Rare Look Inside Tesla Gigfactory


Via a Tesla supplier, we get a rare look inside the Gigafactory.

Heitkamp & Thumann Group’s H&T Battery Components is one of Tesla battery component suppliers. The company put out these two images from the production floor within the Gigafactory,

H&T Battery Components will eventually employ over 100 workers at the Gigafactory:

“Since 2016 the Group is investing significantly in self-developed proprietary production technology for H&T Nevada, creating more than 100 new jobs in Sparks.”

The company focuses on making the outer metal cell case for battery cells to be used the Tesla Energy products, as well as the Model 3 and eventually even the Model S & X when the transition to 2170 cells occurs later this year.

Earlier quick peak inside the Gigafactory

Gigafactory works on Powerwall production

Tesla Gigafactory “Pod Line” workers during Gigafactory tour/debut

Tesla Gigafactory model (via YT/AutomobilePropre)

Tesla Gigafactory mock-up model (via YT/Automobile-Propore)

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I toured on Opening night. It was Super. They saved 80% of the power when baking the lithium layers. They are 100% Renewable run. They are awesome.

The amount of stuff in there is insane.

I too was fortunate enough to attend the opening night ceremonies. I have a ton of photos and great video clips as well
It truly is massive and it was only 25% build when I was there in July.

Yes, and unlike the Big Oil companies NOT widely building H2 infrastructure like filling stations, Tesla is actually proving that they are serious about the move to sustainable transportation and renewable elctricity and storage.


Yes, that’s what upsets me most. If oil companies want to promote FCVs, fine, as long as they pay for the distribution infrastructure, not us taxpayers!

Go Tesla!

Great looking modern factory layout.

Tesla’s powerwall are priced too high!!!! They soon get competition! With more reasonable price

Well, that’s part of the idea of the Gigafactory, more batteries = less expensive cars.

Tesla’s Powerwall is priced below competing products. Do some research.

It seems to me like the Power Wall 2 is much more reasonably priced than the original.

I believe it will be a big seller in the future, because it will integrate seamlessly with Tesla’s cars and solar roofs. Competing products will likely be patchwork for years to come.

Have they started putting up solar panels on the building?

I guess the priority capital investment is in batteries manufacturing equipment and in making the buildings that host them. Solar panels will likely come later and from the in-house New York plant.

The whole of Tesla and Space X is behaving like an organic system that grows incrementally starting with the fundamentals and expanding to specifics and larger scale on the go. There is simply no other way to get to the ambitious final plan in one go. If there even is a final plan because that one is also evolving and expanding on the go.

I wouldn’t be surprised if 30 years from now, Mars colonized, Musk would start building a still more ambitious, Starship Avalon, like in the movie passenger, to get us to the next stage of expansion.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I guess they can’t claim to be “Sustainable” then?

H&T supplies Panasonic with cans, they aren’t directly supplying Tesla.

When is MIT moving in? Now that will be something.

A two Tesla home will need power packs. Figure 300kWh available from your solar roof to store and use later for filling 2 100kWh Tesla’s from empty to full daily and run everything in your home. The Giga factory must get the price of power packs down so we can all be running on the sun all the time. They’re heading in that direction and that is great. The sooner the better for us all.