Radically Quick Renault ZOE eSport Hits The Streets – Video

MAY 20 2017 BY MARK KANE 12

Ahead of the Formula E Paris ePrix, Renault is presenting its e.Dams team’s racer, along with the radically quick ZOE e-Sport Concept (think 0-62 mph in about 3 seconds), and a bunch of production ZOE 40 ZEs for retail consumption.

Formula e Renault e.Dams R.S.16 and ZOE e-Sport Concept in action

Renault, beside being the number one all-electric vehicle manufacturer in France and Europe (in terms of sales), also currently holds the top position in this year’s Formula E series.

The overpowered ZOE e-Sport with a 340 kW electric motor was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show (see more details).

For now it’s just a concept only, but we really wish that Renault would reconsider and offer a limited number in production because…well, 0-62 mph in 3.2 seconds in a compact offering just seems like it would be a lot of fun!

“The Renault e.Dams team goes into the Paris ePrix race tomorrow as the Formula e Championship leader with drivers Sebastien Buemi and Nicolas Prost respectively first and third in the drivers’ championship. After securing pole position and a win at the last round in Monaco the team will be hoping for a strong result on the streets of Paris this weekend.

The Paris ePrix starts at 3:00pm (UK time) and coverage can be viewed live on Channel 5 from 2:30pm.”

“Renault e.Dams won the inaugural FIA Formula e championship in 2015 and again in 2016 and are eager to shine in the colours of Renault in the French capital.”

Formula e Renault e.Dams R.S.16 and ZOE e-Sport Concept in action

Formula e Renault e.Dams R.S.16 and ZOE e-Sport Concept in action

Formula e Renault e.Dams R.S.16 and ZOE e-Sport Concept in action

Formula e Renault e.Dams R.S.16 and ZOE e-Sport Concept in action

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12 Comments on "Radically Quick Renault ZOE eSport Hits The Streets – Video"

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I don’t quite understand, are we describing three vehicles here?, One racing car, one very powerful blue thing, and some others in the background that are not standard Zoe’s but a bit hotter?.

Nah, easy to understand: that’s just a “rolling roadblock” of ZOEs. The two “stars” are painted blue. The others are just a phalanx of Renault marketing drivers who are blocking traffic. They say “Renault Electric Show” on the bus-wrap (the “circuitry” graphics for which seem to have been purloined from the BMW 1-series ActiveE bus-wrap, BTW, but I digress). The real traffic control and camera work is being done by motorbikes, which you can see in the YouTube video. That phalanx is just to keep folks from passing ’round and getting in the shot – like all those frustrated drivers stuck in the tunnel behind this slow-rolling selfie.

Still, the street-legal ZOE eSport is pretty cool!

This Zoe Sport is a disrupter on the GTI marked!, put a reasonable prize tag on it! and it will go like warm bread!

It looks like the battery is the exact same as the 41kWh Zoe, so that wouldn’t be a production limiter.
Otherwise, presumably the basic chassis is the same as the standard Zoe; other details are mentioned here:
If the other components aren’t too expensive (and I expect the interior could simplified for a production version), it could compete very well with various (sub)compact GTIs. Range shouldn’t suffer too badly in non-sporty driving.
I hope Renault produces it…

Commented too soon… Looks like Renault is on record of having no intention of making the Sport concept a production car, at least for the foreseeable future.

The concept itself is a little too extreme but a slightly tamed version would make for a great little EV GTI and it would sell really well, especially considering that there isn’t even a slightly sporty version of the current Zoe now.

0 to 60 in about 7 seconds should be enough. That’s half as fast as the concept, but would put it in BMW i3 territory, far better than the 13 seconds for the current car.

Why not use all this PR rather than not have any
performance version to back it up?

Seems a waste of energy, no pun intended.

A ZOE Sport with say performance in the 4.8 seconds
to 62mph area would be really cool. After all, Tesla’s
success is wholly due to the speed and excitement
of the Roadster transferred to the Model S an X.

This demonstration and effort by Renault is to
promote Formula E. Why not boost EV sales by selling
performance aspects and not purely CO2 reduction?

Most people see EVs as appliances. Toyota’s CEO just
said EVs are boring. If they truly wanted to sell
them in large quantities, sell performance like
Tesla does.

That Zoe e-sport, to me, is the coolest car on the road. I love hot hatches, and to be able to smoke a Ferrari in that thing is just a delightful thought. Please make this car.

Hands down the best looking small hatch car i have seen in my life!

Lot’s of corvette owners here in Arizona. Would just love to hear them comment after I dust them on a hill here. Wish we could get them here. Always thought I had the temperament of a European.

Renault ZOE with a 200 mile range, a 200 mile Leaf, both would give a Bolt and even the Model 3 a serious challenge. Can you imagine, four 200 mile electric cars, all at a “reasonable” price? What a near idea!