To Ready Itself For Revero Production, Karma Will Move To New Irvine, California HQ

AUG 28 2016 BY MARK KANE 11

Karma Revero

Karma Revero

Karma Revero's New Infotainment System

Karma Revero’s New Infotainment System

By the end of this year Karma Automotive will move its headquarters to Irvine, California where it has leased 262,000-square-foot Irvine building from Bixby Land Co.

The $44 million site was previously used by Kawasaki Motors USA, and after adaptation will also accommodate the first Karma branded store. Future sales seems to be hybridized between company stores and dealers.

The Karma Revero plug-in hybrid with ~50 miles (80 km) of range will be produced in Moreno Valley, where some 120 employees now work the assembly line. Price is expected to start around $130,000, with deliveries slated to begin no later than first quarter of 2017.

“Karma has smaller digs at 3080 Airway Ave., which includes about 80,000 square feet of offices and manufacturing space. The company employs more than 600 people, including 120 in Moreno Valley, where the Revero will be manufactured. Earlier this summer, the company indicated it was expanding.”

source: The Orange County Register

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I can see from the dashboard Photo that it’s going to be another repeat success..Another Half Baked,half and Half car…Not fully ICE, But Not Fully EV..I wish them all the best, But the best that will happen here, is, they’ll make a few copies “MAYBE” and then either change it or Halt manufacturing. This car is like leftovers that are re-heated and re-served too many times…”0LD HAT” Once all things are said and done and taking the big price in consideration . THIS PRODUCT WILL BE IMPOSSIBLE TO MARKET.

Since when was 50 miles of EV range too little?

That’s up to 18K miles charging once a day, 32K miles charging twice a day.

I guess you think the 1st Gen Volt was worthless too?

Yeah, for a 100k sedan and 50miles electric this car is DONE, they will be bankrupt within 2 years UNLESS they sell a ton of them in China with the Chinese gov’t help them.

I am straining myself to figure out what the selling point of this car is. What is its competitive edge? Styling? That’s about the only thing I can think of.

I don’t get it either. A few years ago, this might have stood out in the market when there were no other sporty EVs.

The several years that have passed since the bankruptcy have changed that… Porsche, M-B, Aston-Martin etc. will all have high-end sporty BEV and/or PHEVs.
By the time they manage to get production bugs out, there’ll be lots of competition (possibly including a 2nd-gen Tesla Roadster), much of it from companies with very deep pockets that can even afford to sell this type of car at little-to-no profit for image reasons.
It’s not like the Karma is an already-recognized brand that someone would buy to impress… They sold very few cars previously.

Hopefully it has more going for it than styling. The front of this car is U.G.L.Y!

It is a BMW i8 competitor, with more range than the i8, and a more traditional body than the i8.

2018 Pontiac Bonneville revival concept car.

Now days People Usually Never buy into Re-Hashed Revived product that is brought back from the dead…Fresh, new ,attractive, innovative, is usually the right recipe.. I hate to say this but..,These guys should channel their/investor’s monies into something productive , that will someday pay off… R.I.P. Karma Revero ..or whatever you call yourself now..Nothing ever comes back from the dead & becomes a Big Hit ! The only car that kept going and sold in very extreme small numbers was the Avanti (Studebaker) when the Altman’s took it over from the bankrupt Studebaker company way Back when & started hand Making only that One Particular Avanti model for the Elite Few…

Wow, I’m surprised at the very negative tone of comments here. 50 miles of electric range for a PHEV, if that’s real-world range, puts it far ahead of nearly all other PHEVs, including the 2011 Volt, which had an EPA range of only 35 miles. Even now, the Volt’s EPA range is only 53 miles.

I personally doubt that Karma is going to succeed in trying a second time to sell a failed very expensive EV “supercar”. But there are several other expensive PHEVs out there that have an electric range far lower than this. For example, the BMW i8’s EPA range is only 15 miles. Very few PHEVs have an EPA range higher than about 25 miles.

If the Karma Revero fails to sell, the primary reason won’t be the electric range.

Fisker started in Irvine, went to Anaheim then oblivion. What goes around comes around.