Rare 2015 Volkswagen XL1 Plug-In Hybrid Up For Auction


We can honestly say this car beats just about all odds and it’s the global leader for aerodynamics.

First of all, it’s an electric Volkswagen, which is rare in the first place. A myriad of electric VWs are seemingly not coming for years and years, and maybe more years after that. Second, it’s dirt cheap in comparison to the model’s starting price (um … way expensive, sorry). It handles incredibly well, it’s super efficient, it’s incredibly aerodynamic, and it features the lightest in build materials, including a carbon fiber body, carbon ceramic brakes, aluminum suspension components, and magnesium wheels.

This interesting, tiny, exclusive VW (only weights in at 2,000 pounds) and could be the bees knees for someone with the money to partake. The best part is that it will be auctioned soon by Silverstone Auctions in the U.K. It’s a 2014 VW XL1 coupe that returns a crazy 261 mpg on the Euro test cycle. In addition, it achieves a ridiculous drag coefficient of 0.189. As Autoblog points out, a car like the Hyundai IONIQ, which is stellar in that metric, only achieves 0.24.

Meanwhile, this car only churns out 78 horsepower and has a top speed of just 100 mph. Additionally, its 0-to-60-mph time is terrible, at 12.7 seconds.

Nonetheless, the XL1 is crazy rare and surely sought-after in certain markets. Only 250 were ever built and only sold in Europe. Initial starting price was in the $170,000s (USD equivalent) in the U.K. where only 30 were sold. For the rest of Europe, prices started around $150,000 (USD equivalent).

This used model has just 79 total miles and is priced to sell at only $120-150k.

Check out the auction listing in its entirety here

Source: Autoblog

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With transparent rear wheel covers it would look like a real car.

That’s a terrible idea! They would be scratched and filthy in no time flat. I happen to really dig the wheel fairings, although I accept that I’m in a tiny minority on that count.

Clarity should have the whole wheel covers

There are always like 2-4 offered on Mobile.de for 200-250k€.

I wonder what the efficiency would be like if it were fully electric. I find that aerodynamic shape incredibly well done (and not particularly ugly). Yes, batteries would add a lot of weight, but it does make a person wonder…

The Poor Man’s version of this vehicle is the first gen Honda Insight – similar aero efficiency styling (front track is wider than the rear, rear wheel skirts, etc), lightweight FORGED aluminum frame, 2 seater, it’s a mild hybrid though, but gets 700 miles range on a single tank and easily does 65mpg….

VW also had the lupo 3L, with aluminium parts and a 3 cylinder Diesel, had a NEDC of 2.99L/100km Diesel or 78 mpg

It’s A ….POS

No, it’s an engineering project to see what they could achieve.

An engineering Project to see what they could achieve without giving up the Diesel Engine.

right on

amt is right. It’s POS. When used SparkEV listing for $10K gets better efficiency and 0-60 MPH time that is about half, this is XL1 is factually crap.

Spark EV gets 119 mpge, this gets 261 mpg

XL1 MPG is hyped up fake number by considering how many gallons of gas you put in the tank when you drive on electric motor. That’s the same fake MPG hyped up by GM that Volt gets 200+ MPG. With that metric, SparkEV gets infinite MPG.

In the real world, SparkEV gets about 22% better efficiency (5.4mi/kWh over 30K miles of driving, or about 155 MPGe with 85% charging efficiency) than XL1 (about 120 MPG).

Yup. Nobody would use this for a daily driver. It’s noisy, uncomfortable, has a very rough ride, and I doubt it has “luxuries” such as an air conditioner or a cabin heater. Furthermore, altho it does have a passenger’s seat, that is significantly offset in back of the driver’s seat; reviews say it’s impossible to have a normal conversation between the driver and the passenger due to that offset. So it’s not even a car you can use for dates!

I understand why VW built the “1-liter” series of prototypes, to see what could be achieved in building prototypes to maximize fuel efficiency. I will never understand why they put the XL1 into even extremely limited production. Who wants to drive an engineering prototype which has sacrifices all luxury and comfort for fuel efficiency? Because that’s what this car is.

It’s an engineering project paid millions for by european tax-payers, so that VW could say: we make clean cars. With it’s rediculous price and NOT being for sale to the general public, it’s the ultimate compliance car while some 10 million Volkswagen diesel cheating cars filled our lungs with a lot of extra Nox and other lethal fumes.

if this VW XL1 can fetch at least $120.K (USD equivalent) at auction, I say take the money and run!

Dumping this engine (“800 cc twin-cylinder, common-rail turbo-diesel 35 kW (48 PS; 47 bhp)”), will be the best idea yet, when looking back in the rear view mirror!

Yea , Take the Money & Run Like Hell ! …lol … : )

no rear view mirror in the XL1 !

Or side mirrors, either. This is strictly for European roads, and I’m not sure it’s street legal even there.

If I had lots of money, I would ditch one of my Astons to make room for this one. I like the extreme engineering. You can buy a ton of extreme engineering cars, but they are 13 in a dozen: speed, speed, speed. This car is refreshing in that it pulls all the stops not to go faster, but to go further.

nitpick for the staff: “only weights in at 2,000 pounds”. There’s a ‘t’ too many in there.

Don´t forget: REAR VIEW CAMERAS and Monitors! (instead of mirrors)