Cadillac CT6 Plug-In Coming In 2015 – Luxury With Upwards Of 70 MPGe

OCT 5 2014 BY JAY COLE 23

General Motors has now fulfilled 50% of its promise to bring two new electrified “future products” to its Hamtramck, Michigan facility that currently builds the Chevrolet Volt.

This Time Next Year Cadillac Will Have 2 Plug-In Electric Cars (ELR Shown Above From Geneva)

This Time Next Year Cadillac Will Have 2 Plug-In Electric Cars (ELR Shown Above From Geneva)

As part of an earlier announced $384 million investment in the plant, a plug-in version of the upcoming Cadillac CT6 will be offered according to Mark Reuss, Executive VP of Global Product Development to the Detroit News and about 200 other reporters and analysts at GM’s Proving Ground for the company’s Global Business Conference this week.

While details are still scarce, the CT6 will be a Mercedes-Benz S-Class/BMW 7 Series fighter and will weigh slightly less (by 53 lbs) than the CTS we see on the roads today (the current CTS weight range is 3,615–3,976 lb so we are unsure exactly where the comparison is being made), but will be about 8 inches longer.

The power plant found inside the plug-in CT6 will be the new 3-liter twin turbo engine – an engine GM says is the most “powerful six-cylinder gas engine in the segment” paired with an eight-speed transmission .

Mr. Reuss says the vehicle should have a “industry-leading fuel economy upwards of 70 mpg equivalent.

Assuming this engine is the new LF3 that puts out 420 hp/313 kW  and 430 lb-ft (583 Nm) of torque, and the plug-in version of the car will weigh about 4,300ish lbs we can ‘work the EPA system backwards’ to guess that it has about a 20-25 mile all-electric range.

Editor’s Note: We consider any previous hybrid plug-in system like the “Two-Mode” to be long dead as it was terrible and caused all babies within a mile of it to cry.

GM's "EV Building" Michigan Plant Is Currently On A 3 Month Shutdown For Re-Tooling

GM’s “EV Building” Michigan Plant Is Currently On A 3 Month Shutdown For Re-Tooling

“We will create with the CT6, the world’s most advanced body structure, and it’s not aluminum. It’s a stronger, smarter, safer premium luxury vehicle,” said Mr. Reuss.  “So rather than try to copy someone, or do something that has already been done, we have created, we think the vehicle, in this timeframe, that will stand apart and make Cadillac again the standard of the world.”

It should be noted that the plug-in variant will be an option on the CT6, meaning that it will not come cheap – look for it to cost several thousand more than the most fully optioned petrol-only version of the car.

GM’s Hamtramck facility is currently idled through the third week of November to do some prep work for new vehicle offerings in 2015, including the 2nd gen Volt and the CT6.

The plug-in Cadillac will be a 2016 model introduced in the fall of 2015.

Detroit News


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So after the battery is empty the CT6 PHEV will get ~28 MPG on gasoline only.

I would guess much better, since it essentially will be acting as a hybrid vehicle.

It is going to be S-Class sized.

A little lighter perhaps but not orders of magnitude lighter.

If you can get 39mpg/hwy in a Lexus ES hybrid, I would hope for at least 30 something in the CT6.

This is a GM product, no equal to Lexus.
Being a GM it will suck
…and be recalled…
…and be badly designed…
…and be badly built…
and be recalled…did I mention this GM Garbage will SUCK?

CT6 to weigh 3561lbs

S class hybrid weighs 4717lbs

“It should be noted that the plug-in variant will be an option”

GM will never learn that this modus operandi does not work. They might as well cancel it right now.

Otherwise it sounds somewhat interesting.

How does the driverain work?

If it has an 8 speed automatic. Does this mean GM will start sandwiching in the electric motor between the engine and transmission?

If so that would be a first. I think it’s a decent and simple configuration.

Isn’t that the way Porsche does it with the Panamera plug-in and the Cayenne plug-in? Also, that’s the BMW X5 plug-in prototype, which journalists were allowed to drive earlier this year.

And perhaps the Audi A3 eTron and VW Golf GTE as well (albeit 6 speed)?

Am I missing something?

Yes Anton.

The Germans are big on that method….and the Germans are good engineers.

GM just hasen’t done it that way yet.

GM made “mild hybrid” pickup trucks with a motor between the engine and four speed auto transmission in the early 2000’s.

They used 36 V lead acid batteries and were good for 1-2 mpg increase.


Well . . . it remains to be seen whether that German model works well.

If they sandwich it between the engine and transmission (like Honda has always done with their IMA) then that would mean the ICE has to be running for the electric motor to contribute anything. That would suck.

No. All the German PHEVs are like this, but unlike the Honda IMA, they have another clutch between the engine and the motor. I believe the motor is always turning with the transmission input shaft though.

“look for it to cost several thousand more than the most fully optioned petrol-only version of the car.”
So if it’s $5000 more, but the tax credit is still there and knocks it down $3750. The gas savings payback is 1 year. Not bad.

It is good news that they are adding a plug (as an option) to their new flagship. Is that a new alpha numeric naming scheme I see there? It looks like the new guy only got there in time to change the name, not the drivetrain.

Since this is clearly not a Voltec, does that mean a GM CUV might not be Voltec, having this drivetrain instead? I would be disappointed if that was the case.

I don’t know.. Voltec works great as an EREV solution. But for a low-end PHEV it is kind of an expensive option.

So you think the tradeoff is a $35k CUV with this drivetrain or a $45k CUV with a beefier Voltec?

It is a good point, but I think I would still take the Voltec version.

This car appears to be properly suited to fill the space that they originally tried to put the ELR in, and will better justify whatever lofty price they put on it. Cadillac can then reposition the ELR into the $50k-ish range that it should have been in from the start without having too much egg on their face.

Over-all, I’m disappointed. I have to conclude that this PHEV option is meant for the few that will pay the money for the green sticker or plate so they can drive in the HOV as a single occupant in their amazing Cadi. I was hoping for this size Cadi with around 80 miles AER and a 4 cyl ICE. Oh well, maybe the new body construction and transmission will help other models as well.

Ugh. This is so sad. GM threw good money after bad by creating another Cadillac plug-in. Cadillac is just not the right brand to plug-in, it’s market is largely old people that sit around and watch Fox News. Fox has already convinced them that a plug-in will destroy their marriage.

So which brand should GM use for green cars and electrics… the one known primarily for pickup trucks and 8-cylinder sportscars? Saturn is dead, you know.

GM is going to have to introduce plug-ins for Chevy, Buick, and Cadillac. Better sooner than later.

Maybe it’s time for GM to create a whole new Brand for their new EV’s, since Saturn is gone – Maybe “Neptune?”

Then they could break away from the current sheet metal and make something nice, efficient, and with that 200 mile range, that folks might believe!

Then – just get their EV/EREV/PHEV Selling Dealers to stop being so selfish with the charging stations, make them available to all comers, and if they have to have them on their buildings, behind fences, limiting access hours, then have the dealers sponsor EV Chargers at other Public Places, Like Restaurants, Malls, Hotels, Theaters, etc!

What would be good, if a Dealer had a Sign at a Publicly accessible Charger stating something like this: – “This Charging Station installation Sponsored by Smith Chevrolet, Visit us at 123 Main Street, your town, or for more information about how we can help you go green and save some green of your own!”

Maybe Dealers are not using their marketing dollars the best way when it comes to EV Charging Stations as an outreach tool!