Range-Topping Audi A9 To Get PHEV Treatment


Bring On The E-Trons

Bring On The E-Trons

Is Another Audi E-Tron In The Works?

Is Another Audi E-Tron In The Works?

According to Autocar, Audi will unveil a range-topping four-door concept at the 2014 Los Angeles Motor Show:

“Audi is set to showcase an advanced four-door concept that reveals the new design language to be adopted by all of its future models.”

“The concept will be unveiled at the Los Angeles motor show in November and will also preview a new aluminium-intensive flagship.”

Importantly, this model will point to where Audi is going with the much-anticipated A9, Audi’s future flagship vehicle that’s slated for production in 2017.

But even more important is this e-tron-specific information:

“Two plug-in hybrid options are also planned for a pair of A9 e-tron models. Set to be unveiled at the Detroit motor show in January, the petrol-electric and diesel-electric combinations will first be introduced to the new, second-generation Q7, due for launch next year.”

“They are set to provide the A9 e-tron with a zero-emissions electric range of up to 31 miles and a CO2 output of less than 80g/km.”

We look forward to seeing it at the show in person shortly – Audi kicks off the LA show press days on November 18th.

Lots of plug-in Audis on the horizon it seems.  In fact, all of the German automakers now seem dead set on electrifying (mostly PHEVs) their entire lineups.  Can’t wait!!!

Source: Autocar

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So let me guess. Their “31 miles” is probably going to translate to 20 miles EPA in the USA. (that’s how it usually works) so how is that “range topping?”

The A9 tops the Audi range.

Typically these 50km cars on the NEDC get around 22 miles on the EPA.

This is entirely separate from Audi’s BEV offerings.

Every time I read “e-tron”, I hear this in my head:

Ditto, but I hear this one (from :35 seconds)

Interesting. That’s the Digital Domain Comic-Con Teaser– not footage from the actual movie.

BTW: I worked on CLU’s CG hair.

But I didn’t care much for the final version of the film, nor the “Black on Black At Night” look.

The more colorful original film, still hold’s my heart…

Very cool on the job

…you are right on the clip, you are very observant; that was pre-release. Also its a street remix of the Daft Punk soundtrack (of which I actually prefer) – and yes…I’m a nerd like that, (=

I SEE this in my head (starting at 30 sec)…


Ok, how the heck do you guys embed videos?

Actually, the one you are linking is tagged “not embeddable” at youtube…so it won’t display

Ah. Well dang it! Stupid YouTube.

OH wow great another e-tron model you cant really buy!!!!!!
Audi is the true leader in “press release car electrification!”

GO Audi

Audi never release their PHEV cars.

Now they have developed it and finally got it on the road they are obviously going to stick this drive train in everything except their pet cat.

To meet emission targets they have to.

That’s assuming that people buy them, of course.

Indeed. And good on them for doing so.

Hey, GM, why the heck aren’t you giving every model in your lineup the Voltec treatment?

Can you imagine a world in which every car on the road drove the first 20 miles of every day on electricity? Then after that it continued to operate as a standard hybrid? We’d cut our oil use by multiple orders of magnitude!

If every manufacturer stuck a battery that was too small into a few of their models, electrification would have died the merry death they’d have hoped for.

Too bad some didn’t.

22 miles AER is pretty optimal for Europe and presumably China, as it is their ZEV city specs which is driving it.

Naturally that will not suit purists,or those with longer commutes.

Because it doesn’t suit everyone perfectly does not however mean that it is not worth doing, and the notion that it does is a peculiarly self absorbed one.

The US government effectively pays for the battery up to 16 KWH so I continue to be amazed by stupidity of not offering a battery that big.

Perhaps Audi designed first off for their biggest market, China?

Oddly, not all designs are done by exclusive reference to US standards, or the extra couple of thousand bucks that they could have got off the tax bill by speccing a bigger battery pack.

They stuffed up the BMW i3 REx by doing that.

No, that is still a very bad decision. They could have built a small battery version for that market but easily have also provided an OPTION for a version with a larger battery. Just bad decision making.

So all that you would need would be a different battery?
And of course different weight distribution, as batteries are not light.
Oh, and of course then you would have to redesign the body a bit to accommodate that.

It amazes me how so many on forums seem to think that the engineers employed by car companies and their cost and works accountants are complete idiots, who they could put right with a few choice ideas which they have never thought of.

If it were cheap and easy to do at a cost which people would be likely to be prepared to pay, they would have done it.

The fact that they haven’t should tell you something about its practicality.

They did spend years and years announcing and then cancelling eTrons. They earned their crappy reputation and thus deserve the mocking.

Audi’s PR department is unbelievably dross.
Fortunately it does not appear to be in any way connected to their R & D department, who have carried on methodically building up the underlying technical and engineering base, for instance putting in five new platforms to allow the present rapid roll out of umpteen models.

I spent too much time over a few years telling people who said that the VW group was never going to roll out BEVs and PHEVs to follow the money, and vast sums were being spent readying the present push.

Denying that roll out is happening now, with 3 models from the VW group within 6 months, is not realistic whatever the level of understandable irritation at Audi, and VW’s years of contradictory press releases and statements.

Follow the money still, and the money says that the group have something like 40 BEV and PHEV models coming in the next few years.

Will Audi retain Tron-Guy to drive the E-tron?

Electric Car Guest Drive

Achieving emissions reductions are the prime motivation to electrification but every EV driver I know says they’re never going back. Smoother, quieter, no vibration, better performance. All attributes of refined cars.

Audi and other luxury automakers will have to go electric just to compete on an NVH scorecard, which people feel, even if they don’t tally.

Since the Chinese require a minimum of 50 km out of a new PHEV, one would think they wouldn’t be fooled into a 50 km that has the test car constantly driving down hill or what ever other schemes these companies have to increase the range over real world mileage.

That is kind of how test regimes work, Bill.
Hopefully the guys who set it up allowed for that sort of slippage to cover what the objective is, zero pollution inner city driving.

Reports on the Mitsubishi, one of the first designed to the standard, seem pretty hopeful, as it readily achieves around 22 miles, although UK and US driving conditions are not identical.

I realise that many Americans will find the fairly modest AERs of vehicles designed to the Chinese standard disappointing, but the VW group by hitting the target right now with their present battery chemistry will have room to improve AER as the chemistry improves, perhaps offering an alternative at least of Volt-like AER.

The Mercedes in contrast are designed with an AER of around 33km on the NEDC at present, and plan to hit 50km with the newer chemistry within two years as they have to to meet regs, so no chance of Volt like range there.

That sounded tetchy, when it wasn’t meant to!
Take it as edited to convey peace and harmony, Bill! 😉

Ok so can you actually by an Audi A3 e-tron in the UK, or do you just get to look at the website?

have they delivered any ?

Orders started at the end of July.
I don’t think deliveries have started yet.

Demo cars arrive in December.
I would imagine that they will start deliveries in the new year.