Race-Modified BMW 325i Chases Down BMW i8 On Nurburgring – Video


Reeling In the i8

Reeling In the i8

Can a lowly BMW 325i catch a BMW i8 on the Nurburgring?

Sure it can, provided it’s a heavily modified, race-ready 325i driven by a professional racer.

This GotiKGotcha Motorsport’s BMW 325i is driven like a boss, dispatching every car in front of it until it comes upon the i8, which it too seems to be driven by a pro.

The i8 keeps its lead on the 325i for quite sometime, but…well, watch the video to find out which car reigns supreme.

Regardless the results, it is great to see a plug-in performance supercar car out doing its thing on the track rather than a garage on display!

For more on the 325i from GotiKGotcha, check out the Facebook page here.


Race-Ready 325i

Race-Ready 325i

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10 Comments on "Race-Modified BMW 325i Chases Down BMW i8 On Nurburgring – Video"

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The E36 is such a well handling chassis.

Really great to see the i8 out on the track!
For a street car the BMW i8 is slaying it!

I can only imagine an i8 in race trim and a few hundred more hp’s.

You have just inspired BMW to produce the ultimate i8 Street/Track Configuration.

You know that the engine sounds are faked, they are prerecorded sounds piped through the stereo system. Therefore, we add a “Track Button” to your stereo, which adds the sounds of a “Cheering Crowd” and a few more “Horses Grunting”!!!

Bingo,,,,,,of course it will cost you dearly, these sounds will be made exclusively by BMW, just for a fortunate few !!!

Fake or not, all these BMW drivers and the others on the track have big grins on their face. What a Beautiful opportunity to open up the throttle. Good video!

A little less focus on kintic recovery, and some more storage, and PHEVs will make a great track/street option.

…that, and maybe some Yoko Advan rubber 🙂


He stays so long time befind the i8 because there is little room to do a safe pass.

Ok, that is not a normal 3 series nor is that a “normal” driver. The i8 looks good but as soon as it got past the slow traffic it lets the racer through.

Not sure how “pro” the I8 driver is. That is a big part of the equation. Remember Sabine Schmidt passing much faster vehicles while driving a Ford Transit?

I feel like I watched a different race than some commenters – the i8 caught supreme ‘lines’ and clearly pulled away from the 3er on straights.. IMHO, the i8’s tranny, or perhaps driver unwillingness to peak the i8 engine in the curves where the 3er was held up were the deciding factors.. he pulled right at least twice and the 3er was unable to take advantage.. the early left-pass-right-lefthander were Warp and he left the 3er Behind..

good time had by both/all – funny that the One car that was slow to pull right was a 3, lol. Thanks for posting this!