Ray Raied Ishak Is #1 In The World In Nissan LEAF Sales

3 years ago by Eric Loveday 13

Ray Raied Ishak With Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn

Ray Raied Ishak Of Magic Nissan of Everett With Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn

Though we’ve been unable to source exact sales figures, we can report that Ray Raied Ishak of Magic Nissan of Everett, Washington was #1 in Nissan LEAF sales in the world in 2013.

At least that’s the info we’ve obtained via Ishak, the Magic Nissan team and various other sources.

Ishak, along with a whole host of other top LEAF sellers from around the world, were invited to Nissan Global Headquarters Yokohama, Japan to received recognition for their sales achievements.

We wonder if there’s any other automaker who holds a similar recognition ceremony for plug-in electric vehicle sales leaders?  We’re doubtful and we’re thinking Nissan is again blazing a new trail for electric vehicles.

Below are the world’s leading LEAF salespeople.  Hats off to all of them for their achievements!!!

World's Leading LEAF Salespersons - Or a Who's Who In LEAF Sales From Around The World - Here's An Image Of LEAF Leading Salespeople From Various Countries Around The Globe

World’s Leading LEAF Salespersons – Or a Who’s Who In LEAF Sales From Around The World – This Is An Image Of LEAF Leading Salespeople From Various Locations Around The Globe, Including Various Countries Around The Globe, Including Canada, Norway, France, UK, USA (reps Hawaii, Atlanta and Washington) And On And On.

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13 responses to "Ray Raied Ishak Is #1 In The World In Nissan LEAF Sales"

  1. kdawg says:

    The rule for the photo was, you cannot wear a tie, but if you do, it must be camouflaged w/your shirt.

    I wonder if the trip was paid for by Nissan?

    Do we know how much each of these people sold?

    1. While numbers will be a guarded corporate competitive advantage, each top EV sales person would have sold several hundred LEAFs individually; and each of their sales teams sold thousands of LEAFs in the last year. This group is the top sellers from the most competitive EV markets.

      It is awesome that Nissan executives took a moment to recognize and learn from this elite group of EV professionals.

      For US total LEAF population is approaching ~60,000 of the ~240,000 PEVs on the road. ie: 1 in 4 PEVs is a LEAF … no small feat.

      Note: Nissan LEAF top markets are all Top Per Capita PEV Metro Areas (US only):

      CA, 3.33%,San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose
      GA, 2.15%, Atlanta
      WA, 1.83%, Seattle-Tacoma
      HI, 1.71%, Honolulu

      CA, 1.51%, Monterey-Salinas
      CA, 1.34%, San Diego
      CA, 1.29%, Santa Barbara-Santa Maria-San Luis Obispo
      OR, 1.25%, Portland


      1. Al S says:

        The top LEAF salesman in Canada is there, but it’s doubtful he sold more than 25 in 2013. The Canadian market was simply too supply constrained then.

  2. David Murray says:

    I wonder how many of them actually drive a Leaf?

    1. Leptoquark says:

      That was my question, and I imagine quite a few of them do. Only when you drive the Leaf, or whatever ev your dealership sells, can you truly explain it to potential customers in a convincing way.

  3. ffbj says:

    An amazing example of a highly coincidental occurrence. Sure Nissan paid for the trip and they know how many were sold by each individual.

  4. Kakkerlak says:

    I’m not surprised. Magic is a high-volume import dealer and in Washington State, the Leaf out-sells the Altima by a factor of 4.

    You know you’re the big guy in the photo when everybody else has to go up one or two steps !

  5. Interesting that they are all men.

    1. scott franco says:

      My leaf dealer was female.

      1. Nate says:

        Interesting, I didn’t know dealerships had a gender.

  6. Patrick says:

    A quick check of their new inventory( http://www.magicnissanofeverett.com/search/new/tp/ ) and they have 145 Leafs in stock…. 145!!! the next largest model is the Altima at 41.

    If they sell at that spread thats pretty impresive.

    1. At least two dealers in Washington, Magic Nissan of Everett and Nissan of the Eastside, sell far more LEAFs than any other car, and probably more LEAFs than all other models combined. And they do indeed sell more than 100 LEAFs per month each.

    2. Erik Petersen says:

      I just did some aerial video of the lot this weekend, they have a lot of Leafs… stay tuned.