Texas and Arizona Out of Running For Tesla Giga Factory? – Video


“Lawmakers in two states where Tesla can’t sell its cars are hoping the company will bring them thousands of jobs anyway. Texas and Arizona are each competing to be the future home of a new lithium-ion battery factory that Tesla estimates could create 6,500 jobs. These states are business-friendly, their representatives claim. But neither state has been very friendly to Tesla: Both say Tesla can’t sell cars there without using independent car dealers.”

Texas Shouldn't Mess With Tesla If It Hopes to Secure the Giga Factory

Texas Shouldn’t Mess With Tesla If It Hopes to Secure the Giga Factory

States The Young Turks.

If Tesla can’t sell in a state, then there’s probably little chance that state will get the giga factory, right?

So, if we knock Texas and Arizona out of the running for the giga factory (provided neither state changes its anti-Tesla direct sales stance), then were left with only 2 states in the running:

  • Nevada
  • New Mexico

Assuming all four states still have a shot, which one has the best chance on landing the giga factory?

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Go Nevada!

@ Anthony

Nevada is my vote also.
No state taxes.
Lot’s of people go there for that reason.

Isn’t Arizona handing a new law right now to allows direct Tesla sales in the state? There doesn’t seem to be much news here.

Just did some searching to find the status of Arizona Bill 2123 which would allow Tesla to sell direct in AZ. It has not passed yet. It is in the senate rules committee.


According to quotes in the WSJ and Bloomberg from the President of Panasonic, Panasonic has not committed to the Gigafactory, and may not in the future.

I thought the only outstanding item was the location?

Given Panasonic’s statements, there appears to be more issues outstanding.

They could always partner with Samsung or Ultrafire (they need to change their name) if Panasonic is not interested.

I think Nevada has the best chance. Loving the subtitles on the video by the way. Rates right up there with Damn you autocorrect.

Texas makes the most sense because if they can use this leverage to get the laws changed, Texas is a larger market for Tesla than the other states.

The silly thing is… Isn’t Texas losing out on a lot of sales tax from these cars?

no. Nevada makes the most sense.

Why? The population of Nevada is around 2.4 million people. Texas has over 10 times that number of residents.

Nevada has the largest known reserves of battery grade lithium in North America.

Texas isn’t losing out on sales tax when Texas residents buy a Tesla out of state and bring it back home. Sales tax is collected in the state where the car is registered, not in the state where the car is sold.

Let’s see…Nevada is the closest to Fremont, Ca…

Nevada also has the lithium deposits.

Wasn’t there reports of a secret meeting in Texas (San Antonio) last Wednesday?


Having anti-Tesla sales laws harming their chances at getting green manufacturing jobs are just the tip of the iceberg.

States with anti-green rules and regulations that are currently being pushed by ALEC (such as huge feed-in tariffs for solar panels, and registration fees for EV’s that are much higher than the gas taxes they are supposedly replacing, etc) are going to lose out on more and more green manufacturing contracts in the future.

At some point, the backlash to anti-green legislation will inevitably cost states jobs.