“Range Anxiety” in 2nd Place on Norway’s “Words of the Year” List


On the Hunt For the Nearest Plug

On the Hunt For the Nearest Plug

According to SprakRadet (Via Quartz), the Norwegian word “rekkeviddeangst” landed in second place on Norway’s “Words of the Year” list.

Back in 2010, General Motors Filed a Trademark for Range Anxiety

Back in 2010, General Motors Filed a Trademark for Range Anxiety

Rekkeviddeangst directly translates to “range anxiety.”

Yes, we all know that Norway loves electric vehicles, so the fact that range anxiety made the list highlights that it’s often discussed there, likely among EV newbies.

Via Google Translate, here’s what SprakRadet says of “range anxiety” making the list:

“We run increasingly with electric vehicles. This has led to more words that have to do with the EV and brings another kind of concern, range anxiety, ie a kind of fear that the battery runs out before you come to a charging station.”

Norway’s Top 10 “Words of the Year” list, as detailed by SprakRadet, is posted below:

  1. sakte-tv
  2. rekkeviddeangst
  3. gråblogg
  4. bitcoin
  5. blå-blå
  6. betalingsmur
  7. avfølge
  8. karbonboble
  9. netthat
  10. revelyd

Google Translate tells us that the 1-10 list translate in English to this:

  1. slowtv
  2. range anxiety
  3. gråblogg
  4. bitcoin
  5. blueblue
  6. betalingsmur
  7. Subtitle
  8. carbon bubble
  9. netthat
  10. revelyd

Hat tip Urvaksh Karkaria!!!

Source: SprakRadet via Quartz

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Now I want to know how a TV can be slow.

Eric Loveday

Our Norwegian readers can hopefully help us out with some better translations.

slow-tv is when they broadcast a chess game of maybe 5 hours, someone fishing for like 12 hours without commentators and there has even been a broadcast of just a fireplace. Slow-tv is the opposite of the stressfull tv with all action and commentators screaming. gråblogg = grey blog, which is a blog where you show the reality and don’t make things look better than they are…. unlike the pink blog where you paint a brighter picture always showing perfect dinners (and never the screwed up ones or the chips or pizza) or perfect make up/training/etc. etc. blå-blå = blue-blue, a coalition of two blue parties or rather two right wing parties in the government… and the blue color is used to describe right wing parties and red for left wing parties. betalingsmur = paywall, not being able to access all materials without paying on let’s say a newspaper online without having a subscription. avfølge = unfollow, when you stop following someone or something on social medias. carbon bubble is the economical bubble and overvaluation of coal and oil… how it can soon be worthless and not worth investing in (like some of the coal in the US and coal… Read more »

Haha, thanks Mikael!

I hope in 2014 we all get over our rekkeviddeangst, so that we can finally pop that evil karbonboble, and then we can sit back, relax and watch some sakte-tv showing an EV trickle-charging 🙂

Ahh.. I saw a special on the fireplace show and how it was very popular. I think Americans have too much ADD for it to work here, however I sometimes have a football game (American football) on TV for background noise. That can be some slow-TV.