Radical Twizy Renault Sport F1 Concept Unveiled


That shadowy concept teased by Renault two days ago has now been revealed and it’s a shocker.

Twizy F1

Twizy F1

The Formula One-inspired electric concept that Renault hinted at is as unexpected as they come.

The electric Twizy Renault Sport F1 concept, strictly a one-off for now, is radical to the extreme.

Equipped with a Renault F1-supplied KERS system, the Twizy Renault Sport zips from 0 to 62 mph in 6 seconds flat.  The KERS system sits in the original Twizy’s rear-seat area, which means this F1 version of the diminutive Twizy is now a one-seater.  That 66-pound KERs setups is tied to the Twizy’s stock 17 hp electric motor and brings total horsepower up to 97 when fully charged up.

Twizy F1...We Still Don't Need Doors

Twizy F1…We Still Don’t Need Doors

In fact, the Twizy Renault Sport is so zippy that Renault says it matches the pace of the automaker’s quickest road vehicle offered today: the Renault Sport Mégane 265

Unlike the KERs arrangement used by Renault in Formula One, the system in the Twizy draws power from two sources: braking and from the Twizy’s electric motor.  The Formula One setup relies solely on braking to capture energy.

The KERs System Lurks Within

The KERs System Lurks Within

The KERs system on the Twizy features two modes: boost and recover.  Under recover mode, the F1-inspired Twizy captures energy, while operating similar to a standard Twizy.  But when boost mode is selected, KERs swings into action (RPMs of KERS soar to 36,000, matching the setup used in Formula One) to kick up top speed to 68 mph.  The KERS system can boost power for up to 14 seconds if fully charged up.

Here You Can Barely See the Formula One Style Steering Wheel That Controls the KERs System

Here You Can Barely See the Formula One Style Steering Wheel That Controls the KERs System

The Twizy F1 weighs in at 1,243 pounds or 201 pounds more than the standard Twizy, but KERS improves its power-to-weight ratio dramatically.  The Twizy F1 offers up 1 hp per 12.8 pounds, which outdoes the standard Twizy’s mark of 1 hp per 55 pounds.

Befitting a F1-inspired vehicle, the Twizy Renault Sport features a radical bodykit that looks entirely out of place on a Twizy, but at least it looks ready to toy with the Formula One big boys on the track.  Of course, it wouldn’t stand a chance, but it would look almost at home on the F1 circuit.  Handling is claimed to be pumped up from some extreme chassis tuning conducted by the folks at Renault Sport.

Though not destined to ever enter production, we can’t help but wonder what this extreme machine would perform like on the track or out on the open road.

Spec Comparison Twizy F1 vs. Twizy 80

Spec Comparison Twizy F1 vs. Twizy 80

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There is no logical reason to ever buy one of these…but after spending an extended period of time with a ‘regular’ Twizy myself, I so would. No questions asked.

This would be an awesome AutoX toy for the weekends. Looks like they already have slicks on this. Limited production run for a racing series maybe?

Would love to run in traffic at 35mph charging this up for a while and getting laughed at and then disappear away from everyone else off the line.

Cool as shit.

Wow, the Twizzy got even more fun. Gimme.

So is this KERS based on a flywheel, a capacitor or what?

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