Radical Volkswagen XL1 Plug-In Hybrid Likely to be a Lease-Only Offering




The limited-production Volkswagen XL1—you know, that radically styled diesel plug-in hybrid that returns an estimated 261 mpg—will get official pricing sometime this summer.

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Dig Them Doors

Though we previously guessed that the XL1, due to its radicalness, would carry a price tag somewhere north of $80,000, it turns out we might be absolutely wrong.

Our guess may have been way too high.  Well, at least in some sort of way.

Word is that VW may only lease the XL1, which means that $80,000-plus price tag could be practically meaningless.

According to Wired, VW officials now “hint at leasing scheme” as a way to “keep XL1s from venturing beyond areas where they can’t be serviced.

So, even a deep pocketbook may not be able to buy you one example of VW’s uber-efficient machine.

There’s a bit of good news though.  Wired further adds that “If there’s more demand, VW will ratchet up production and consider markets beyond Germany and Austria.”  This, of course, leaves open the possibility that some XL1 could find their way stateside.

Source: Wired


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2 Comments on "Radical Volkswagen XL1 Plug-In Hybrid Likely to be a Lease-Only Offering"

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Lease ? What is this …. a copy cat of the EV1 by VW ?
(GM has learnt since then)

I guess it has two things going for it …
1) No DSG
2) Much delayed Brake disc replacement $$$ Costs – being a VW they won’t last the life of the car like the other EV brand competition one would estimate …

Say what is it with premature brake wear on Euro makes?
Maybe they need to learn from the Australians, US and Japanese who know how to make brakes last & other bits LOL!

as I said above ..

Cross VW of your shopping list – especially in Australia.