Real Chevrolet Volt Owners Tell Their Stories – Video



Volt Owners Tell Their Stories

It seems that Chevrolet is finally promoting its second-generation Volt through what will become a series of videos that follow the theme of “Real Volt owners. Real stories.”

This first clip tells the story of Aleisha, a Volt owner who hardly ever uses gas. That sounds familiar.

Video description:

“Every Volt owner has a story. This is Aleisha’s.”

Aleisha’s story is rather typical, meaning that the majority of Volt owners avoid the gas station as much as possible.

Tell us what you think of Chevrolet’s newest Volt”ads” in Comments below.

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Nicely done, GM. Now give it some air time!


Hi Brian…

I like the disclaimer in the video, “Volt uses both electricity and gas”.

That is honest and accurate, however seems like many more miles are done electrically.

Allisha might have slightly mispoken – she probably used a bit of gasoline included with the purchase of the car – but that is almost splitting hairs.

She probably meant that she hasn’t refilled the tank since she bought it. Most people are conditioned that “using gas” is when they have to fill it up again!

I think they need someone to say: yes, I haven’t gassed it up, except for that road trip I took through Yellowstone or something. My takeaway from the commercial was that it was an electric car. The key to the Volt is you don’t need a second car for longer trips and I think they missed that.

Until I see a Volt parked in the front row of the dealership with the Suburbans, Tahoes, and Silverados…I’ll remain unimpressed.

The vehicle itself is impressive. Blame the dealer. ?

No, I blame GM corporate. They currently have production capacity for around 30k volts/year. It seems they are selling all of them. GM Sells around 800k Silverado trucks per year. So they have around 20 times the production capacity as they do for a volt. They are only planning on making a max of 50k bolts per year as well. Basically, they don’t want to invest a lot of money into a huge production facility for a car that they are unsure will sell well. They want to make sure the EVs are a success before they invest the 10s of billions of dollars to built a plant that produces 500k EVs per year. I hate to say it, but I think they are being business smart with their money. The gen1 volt sold like crap (10-20k/year). Obviously, it was ugly as sin, but it wasn’t a hot seller. The gen2 volt being a hot seller might convince them to build another (larger) factory. But they are going to wait and see if they can sell 100k/year. Of course, Tesla has balls. They are willing to build a huge production facility for a car that currently doesn’t have a known… Read more »

When did they say they can only make 50k Bolts per year? Only official comments I’ve seen is some GM exec said they could meet demand for 50k in 2017 if the demand was there. That doesn’t mean production is capped at 50k/year. If the person that asked the question asked “Could GM fill 70k orders in 2017?”, the exec may have answered “Yes, if there is demand”.

We don’t know what the actual max annual production capability of the Orion plant is. Could be 80k, could be 100k. And it’s not like GM couldn’t expand production capability down the road.

“GM Sells around 800k Silverado trucks per year. So they have around 20 times the production capacity as they do for a volt.”

So, the capacity matches demand, no?

Well, shut up and go to your local Chevy Dealer and buy a Volt for every friend and family member that you have.

If you don’t own a Volt, then stop whining. GM is building to capacity.

3500 miles in 7 months and used to spend 80 dollars a week on gas. Sounds like BS. 500 miles a month or 125 miles a week. What car takes 80 dollars to drive 125 miles?

As an EV owner, i really hate it when ads mislead people, i was victim to it as well, still meets all my needs but the range was way overstated. (11 Nissan Leaf).

yep. thought the same when she said 80 a week. one coffee cake is probably all they save.

Yes, that is definitely BS. Who in their right mind would leave such a blatant error (I won’t call it an outright lie) in their commercial?
If her old car got 25 MPG and gas was 2.50/gal it would only have saved her $50/MONTH, not $80/WEEK.
GM proves once again that they can eff-up a free lunch.


I obviously have no idea whether she owned a gas guzzler before, or is mistating the number of miles she drives now.

I’ve never heard of ANYONE getting under 50 mile AER with the new VOlt – most get 60 or 70.

Even if she only drives 50 miles per day, that is 18,250 miles per year, charging up only once – and she obviously quite often charges up twice per day when using public chargers.

If her old car got 15 mpg that would be around 100 gallons per month, or with today’s cheap gasoline, around $250 a month, granted still not what she claims at around $350 per month.

Not speaking for her, but new EV owners in general seem to have an excessive exhuberance. Like the Tesla Roadster owner who said he had “Zero Maintenance Expense” for the past 3 years. I’ve previously shown that is beyond impossible.

