Race-Ready Tesla Model S P90DL At Pikes Peak – Video


Tesla Model S At Pikes Peak

Tesla Model S At Pikes Peak

The Fast Lane Car presents this exclusive, in-depth video on the Tesla Model S P90DL at the 2016 Pikes Peak Hill Climb which takes place today.

Blake Fuller, founder and CEO of Go Puck wearable battery packs, is the man behind this race-ready Model S.

Editor’s Note:  Pike’s Peak race is now complete.  We will have a full race recap/video up shortly.  The top finishing electric car placed 2nd (in the overall standings), driven by Rhys Millen in the PP100.

Details still remain limited, but we do know that this S has been heavily modified and includes a significantly lighter battery pack.

“Fuller wants to break the 13 minute record in the Electric Production class and in order to do so, he developed a new battery pack for his Model S which is 80 percent lighter than the factory one.”

This particular Model S, with its heavy modifications, doesn’t seem likely to qualify for the “Electric Production” class, but if it does, then it will be the lone entry in that field and it should have no problem breaking the record for that class, which currently stands at 12 minutes 55.591 seconds set by a Honda Fit EV back in 2014.

Update (June 26th):  Fuller’s Model S indeed did set a new record in the “Production Electric Car” class, as CarScoops’ original report of a heavy modified version of the Model S being entered, specifically related to the battery was inaccurate, as it ultimately ran near-stock, less 800lbs of extra weight removed.

This rather lengthy video takes us “behind the scenes” of this one-off Model S.

Video description:

“Ludicrous Race Car Tesla Model S P90D takes on the Pikes Peak Hill Climb.”

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Should Tesla be taking notes?

Not really. The existing design for the Model S fits the requirements for a sporty family sedan. Nice try though.

He likely took out the liquid cooling system. Big whoop. He’s gonna regret that.

If they really did that they do not know what they were doing.
I guess we all remember the first time of Model S in the Green Hell. It was not able to sustain a steady pace and overheat.

Still, it will be a good opportunity to watch this run.

They had to heavily modify a P90D to try and beat the time set by a stock Honda Fit EV?

Got some info on that?

It wasn’t a stock Fit-EV, it had pretty much every interior component not needed for the driver, removed. Also had a racing seat installed. I believe they even left the level 1 EVSE out !

I’m sure you can find pix on the internet.

EVs gonna win overall this year??

Electric took 2nd, 3rd, 5th

Where is that quote about the battery from? It is not from the video, and this is the only thing I found at the Fast Lane website about it.

“He also told us that to make the dual motor P90D faster than a stock version, the team removed air bags and other interior bits to achieve a weight savings of over 800 pounds. The car’s battery does not need any upgrades to be able to finish the race”

10:28 for Nick Robinson’s Time Attack 2 production NSX.

12:58 for James Robinson”s Time attack 1 Acura NSX

I am assuming the time attack 1 entry was the BEV one.

Actually, its possible the 3rd quickest time of 9:06 minutes may be the EV Acura. Instead of “Acura”, the description just says “4-Motor EV.” But I believe that Tetsuya Yamano was the listed driver for the EV Acura. If so, this is remarkable for Acura to place so high in the only car in the top 3 that even resembles a street car. For this to beat every Porsche, Chevy, Suburu, Audi, BMW, out there in its first time out in their 100% BEV is stunning.

Position: #3 260 Electric-Electric Modified 2 Tetsuya Yamano 9:06.015

79.119 1:36.652 2:09.135 2:36.181 2:44.047 Moriya-City Ibaraki JPN 4-Motor EV

Eduardo Pelegri-LLopart

Yep. 3rd was that “NSX”. 2nd was the e0 pp100 – http://driveeo.com/ According to the result sheet it was about 5.5 slower than the winner http://ppihc.livetiming.net/ppihc/

Looks like the Tesla ran a 11:48.264. He is the 57th quickest of the 64 vehicles that have run so far. He will probably be first in his class, as there is possibly only 1 other car in the E-E-Production class competing today.

Position #57 3 Electric-Electric Production 1 Blake Fuller 11:48.264

60.994 2:08.429 2:48.876 3:26.225 3:24.734 Sarasota FL Tesla

Eduardo Pelegri-LLopart

Eric – Would love to know see a comparison between the top 2 in each of the 4 segments. It seems the EV was faster on #4, as expected, and it was even with the ICE on #1, but it lost time on the two middle segments. Was that the car? tires? engine? driver?

And thanks for the report

Now lets try the 24hrs of LeMans