Rain Prisk Renders Tesla Model S Convertible


Hot? Or not?

Renderer Rain Prisk had a hit with his Tesla Model S wagonย and more recently with this hot Model S coupe (old body style):

Tesla model S Coupe By Rain Prisk

Tesla model S Coupe By Rain Prisk

So, Prisk decided to give a convertible a shot and the result is the lone image up above.

Prisk states:

“Much requested Tesla convertible after I did the coupe.”

What do you think of the convertible render? We think it certainly looks much better than this actual Model S convertible conversion.

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13 Comments on "Rain Prisk Renders Tesla Model S Convertible"

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Meh. I’m more interested in things I can *actually* buy…

Model S is too large for a convertible.

I am all for it, just to big for personal use.

Yea, they would have to shorten the wheelbase to make it work. And that’s where the batteries are, between the wheels. So it would require a new battery pack.

I’m sure they could do it, but it would basically be building a whole new variant with the effort being around the same as building the Model X off of the S, with having to design a power retracting hardtop roof roughly the complexity of falcon wing doors. *shudder*

I agree. I want a convertible EV but the Model S is not the car for it.

Just imagine how fast Tesla could build these with no roof in the way!

I gotcha ๐Ÿ˜‰

Very clever.

I’ll take the coupe in a heartbeat

Far more realistic if they could make a removable targa top…

model C as a name? this would be a extension of the product line

Disclaimer: No real Tesla Model S was harmed during the creation of this computer render. However, quite a few electrons were seriously inconvenienced.


The convertible is worse than nothing special.

Take the convertible Model S you’d imagine, scar up the front bumper with some nonsensical cuts in keeping with Asian auto trends, add ugly pinstripes over the fenders, and this is what you get.

I think the doors weren’t lengthened quite enough in either render, by the way. They look long enough to be a compact car coupe door, but not big enough for a vehicle the size of the Tesla.

(Impatiently waiting for someone to actually manufacture a fully electric or plug in hybrid convertible.)

Make perfect sense with a ev as they are whisper quiet.

As others have said it might be a bit big. But that hasnt stopped rolls royce or bently selling too many of these to special people now has it?