Here Are The Quickest Selling Used Electric Cars

Solid Black Model X Looks Clean on ADV.1 Advanced Series Wheels


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Bolt is the quickest selling used car for any segment in LA???

Wow, I am surprised by that. I thought the shallow LA buyers wouldn’t want to buy it because it is not good looking enough for those buyers..

LA is very diverse, with plenty of people who don’t know good automotive style from bad 🙂

I like the way Model X looks.

I would like to see aerodynamics play a more significant role in designer’s priority lists when they pen SUVs and pickup trucks.

its funny. I did not like the X nor the FWDs upon the initial release.
BUT, after we spent some time with it, I really changed my tune. Great. Car.

When I was looking at used cars, there were only 3 Bolts in the area and they all listed close to $30K. Considering new was $30K pre subsidy, that was insane. They all sold, not sure if they got full asking price.

But it shows demand for used Bolt could be very high (or was), might be due to those not able to get full tax credit.

Used 2018 Leafs are already listed cheaper than 2017 Bolts on some car sites. Yeah, I know, a better car. But a used 18 Leaf could be a steal next year, while some 2017 Bolt prices will seem inflated.

Range sells.

Autotrader shows low mileage Bolts listing close to $30K while 70K mile Bolt at $24K. But if you qualify all tax credit and rebate in CA, new Bolt is listing $32K-$11K=$21K. $32K listing from Connell Chevrolet of Costa Mesa (see autotrader).

Yeah, used Bolt prices are very high as it is (high demand), may go up even more when tax credit gone.