Where is this ad shown?

She spent $80 per week?????
WTF car did she drive before? A Lamborghini Aventador?

Let’s see $80 / $2.89 a gal (todays rate premium) = 27.6 gallons.

Her Aventador gets 11MPG city so 11mpg * 27.6mpg = 304.4miles a week.

If she drove anything that got more than 11mpg it’s all BS……but I think we all caught onto that.

Maybe she drove a Hummer H2 so they can feel safe if they got into an accident?

Prolly any SUV, which actually gets CITY mileage usually.
SUV’s never get their EPA ratings in real traffic.

Perhaps if GM ran this ad on TV anywhere, or at least on social media…They might really need to fix the math she misquotes… But fact is, GM is fine with selling a trickle of Volts compared to say, how many Malibus or Equinoxes they move. Remember, that 200,000 low emissions vehicle tax refund that they’re running towards. With Bolt-EV soon to bow, they need a good 2 years for that car to also take advantage of that before it goes away! So first off, GM doesn’t mass market the Volt because it’s margins are thin, they don’t make money on the car – secondly, the tax refund needs be there for Bolt EV. This customer-focused approach to advertising is best for Volt. They finally tried this with gen1, remember the lady standing in front of the Volt and I quote, “I save a crapload on gas!”? Those are effective…VERY effective. Far more so than the tens of millions of $s GM spent tring to instruct the car buying world how the darn car works — Or CGI aliens in a garage ( Super Bowl gen 1 Volt commercial ) or, “It’s More Car Then Electric”, or dumb dudes at… Read more »

Too true, I liked my Prius C but I love my Volt. There is no comparison on the fun factor after years of pussyfooting to stay in EV mode. I won’t be going back to Toyota, especially considering their weak effort at the PIP and wasted time on fuel cells.

I watched A LOT of Olympics coverage, so I saw A LOT of what GM wanted to promote regarding its Chevy lineup. The Volt is NOT something they want to promote. It is VERY clear. In one commercial, they asked the study group what phenomenal car might be under the tarp. The first response was that the mystery car was a ‘Chevy Volt’. The very fact that someone in the study group thought the phenomenal mystery car might lead one to a couple conclusions- either that everyone already believes the Volt to be well known and phenomenal, or that the Volt might not be so deserving of the accolades associated with the Malibu. In another Chevy commercial, the study group is shown a list of awards and then asked why these awards might be worth something. They actually quoted a woman who said the ‘Green Car Award’ was what was important to her…so why would they not show or even discuss the Volt…UH DUH. It was just so painful watching those SAME ads OVER AND OVER AGAIN and see the Volt bypassed when it was just that close to getting the press it deserves. GM does NOT want people to… Read more »

I do remember the one poor woman piping up and saying “the Volt?”. The non-confirmation after her answer was basically saying “No idiot!”

Then cloth lifts and it’s…a Camaro! Or a Malibu! Then an Equinox! They ended up showing something like 5 cars stacked on top of one another with all of them getting an award. But no Volt.

Please GM tell Vauxhall to take Volt 2 as a New Ampera and to give it the support it deserves. There is still nothing on the market here can match the original Ampera for what it is capable of doing.

This ad was ineffective at making the most compelling reasons to drive EVs. The woman’s daughter co-starred, but nary a word about air quality, future habitability.

Ful cost savings expressed as $80 week, instead of “covers my $320 car payment, so it’s like a free car” or saves me $4,600 a year on fuel (the bigger number more likely to get your attention).

Shows public charging instead of the convenience of home charging.

How about an ad that says “When I got solar installed, I added a few more panels to the roof for about $3k. That will provide enough energy to fuel my electric car fkr the next 30 years. That works out to about $8.33 per month in vehicle fuel cost for the rest of my life. A lifetime savings of about $72,000. Invested properly, that will be a good chunk of my retirement account. Thanks Chevy!

Did I just saw a nice Chevy Volt ad?! Where is this world going to… (hopefully electric)

“This ad was ineffective at making the most compelling reasons to drive EVs.”

What I got out of that is “I use less gas because most charging stations are free!”

GM could have even shot themselves in the foot by people wrongfully assuming the majority of charging stations near them are free…

The Gen2 would get great in a tight (low speed) autocross course…Should do a commercial where people were surprised how fun the Volt was…

Oh well, at least they made good on their “Utilize our Volt ambassadors” promise…

Pretty good, although I wish GM woukld also make one like the “outta the grid” video:

i save about 100 a week in gas…was driving a lifted jeep was at abt 16mgs avg