Reactions From 10-Year Old Girl Who Rose To Fame After Tweet From Tesla CEO Elon Musk


Bria In Her Free Tesla Swag – Image Credit / Steven Loveday

What a week it’s been…

By now, most of the connected world is aware of the 10-year-old girl who penned a letter to Tesla CEO Elon Musk. The letter asked if Musk and Tesla would do a fan-made commercial competition. Musk responded to the letter with this Tweet:

Following Musk’s response, the Internet went wild, but it didn’t stop there.

Over the last few days, Bria Loveday (the 10-year-old who sent the letter to Musk) became a star. Following our exclusive report, local news outlets picked up the story and sought out Bria for some comments.

Here’s the Channel 4 Click On Detroit video:

Local Channel 7 WXYZ Detroit picked up the story too. Here’s the video coverage:

But the real moment of stardom came when Good Morning America (ABC News) got in touch with InsideEVs writer Steven Loveday (father of Bria) to set up a live (via Skype) appearance on the highly viewed morning show. Check out that video here:

Several phone interviews have been conducted too. So, how does 10-year-old Bria respond to all this immediate fame? Well, she’s thrilled to have received her free Tesla swag she kindly asked for. Here are a few images of her in her new Tesla gear:

Bria In Her Free Tesla Swag – Image Credit / Steven Loveday

Bria In Her Free Tesla Swag – Image Credit / Steven Loveday

All The Swag

And she says Tesla informed her that work is underway on the fan-made commercial competition (UPDATE – Link To Project Loveday details here), with a formal announcement expected soon, but rather than me telling all of the story, why not turn it over to Bria…

Some Words On The Experience From Bria

Now, if only Tesla would send that free car to Bria to begin working on her own fan-made commercial…one can dream, right?

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Someone out there

The free advertising from this tweet alone makes it worth it!

Steven Loveday

Haha. Yea. It’s kind of a situation in which it would be ridiculous not to post it. The news is everywhere and every other media outlet grabbed it up and posted. For us to ignore it would be weird, though it’s not specifically about EVs in the traditional sense. And … the commercial competition will be very interesting.

Someone out there

I wasn’t thinking about free advertising for InsideEVs but for Tesla, the media coverage of this twitter exchange must be worth millions in equivalent advertising!
But sure, there are several winners here 🙂

Steven Loveday

I meant Tesla too. They wouldn’t have jumped on it, had they not known that it would be advantageous. They’re a bit busy over there. Thank you!


That’s great.
Even a curmudgeon like moi is moved.

The Elon Prize!

Steven Loveday



Thank You.
The Elon Prize: It’s only the third one that’s been awarded.
I think this Spring I will make some T-shirts.

Steven Loveday

I love it! What an honor. I will pass it on to Bria!




I love this story, Eric! Tesla should hire Bria as their Brand Ambassador. She can “work” during the summer when school is out. Maybe be part of the judging of the contest. This would be a win-win for her and Tesla, and be a great, fun way to promote EV’s publicly. Thanks to Bria, and you for this story. Keep us posted!


Oh, and Steven, too. OK, I’m confused, who’s who?

Steven Loveday

Ha. Thanks! Eric’s the uncle, and the inspiration. I just help him out here.

Kevin Loveday

Nice answer Steven.


Hopefully, this puts more pressure on Michigan’s Legislature and Certain Litigious Legacy Automakers ™, to allow __freedom of commerce__, selling and repairing Tesla Vehicles.

Rick Danger


Go Tesla! Go Bria! Go InsideEVs!


I was spill a few beans. Maybe a cool Tesla commercial. I won’t my overall concept, but here is something along the lines at least, the musical part. As an example: ‘Wonderin where the lions are.’
Wonderin where the Tesla’s are:
Had another dream, Tesla’s at the garage door.
They were fast as lightning, like the ones before.
Thinkin’ of the Model 3…
Some kind of electricity got a hold on me…


I thought “Not a Dream” already won this competition before it began. Good luck to anyone thinks they can top that one!


LOL so random and unexpected

Tesla Bargain

Bravo, a classical Tesla media stunt! With the professional competition rather pointless to enter, but we’ll try to create and submit something anyway for the fun of it, now I have to choose from the ideas our kids have. 🙂

Max Looker

Pure adorableness.

George Bower


The modeling photos are especially good but the article title is all wrong:

Bria Loveday, Daughter of Inside EV author Steven Loveday, and Niece of Inside EV author Eric Loveday submits winning Idea to Tesla’s Elon Musk.

Naa that’s too long.

So Steven and Eric are brothers??

Congrats Lovedays!!

George Bower

OK I’ve got it:

“Daughter of InsideEV author Steven Loveday Garners Elon Musk’s Attention”


Moving experience for her! Love it!


Hey Bria, did you know that in my native language : French, “Bria” is the same pronunciation than “brilla” ?
A past tense of the verb “briller”, meaning : to shine, or to be smart… coincidence?


Steven Loveday

That’s really cool to know. Thank you for sharing.