3M electric cars, or eliminate the 30% solar rebate on 2.5M homes

Boom, Done. – It will be tremendous and hugely popular!

See below for some of the base calcs:

Much better than the drone videos. You can see the battery outline very visibly.

Too bad there’s no narrative about what has been added of late.

I don’t picture Trump going after renewable energy. Due to him being worried and dealing with a lot of other major things.

The only thing however is I don’t think any renewable energy companies should try asking for a billion dollar loan from the government though.

I’m also glad there is going to be no carbon taxes.

Trump is a businessman and coal has been dead for decades. No amount of legislation is going to change that.

I have been reading stories that a lot of power companies even want to shut down their coal plants a few years earlier then the Obama power plan due to the coal plants only operating less then 40% of the time.

A coal plant needs to run at least 75% of the time to be profitable. Also it’s very hard to start up and stop like other forms of power.

Trump is IN business, but he’s no businessman.?

Managing no less than three Atlantic City casinos into bankruptcy does take some kind of businessman, all right!

It takes a remarkably poor one; one as inept as Trump.

“The Trump team has also lined up leaders for its Energy Department and Interior Department teams. Republican energy lobbyist Mike McKenna is heading the DOE team”

“His lobbying clients in 2016 include Koch Companies Public Sector LLC, “

Foto moto, if that article is correct we are all screwed and CO2 emissions will only increase going forward. Coal subsidies will be increased to mine and burn coal.

Coal gets cheaper when you blow up earth. Less labor, lower cost. Anyone think Trump won’t lift Obama’s moritoriium on “mountain top remòval”?

It isn’t big coal’s land. It’s federal lands Trump voters will have opened for his dig.

I couldn’t really make out if those were solar panels on the roof.

and what are those other 3 big buildings?

Yes, are the other three buildings Tesla related?

The 3 other small buildings at the left, or, North if the GF1 property, are some of the many other companies in the related industrial property zone that Tesla is beside.

Check Google Maps Satellite view for a basic view of the area!

Strong man Trump is gonna shut down all research into global warming….BELIEVE ME

That’s likely true – Fortunately, the US isn’t the only country doing such research – India and China have much bigger problems than we do, and are heavily involved in prompting clean electricity (likely via nuclear).

The only downside, is in 10-15 years, when carbon fuels are in decline, the US is going to be buying the technology from them. It’s likely to turn out that way anyways, given labor rates, Trump is just going to accelerate the end game, and save the US some $$$ in the short term..

Long term, Trump alone (and his policies) aren’t going to change the future direction for the planet, they may just delay the timing a bit. That all said, I would be selling any beach front property in Florida, as it’s going to be underwater in 10-15 years (regardless if global warming is manmade or not)

Shut up, I happen to own land in Cape coral Florida and I need to find a sucker to purchase it soon. Even though sea level rise is obvious today, I need to find a Trumpster quickly.

I didn’t see either of the two who ran for office in this picture, or even mentioned in the article.

What I do know, and I’ll go so far as call it a fact, is that EVERY election since the founding of our country has had winners and losers. This one was no different. Arguing about which one got the electoral votes to get elected isn’t going to change anything. We have four years of Republican majority rule.

I’m pretty sure all those celebrities who said, “If Trump gets elected, I’m leaving this country.” Those that said they’d leave but don’t leave are liars too.

They were talking about their souls leaving, as many of us now feel empty inside.

Who’ arguing about who got what electoral votes? We’re talking about the man’s energy policy!?

Mark C said:

“I’m pretty sure all those celebrities who said, ‘If Trump gets elected, I’m leaving this country.’ Those that said they’d leave but don’t leave are liars too.

They were expressing their honest and heart-felt opinions. Not using Big Lies to manipulate people like Trump does.

It’s amazing how often Trumpians resort to false equivalency.

Another Euro point of view

For the little that can be seen of the plane they are using to overfly the factory, it seem it is a Cessna. Probably a 172, so a design/technology of the fifties.Imagine a second we would still drive 1950’s cars. That is exactly what most people flying small planes do. An area of human activity more or less frozen in time for most of it.